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Lightning: Principles, Instruments and Applications

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Table of contents

1. Present Understanding of the Lightning Return Stroke
Yoshihiro Baba, Vladimir A. Rakov

2. Triggered Lightning
Vladimir A. Rakov

3. Electric Field and Charge Structure in Lightning-Producing Clouds
Maribeth Stolzenburg, Thomas C. Marshall

4. Characteristics of Lightning in Supercells
Sarah A. Tessendorf

5. LINET – An International VLF/LF Lightning Detection Network in Europe
Hans D. Betz, Kersten Schmidt, Wolf P. Oettinger

6. LAMPINET – Lightning Detection in Italy
Daniele Biron

7. Lightning Detection in Spain: The Particular Case of Catalonia
Nicolau Pineda, Joan Montanyà

8. Spatial Distribution and Frequency of Thunderstorms and Lightning in Australia
Yuriy Kuleshov, David Mackerras, Mat Darveniza

9. Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Observations in Brazil
Osmar Pinto, Iara R.C.A. Pinto, Marcelo M.F. Saba, Kleber P. Naccarato

10. Observation and Interpretation of Lightning Flashes with Electromagnetic Lightning Mapper
Eric Defer, Pierre Laroche

11. Nowcasting of Thunderstorms Using VHF Measurements
Jean-Yves Lojou, Martin J. Murphy, Ronald L. Holle, Nicholas W.S. Demetriades

12. Optical Detection of Lightning from Space
Ullrich Finke

13. Space- and Ground-Based Studies of Lightning Signatures
Timothy Hamlin, Kyle C. Wiens, Abram R. Jacobson, Tracy E.L. Light, Kenneth B. Eack

14. Lightning Measurements from Satellites and Significance for Storms in the Mediterranean
Claudia Adamo, Steve Goodman, Alberto Mugnai, James A. Weinman

15. Energetic Radiation and Lightning
Joseph R. Dwyer

16. Schumann Resonance Signatures of Global Lightning Activity
Gabriella Sátori, Vadim Mushtak, Earle Williams

17. The Meteorological and Electrical Structure of TLE-Producing Convective Storms
Walter A. Lyons, Mark A. Stanley, Jonathan D. Meyer, Thomas E. Nelson, Steven A. Rutledge, Timothy L. Lang, Steven A. Cummer

18. Infrasound from Lightning and Sprites
Thomas Farges

19. Lightning in the Mediterranean in Relation with Cloud Microphysical Parameters
Dimitrios Katsanos, Vassiliki Kotroni, Kostas Lagouvardos

20. Lightning and Precipitation
Serge Soula

21. Comparative Analysis of Flash and Radar Characteristics of Thunderstorm Cells
Ferenc Dombai

22. Lightning Characteristics of Extreme Weather Events
Nikolai Dotzek, Colin Price

23. Flash Cells in Thunderstorms
Tapio J. Tuomi, Antti Mäkelä

24. Thunderstorms, Lightning and Climate Change
Colin Price

25. Impact of Lightning on Air Chemistry and Climate
Volker Grewe

26. Lightning and NO
Production in Global Models
Kenneth Pickering, Heidi Huntrieser, Ulrich Schumann

27. Lightning Protection of Structures
Marek Łoboda

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Meteorology/Climatology, Geophysics/Geodesy, Environmental Physics

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656 pages
Natural Sciences

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