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Bioclimatology and Natural Hazards

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Table of contents

Part I. Extreme Events, Risks and Climate Variability

1. What Climate Can We Expect in Central/Eastern Europe by 2071–2100?
J. Bartholy, R. Pongrácz, Gy. Gelybó, A. Kern

2. Detected and Expected Trends of Extreme Climate Indices for the Carpathian Basin
R. Pongrácz, J. Bartholy, Gy. Gelybó, P. Szabó

3. Precipitation Trend Analysis for Central Eastern Germany 1851–2006
S. Hänsel, S. Petzold, J. Matschullat

4. Some Facts on Extreme Weather Events Analysis in Slovakia
M. Lapin, I. Damborská, P. Faško, L. Gaál, M. Melo

5. Wind Risk Assessment in Urban Environments: The Case of Falling Trees During Windstorm Events in Lisbon
A. Lopes, S. Oliveira, M. Fragoso, J.A. Andrade, P. Pedro

6. Ozone Air Pollution in Extreme Weather Situation – Environmental Risk in Mountain Ecosystems
S. Bi?árová, P. Fleischer

Part II. Drought, Floods and Ecosystem Responses

7. Physiological Drought – How to Quantify it?
V. Novák

8. Occurrence of Dry and Wet Periods in Altitudinal Vegetation Stages of West Carpathians in Slovakia: Time-Series Analysis 1951–2005
J. Škvarenina, J. Tomlain, J. Hrvol’, J. Škvareninová

9. Thermodynamics, Irreversibility, and Optimality in Land Surface Hydrology
A. Kleidon, S. Schymanski, M. Stieglitz

10. Winter Snow Supply in Small Mountain Watershed as a Potential Hazard of Spring Flood Formation
M. Hríbik, A. Majlingová, J. Škvarenina, D. Kyselová

11. Mapping of Gumbel Extreme Value Distribution Parameters for Estimation of Design Precipitation Totals at Ungauged Sites
S. Kohnová, J. Parajka, J. Szolgay, K. Hlav?ová

12. Flood Prevention and Nature Conservation – Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Land Use Scenarios for an Agricultural Landscape
E. Richert, S. Bianchin, H. Heilmeier, M. Merta, Ch. Seidler

Part III. Forest Bioclimatology, Natural Hazards and Modelling

13. Risk Assessment of the Tatra Mountains Forest
P. Fleischer, M. Kore?, J. Škvarenina, V. Kunca

14. Modeling Natural Disturbances in Tree Growth Model SIBYLA
M. Fabrika, T. Vacul?iak

15. Insect Pests as Climate Change Driven Disturbances in Forest Ecosystems
T. Hlásny, M. Tur?áni

16. Genetic Background of Response of Trees to Aridification at the Xeric Forest Limit and Consequences for Bioclimatic Modelling
Cs. Mátyás, L. Nagy, É. Ujvári Jármay

17. Seasonal Changes in Transpiration and Soil Water Content in a Spruce Primeval Forest During a Dry Period
F. Matejka, K. St?elcová, T. Hurtalová, E. Gömöryová, L’. Ditmarová

18. Assessment of Water Deficiency in Forest Ecosystems: Can a Simple Model of Forest Water Balance Produce Reliable Results?
P. Baláž, K. St?elcová, M. Blaženec, R. Pokorný, Z. Klimánková

19. Forest Fire Vulnerability Analysis
J. Tu?ek, A. Majlingová

20. The Paradigm of Risk and Measuring the Vulnerability of Forest by Natural Hazards
J. Holécy

Part IV. Soil and Agriculture Bioclimatology, Natural Hazards and Responses

21. Responses of Soil Microbial Activity and Functional Diversity to Disturbance Events in the Tatra National Park (Slovakia)
E. Gömöryová, K. St?elcová, J. Škvarenina, J. Bebej, D. Gömöry

22. Capacities of Modelling to Assess Buffer Strip Efficiency to Reduce Soil Loss During Heavy Rainfall Events
M. Kändler, I. Bärlund, M. Puustinen, C. Seidler

23. The Influence of Climate Change on Water Demands for Irrigation of Special Plants and Vegetables in Slovakia
V. Bárek, P. Halaj, D. Igaz

24. Climate Change Impact on Spring Barley and Winter Wheat Yields on Danubian Lowland
J. Taká?, B. Šiška

25. Emissions from Agricultural Soils as Influenced by Change of Environmental Factors
J. Horák, B. Šiška

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Biogeosciences, Meteorology/Climatology, Climate Change, Environmental Management

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