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Multiple Representations in Chemical Education

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Macro, Submicro and Symbolic Representations and the Relationship Between Them: Key Models in Chemical Education
John K. Gilbert, David F. Treagust

Part I. The Challenges Faced in Teaching and Learning About the Representational Triplet

2. Learning at the Sub-micro Level: Structural Representations
Bob Bucat, Mauro Mocerino

3. Micro–Macro Thinking in Chemical Education: Why and How to Escape
Berry Berkel, Albert Pilot, Astrid M. W Bulte

4. Towards a Better Utilization of Diagrams in Research into the Use of Representative Levels in~Chemical Education
Maurice Cheng, John K. Gilbert

5. Learning at the Symbolic Level
Keith S. Taber

Part II. Improving Existing Pedagogy in Respect of the Triplet Relationship

6. Learning at the Macro Level: The Role of Practical Work
Georgios Tsaparlis

7. Linking the Macroscopic, Sub-microscopic and~Symbolic Levels: The Case of Inorganic Qualitative Analysis
Kim Chwee Daniel Tan, Ngoh Khang Goh, Lian Sai Chia, David F. Treagust

8. The Efficacy of an Alternative Instructional Programme Designed to Enhance Secondary Students’ Competence in the Triplet Relationship
David F. Treagust, A.L. Chandrasegaran

9. Linking the Macroscopic and Sub-microscopic Levels: Diagrams
Bette Davidowitz, Gail Chittleborough

Part III. Classroom Solutions to the Challenges Posed by the Triplet Relationship

10. Structure–Property Relations Between Macro and Micro Representations: Relevant Meso-levels in Authentic Tasks
Marijn R. Meijer, Astrid M.W. Bulte, Albert Pilot

11. Historical Material in Macro–Micro Thinking: Conceptual Change in Chemistry Education and~the~History of Chemistry
Lars Scheffel, Wiebke Brockmeier, Ilka Parchmann

12. The Roles of Multimedia in the Teaching and~Learning of the Triplet Relationship in Chemistry
Mei-Hung Chiu, Hsin-Kai Wu

13. The Application of a ‘Model of Modelling’
to Illustrate the Importance of Metavisualisation in Respect of the Three Types of Representation
Rosária Justi, John K.Gilbert, Poliana F.M. Ferreira

14. Action Research to Promote the Formation of Linkages by Chemistry Students Between the Macro, Submicro, and Symbolic Representational Levels
Vesna Ferk Savec, Irena Sajovic, Katarina S Wissiak Grm

15. Towards a Coherent Model for Macro, Submicro and Symbolic Representations in Chemical Education
John K. Gilbert, David F. Treagust

Keywords: Education, Science Education

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Models and Modeling in Science Education
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