Evered, Kyle T.

Environmental Problems of Central Asia and their Economic, Social and Security Impacts

Evered, Kyle T. - Environmental Problems of Central Asia and their Economic, Social and Security Impacts, ebook


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Table of contents

I. Regional Issues And Assessment Tools

1. An Overview Of Environmental Issues In Central Asia
Jiaguo Qi, Rashid Kulmatov

2. Modern Problems In Using, Protecting, And Managing Water And Land Resources Of The Aral Sea Basin
Rashid Kulmatov

3. Using Satellite Remote Sensing To Study And Monitor The Aral Sea And Adjacent Zone
Philip Micklin

4. Monitoring Arid Land Surfaces With Earth Observation Techniques: Examples Of Intense And Extensive Land Uses
Richard Escadafal, A. Ghani Chehbouni

5. Biodiversity Of The Aral Sea And Its Importance To The Possible Ways Of Rehabilitating And Conserving Its Remnant Water Bodies
Nick Aladin, Philip Micklin, Igor Plotnikov

6. Water Scarcity In The Aral Sea Drainage Basin: Contributions Of Agricultural Irrigation Anda Changing Climate
Jerker JarsjÖ, Shilpa M. Asokan, Yoshihiro Shibuo, Georgia Destouni

7. Use Of Biosensors To Detect And Monitor Chemicals Commonly Used In Agriculture And Terrorist Weapons With The Goal Of Preventing Dangerous Environmental Consequences
Nickolaj F. Starodub

8. Monitoring Rangeland Ecosystems With Remote Sensing: An Example From Kazakhstan
Lyubov Lebed, Jiaguo Qi, Philip Heilman

9. Possible Changes In Agriculture Under The Influence Of Climate Change In Kazakhstan
Lyubov Lebed

10. Constructing Model-Based Climate Change Scenarios For Southeastern Kazakhstan And The Possibilities For Impact Assessment
Irina B. Yesserkepova

11. Climate Change And Possible Changes In The Water Regime Of Crops In Northern Kazakhstan
Zh. K. Akhmadiyeva

12. Estimating Agricultural Adaptation To Climate Change Through Cloud Activation For Northern Kazakhstan
Alexey Cherednichenko

13. Dynamics And Structure Of Total Ozone Content Over The Republic Of Kazakhstan In Conditions Of Global Warming
Alexey Cherednichenko, V. Rakova

14. The Challenge Of Water Provision For Pasture Lands: A Restrictive Factor For Livestock Breeding Development In Kazakhstan
Almaz T. Bazarbayev, Margulya K. Bayekenova

15. Ecology And Modern Socio-Economic Conditions In Kazakhstan
Margulya K. Bayekenova, Almaz T. Bazarbayev

16. Introducing Water Pricing Among Agricultural Producers In Khorezm, Uzbekistan: An Economic Analysis
Nodir Djanibekov

17. Water Scarcity Impacts On Northern Cyprus And Alternative Mitigation Strategies
Elkiran Gozen, Aysen Turkman

18. Economic Evaluation Of Farmers' Alternatives During Irrigation Water Deficit
Andrey A. Zaikin, Walter R. Butcher

19. An Evaluation Of Irrigation Water Re-Use In Water Drainage And Collection Networks In Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan
Madina I. Khalmirzaeva, A. Salohiddinov, O. R. Ramazanov

20. The Role Of The Amu Darya Dams And Reservoirs In Future Water Supply In The Amu Darya Basin
Oliver Olsson, Melanie Bauer, Malika Ikramova, Jochen Froebrich

21. Poppy Ecologies And Security In Eurasia: Lessons From Turkey's Past And Present
Kyle T. Evered

22. Distributive Constraints On Environmental Policy In Central Asia
Timo Goeschl

23. Governing Of Environmental Problems And Impacts In Bulgarian Agriculture — Lessons For Central Asian Countries
Hrabrin Bachev

24. Irrigation Of The Amu Darya Banks And Its Role As A Potential Solution For The Poppy Problem
Tsuneo Tsukatani

25. Using A Value Chain Approach For Economic And Environmental Impact Assessment Of Cotton Production In Uzbekistan
Inna Rudenko, Ulrike Grote, John Lamers

26. Strategic Environmental Assessment In The Republic Of Belarus: Status, Problems And Perspectives
Viktoryia Misiuchenka

27. Monitoring Urban Greenery For Sustainable Urban Management
Natalya G. Akinshina, Azamat A. Azizov

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Management, Development Economics, Climate Change, Ecotoxicology, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution

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NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security
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19 pages
Natural Sciences

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