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Ecdysone: Structures and Functions

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Table of contents

I. Fundamental Aspects of Ecdysteroid Research: The Distribution and Diversity of Ecdysteroids in Animals and Plants

1. Phytoecdysteroids: Diversity, Biosynthesis and Distribution
Laurence Dinan, Juraj Harmatha, Vladimir Volodin, René Lafont

2. Diversity of Ecdysteroids in Animal Species
René Lafont, Jan Koolman

3. Crustacean Ecdysteroids and Their Receptors
Penny M. Hopkins

4. Synthetic Ecdysteroidal Compounds
Josep Coll Toledano

II. In the Post-Genomic Era, Ecdysteroid Genetic Hierarchies in Insect Growth and Reproduction

5. Ecdysteroids and Ecdysteroid Signaling Pathways During Insect Oogenesis
Luc Swevers, Kostas Iatrou

6. Regulation of Sciarid DNA Puffs by Ecdysone: Mechanisms and Perspectives
Nadia Monesi, Juliana Aparecida Candido-Silva, Maria Luísa Paçó-Larson, Jorge Cury Almeida

7. The Ecdysteroids' Effects in the Control of Cell Proliferation and Differentiation
David Siaussat, Patrick Porcheron, Stephane Debernard

8. Applications of RNA Interference in Ecdysone Research
Garry N. Hannan, Ronald J. Hill, Skarlatos G. Dedos, Luc Swevers, Kostas Iatrou, Anjiang Tan, Ramaseshadri Parthasarathy, Hua Bai, Zhaolin Zhang, Subba R. Palli

III. Role of Cross Talk of Genes and Growth Factors in Ecdysteroid Titers and Signalling

9. The Function and Evolution of the Halloween Genes: The Pathway to the Arthropod Molting Hormone
Lawrence I. Gilbert, Kim F. Rewitz

10. Recent Studies on Prothoracic Gland Cell Growth and Ecdysteroidogenesis in the Silkworm, Bombyx mori

Shi-Hong Gu, Ju-Ling Lin

11. Diversity in Factors Regulating Ecdysteroidogenesis in Insects
Sandrien Velde, Liesbeth Badisco, Elisabeth Marchal, Jozef Vanden Broeck, Guy Smagghe

12. 20-Hydroxyecdysone, Juvenile Hormone and Biogenic Amines: Mechanisms of Interaction in Control of Drosophila Reproduction Under Normal and Stressful Conditions
Nataly Gruntenko, Inga Rauschenbach

IV. Ecdysteroids Function Through Nuclear and Membrane Receptors

13. The Structure and Function of Ecdysone Receptors
Isabelle M. L. Billas, Christopher Browning, Michael C. Lawrence, Lloyd D. Graham, Dino Moras, Ronald J. Hill

14. The Multidimensional Partnership of EcR and USP
Vincent C. Henrich, Joshua Beatty, Heike Ruff, Jenna Callender, Marco Grebe, Margarethe Spindler-Barth

15. Functional Analysis of Ecdysteroid Receptor from Drosophila melanogasterIn Vitro
Anca Azoitei, Heike Ruff, Christian Tremmel, Simone Braun, Margarethe Spindler-Barth

16. Intracellular Localization of the Ecdysteroid Receptor
Klaus-Dieter Spindler, Katarzyna Betan?ska, Claudia Nieva, Tomasz Gwó?oanna, Joanna Dutko-Gwó?d?, Andrzej O?yhar, Margarethe Spindler-Barth

17. Genomic and Nongenomic Actions of 20-Hydroxyecdysone in Programmed Cell Death
Masatoshi Iga, Sho Sakurai

18. Rapid, Non-Genomic Responses to Ecdysteroids and Catecholamines Mediated by a Novel Drosophila G-Protein-Coupled Receptor
Peter D. Evans, Deepak P. Srivastava, Vincenzina Reale

V. Ecdysteroids in Modern Agriculture, Medicine, Doping and Ecotoxicology

19. Ecdysone Receptors of Pest Insects–Molecular Cloning, Characterisation, and a Ligand Binding Domain-Based Fluorescence Polarization Screen
Lloyd D. Graham, Wynona M. Johnson, Donya Tohidi-Esfahani, Anna Pawlak-Skrzecz, Marianne Bliese, George O. Lovrecz, Louis Lu, Linda Howell, Garry N. Hannan, Ronald J. Hill

20. SAR and QSAR Studies For In Vivo and In Vitro Activities of Ecdysone Agonists
Yoshiaki Nakagawa, Robert E. Hormann, Guy Smagghe

21. Ecdysone Receptor-Based Gene Switches for Applications in Plants
Venkata S. Tavva, Randy D. Dinkins, Glenn B. Collins, Subba R. Palli

22. Ecdysteroids and Their Importance in Endocrine Disruption Research
Thomas Soin, Tim Verslycke, Colin Janssen, Guy Smagghe

23. Innovative and Future Applications for Ecdysteroids
René Lafont, Laurence Dinan

Keywords: Life Sciences, Entomology, Biochemistry, general, Life Sciences, general

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