Dhawan, Ashok K.

Integrated Pest Management: Dissemination and Impact

Dhawan, Ashok K. - Integrated Pest Management: Dissemination and Impact, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Diffusion of Innovation Theory and Integrated Pest Management
Rajinder Peshin, J. Vasanthakumar, Rajinder Kalra

2. Evaluation Research: Methodologies for Evaluation of IPM Programs
Rajinder Peshin, K.S.U. Jayaratne, Gurdeep Singh

3. Protocol for Economic Impact Evaluation of IPM Programs
George W. Norton, Scott M. Swinton

4. Economic Evaluation of Integrated Pest Management Programs
Kamal Vatta, A.K. Dhawan, Rajinder Peshin

5. Eliciting Farmer Knowledge, Attitudes, and~Practices in the Development of Integrated Pest Management Programs for Rice in Asia
James A. Litsinger, Edgar M. Libetario, Bernard L. Canapi

6. Implementing Integrated Pest Management in Developing and Developed Countries
B.M. Shepard, M.D. Hammig, G.R. Carner, P.A.C. Ooi, J.P. Smith, R. Dilts, A. Rauf

7. Moving On: Farmer Education in Integrated Insect Pest and Disease Management
Janice Jiggins, Francesca Mancini

8. Impact of IPM Extension for Smallholder Farmers in the Tropics
Jeffery W. Bentley

9. Impact of IPM Programs in Asian Agriculture
Kevin D. Gallagher, Peter A.C. Ooi, Peter E. Kenmore

10. Evolutionary Revolution: Implementing and Disseminating IPM in Indonesia
Edhi Martono

11. Principles and Methods of Rice Lepidopteroid Pest and its Enemy Management (PEM) Program in North Vietnam
Eugeny S. Sugonyaev

12. Challenges of Integrated Pest Management in Sub-Saharan Africa
Arnold Huis

13. Evaluating Dissemination and Impact of IPM: Lessons from Case Studies of Potato and Sweetpotato IPM in Peru and Other Latin American Countries
Oscar Ortiz, Jürgen Kroschel, Jesús Alcázar, Ricardo Orrego, Willy Pradel

14. Integrated Pest Management in Europe – History, Policy, Achievements and Implementation
Bernd Freier, Ernst F. Boller

15. IPM Programs in Commonwealth of Independent States and Russia
Eugeny S. Sugonyaev

16. Dissemination and Impact of IPM Programs in US Agriculture
Kristopher L. Giles, Nathan R. Walker

17. Advances with Integrated Pest Management as a Component of Sustainable Agriculture: The Case of the Australian Cotton Industry
Gary Fitt, Lewis Wilson, David Kelly, Robert Mensah

18. Impact of IPM and Transgenics in the Chinese Agriculture
WenJun Zhang, Yi Pang

19. Can Transgenic Crops and IPM Be Compatible?
George B. Frisvold

20. Integrated Pest Management, Biofuels, and a New Green Revolution: A Case Study of the American Midwest
John H. Perkins

Keywords: Life Sciences, Invertebrates, Plant Pathology, Agriculture

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