Myrvold, Wayne C.

Quantum Reality, Relativistic Causality, and Closing the Epistemic Circle

Myrvold, Wayne C. - Quantum Reality, Relativistic Causality, and Closing the Epistemic Circle, ebook


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Table of contents

I. Introduction

1. Passion at a Distance
Don Howard

II. Philosophy, Methodology and History

2. Balancing Necessity and Fallibilism: Charles Sanders Peirce on the Status of Mathematics and its Intersection with the Inquiry into Nature
Ronald Anderson

3. Newton's Methodology
William Harper

4. Whitehead's Philosophy and Quantum Mechanics (QM)
Shimon Malin

5. Bohr and the Photon
John Stachel

III. Bell's Theorem and Nonlocality

6. Extending the Concept of an “Element of Reality” to Work with Inefficient Detectors
Daniel M. Greenberger

7. A General Proof of Nonlocality without Inequalities for Bipartite States
GianCarlo Ghirardi, Luca Marinatto

8. On the Separability of Physical Systems
Jon P. Jarrett

9. Bell Inequalities: Many Questions, a Few Answers
Nicolas Gisin

10. Do Experimental Violations of Bell Inequalities Require a Nonlocal Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics? II: Analysis à la Bell
Edward S. Fry, Xinmei Qu, Marlan O. Scully

11. The Physics of 2 ? 1+1
Yanhua Shih

IV. Probability, Uncertainty, and Stochastic Modifications of Quantum Mechanics

12. Interpretations of Probability in Quantum Mechanics: A Case of “Experimental Metaphysics”
Geoffrey Hellman

13. “No Information Without Disturbance”: Quantum Limitations of Measurement
Paul Busch

14. How Stands Collapse II
Philip Pearle

15. Is There a Relation Between the Breakdown of the Superposition Principle and an Indeterminacy in the Structure of the Einsteinian Space-Time?
Andor Frenkel

16. Indistinguishability or Stochastic Dependence?
D. Costantini, U. Garibaldi

V. Relativity

17. Plane Geometry in Spacetime
N. David Mermin

18. The Transient nows

Steven F. Savitt

19. Quantum in Gravity?
Michael Horne

20. A Proposed Test of the Local Causality of Spacetime
Adrian Kent

21. Quantum Gravity Computers: On the Theory of Computation with Indefinite Causal Structure
Lucien Hardy

22. “Definability,” “Conventionality,” and Simultaneity in Einstein–Minkowski Space-Time
Howard Stein

VI. Concluding Words

23. Bistro Banter

24. UnfinishedWork: A Bequest
Abner Shimony

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Publication year
The Western Ontario Series in Philosophy of Science
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527 pages
Natural Sciences

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