Peshin, Rajinder

Integrated Pest Management: Innovation-Development Process

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Table of contents

1. Integrated Pest Management: A Global Overview of History, Programs and Adoption
Rajinder Peshin, Rakesh S. Bandral, WenJun Zhang, Lewis Wilson, Ashok K. Dhawan

2. Integrated Pest Management: Concept, Opportunities and Challenges
Ashok K. Dhawan, Rajinder Peshin

3. Pesticides and Pest Control
David Pimentel

4. Environmental and Economic Costs of the Application of Pesticides Primarily in the United States
David Pimentel

5. Economic and Ecological Externalities of Pesticide Use in India
P.K. Shetty, Marium Sabitha

6. Advances in Crop Protection Practices for the Environmental Sustainability of Cropping Systems
W.G. Dilantha Fernando, Rajesh Ramarathnam, S. Nakkeeran

7. Keys to the Increased Use of Host Plant Resistance in Integrated Pest Management
Michael Stout, Jeffrey Davis

8. Biotechnological Interventions in Host Plant Resistance
Aditya Pratap, S.K. Gupta

9. Biological Control and Integrated Pest Management
David Orr

10. Conventional and New Biological and Habitat Interventions for Integrated Pest Management Systems: Review and Case Studies using Eldana saccharina Walker(Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)
D.E. Conlong, R.S. Rutherford

11. Behavior-Modifying Strategies in IPM: Theory and Practice
C.R. Rodriguez-Saona, L.L. Stelinski

12. Botanicals in Pest Management: Current Status and Future Perspectives
Sanjay Guleria, A.K. Tiku

13. Insect Outbreaks and Their Management
T.V.K. Singh, J. Satyanarayana

14. Plant Disease Epidemiology and Disease Management – Has Science Had an Impact on Practice?
Gregory A. Forbes, Eduardo S.G. Mizubuti, Dani Shtienberg

15. Integrated Disease Management: Concepts and Practices
V.K. Razdan, Marium Sabitha

16. When Is a Rice Insect a Pest: Yield Loss and the Green Revolution
James A. Litsinger

17. Changing Trends in Cotton Pest Management
K.R. Kranthi, D.A. Russell

18. Non Pesticidal Management: Learning from Experiences
G.V. Ramanjaneyulu, M.S. Chari, T.A. V.S. Raghunath, Zakir Hussain, Kavitha Kuruganti

19. IPM Programs in Vegetable Crops in Australia and USA: Current Status and Emerging Trends
Nancy A. Schellhorn, Teresia W. Nyoike, Oscar E. Liburd

20. Integrated Pest Management in Fruits – Theory and Practice
Donn T. Johnson

21. Bio-Intensive Integrated Pest Management in Fruit Crop Ecosystem
Virender Kaul, Uma Shankar, M.K. Khushu

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Pathology, Agriculture, Invertebrates

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