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Advances in Computational Algorithms and Data Analysis

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Table of contents

1. Scaling Exponent for the Healthy and Diseased Heartbeat
Toru Yazawa, Katsunori Tanaka

2. CLUSTAG & WCLUSTAG: Hierarchical Clustering Algorithms for Efficient Tag-SNP Selection
Sio-Iong Ao

3. The Effects of Gene Recruitment on the Evolvability and Robustness of Pattern-Forming Gene Networks
Alexander V. Spirov, David M. Holloway

4. Comprehensive Genetic Database of Expressed Sequence Tags for Coccolithophorids
Mohammad Ranji, Ahmad R. Hadaegh

5. Hybrid Intelligent Regressions with Neural Network and Fuzzy Clustering
Sio-Iong Ao

6. Design of DroDeASys (Drowsy Detection and Alarming System)
Hrishikesh B. Juvale, Anant S. Mahajan, Ashwin A. Bhagwat, Vishal T. Badiger, Ganesh D. Bhutkar, Priyadarshan S. Dhabe, Manikrao L. Dhore

7. The Calculation of Axisymmetric Duct Geometries for Incompressible Rotational Flow with Blockage Effects and Body Forces
Vasos Pavlika

8. Fault Tolerant Cache Schemes
H.-yu. Tu, Sarah Tasneem

9. Reversible Binary Coded Decimal Adders using Toffoli Gates
Rekha K. James, K. Poulose Jacob, Sreela Sasi

10. Sparse Matrix Computational Techniques in Concept Decomposition Matrix Approximation
Chi Shen, Duran Williams

11. Transferable E-cheques: An Application of Forward-Secure Serial Multi-signatures
Nagarajaiah R. Sunitha, Bharat B. R. Amberker, Prashant Koulgi

12. A Hidden Markov Model based Speech Recognition Approach to Automated Cryptanalysis of Two Time Pads
Liaqat Ali Khan, M. S. Baig

13. A Reconfigurable and Modular Open Architecture Controller: The New Frontiers
Muhammad Farooq, Dao Bo Wang, N. U. Dar

14. An Adaptive Machine Vision System for Parts Assembly Inspection
Jun Sun, Qiao Sun, Brian Surgenor

15. Tactile Sensing-based Control System for Dexterous Robot Manipulation
Hanafiah Yussof, Masahiro Ohka, Hirofumi Suzuki, Nobuyuki Morisawa

16. A Novel Kinematic Model for Rough Terrain Robots
Joseph Auchter, Carl A. Moore, Ashitava Ghosal

17. Behavior Emergence in Autonomous Robot Control by Means of Evolutionary Neural Networks
Roman Neruda, Stanislav Slušný, Petra Vidnerová

18. Swarm Economics
Sanza Kazadi, John Lee

19. Machines Imitating Humans
Qazi S. M. Zia-ul-Haque, Zhiliang Wang, Xueyuan Zhang

20. Reinforced ART (ReART) for Online Neural Control
Damjee D. Ediriweera, Ian W. Marshall

21. The Bump Hunting by the Decision Tree with the Genetic Algorithm
Hideo Hirose

22. Machine Learning Approaches for the Inversion of the Radiative Transfer Equation
Esteban Garcia-Cuesta, Fernando Torre, Antonio J. Castro

23. Enhancing the Performance of Entropy Algorithm using Minimum Tree in Decision Tree Classifier
Khalaf Khatatneh, Ibrahiem M. M. El Emary

24. Numerical Analysis of Large Diameter Butterfly Valve
Park Youngchul, Song Xueguan

25. Axial Crushing of Thin-Walled Columns with Octagonal Section: Modeling and Design
Yucheng Liu, Michael L. Day

26. A Fast State Estimation Method for DC Motors
Gabriela Mamani, Jonathan Becedas, Vicente Feliu, Hebertt Sira-Ramírez

27. Flatness based GPI Control for Flexible Robots
Jonathan Becedas, Vicente Feliu, Hebertt Sira-Ramírez

28. Estimation of Mass-Spring-Dumper Systems
Jonathan Becedas, Gabriela Mamani, Vicente Feliu, Hebertt Sira-Ramírez

29. MIMO PID Controller Synthesis with Closed-Loop Pole Assignment
Tsu-Shuan Chang, A. Nazli Günde?

30. Robust Design of Motor PWM Control using Modeling and Simulation
Wei Zhan

31. Modeling, Control and Simulation of a Novel Mobile Robotic System
Xiaoli Bai, Jeremy Davis, James Doebbler, James D. Turner, John L. Junkins

32. All Circuits Enumeration in Macro-Econometric Models
André A. Keller

33. Noise and Vibration Modeling for Anti-Lock Brake Systems
Wei Zhan

34. Investigation of Single Phase Approximation and Mixture Model on Flow Behaviour and Heat Transfer of a Ferrofluid using CFD Simulation
Mohammad Mousavi

35. Two Level Parallel Grammatical Evolution
Pavel Ošmera

36. Genetic Algorithms for Scenario Generation in Stochastic Programming
Jan Roupec, Pavel Popela

37. New Approach of Recurrent Neural Network Weight Initialization
Roberto Marichal, J. D. PiÑeiro, E. J. González, J. M. Torres

38. GAHC: Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
Radomil Matousek

39. Forecasting Inflation with the Influence of Globalization using Artificial Neural Network-based Thin and Thick Models
Tsui-Fang Hu, Iker Gondra Luja, Hung-Chi Su, Chin-Chih Chang

40. Pan-Tilt Motion Estimation Using Superposition-Type Spherical Compound-Like Eye
Gwo-Long Lin, Chi-Cheng Cheng

Keywords: Computer Science, Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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