Barnes, I.

Simulation and Assessment of Chemical Processes in a Multiphase Environment

Barnes, I. - Simulation and Assessment of Chemical Processes in a Multiphase Environment, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Our Present Understanding of the Gas-Phase Atmospheric Degradation of Vocs
R. Atkinson

2. New Atmospheric Sources Of Radicals: A Challenge For Modelers
K. H. Becker

3. Theoretical Determinations Of Reaction Parameters For Atmospheric Chemical Reactions
A. Gross, S. JØrgensen

4. Overview Of Structure-Activity Relationship Methods For Predicting Gas-Phase Rate Coefficients
C. Percival, M. McGillen

5. Overview Of The Eurochamp Database Of European Atmosphere Simulation Chambers
A. MuÑoz, E. GÓMez-Alvarez

6. The Eurochamp Chamber Experiment Database: Goals And Uses. Present And Future Potential Benefits
E. GÓMez Alvarez, M. Vazquez, A. MuÑOz, J. Hjorth, M. Pilling, H. Saathoff, T. Brauers

7. Simulating Atmospheric Gas Phase Chemistry: Uncertainties And Mechanism Reduction Problems
J. M. Pilling

8. Comparison Of Atmospheric Chemical Mechanisms For Regulatory And Research Applications
D. Luecken

9. Capram Modeling Of Aqueous Aerosol And Cloud Chemistry
A. Tilgner, R. Wolke, H. Herrmann

10. The Reaction Between Malonic Acid And The Nitrate Radical As An Example For Compound Processing In Clouds
Ch. George, Gaillard Semainville

11. Composition And Chemistry Of Tropospheric Secondary Organic Aerosols: State Of The Art
P. J. Ziemann

12. Global Modelling Of Secondary Organic Aerosol (Soa) Formation: Knowledge And Challenges
M. Kanakidou*, S. Myriokefalitakis, K. Tsigaridis

13. Simulating Indoor Atmospheres: Development Of An Explicit Chemical Mechanism
N. Carslaw

14. Sounding The Troposphere From Space: A New Era For Global Atmospheric Chemistry
A. Kokhanovsky, J. P. Burrows, H. Bovensmann, M. Buchwitz, A. LadstÄtter-Weibenmayer, S. NoËl, A. Richter, V. Rozanov, W. Hoyningen-Huene, M. Weber

15. How Reliable Are Emission Inventories?Field Observations Versus Emission Predictions For Nmvocs
A. Niedojadlo*, R. Kurtenbach, P. Wiesen

16. Analytical Innovations: Development And Applications Of Atmospheric Pressure Laser Ionization (Apli)
K. J. Brockmann, Th. Benter, M. Lorenz, A. L. Mangas SuÁrez, S. GÄb, O. Schmitz, R. Schiewek, R. MÖnnikes

17. Undiscovered Chemistry – Is It Important For Mechanisms And Models?
K. J. Rudzinski

18. Overview Of Pops In The Environment: Modeling Their Distribution And Spread
K. M. Hansen*, J. H. Christensen, J. Brandt, L. M. Frohn, C. Geels, C. A. SkjØth, G. B. Hedegaard

19. Fate And Transport Of Chemical Contaminants In Soil: A General Introduction
A. Worsztynowicz, R. Kucharski, A. Sas-Nowosielska, D. Rzychon

20. Phytoremediation Technologies Used To Reduce Environmental Threat Posed By Metal-Contaminated Soils: Theory And Reality
A. Sas-Nowosielska*, R. Kucharski, M. Pogrzeba, J. KrzyŻak, J. M. Kuperberg, J. Japenga

21. The Problems Of Modeling The Behaviour Of Chemicals In A Soil Environment
L. Sadovnikova, V. Butin

22. Environment Pollution Risk Assessment In Ukraine
G. I. Rudko

23. Description Of The Meteorological Impacts On The Urban Air Pollution Species By The Fuzzy Logic Approach: A Hong Kong Case Study
O. M. Pokrovsky, R. H. F. Kwok

24. Air Pollution Modelling Of Technogenic Catastrophes Caused By Terrorist Attacks On Rail Transport Of Chemical Substances
M. Belyaev

25. The Gas-Dynamic Parameters Modelling Of The Opencast Atmosphere
A. V. Zberovsky, B. I. Sobko

26. Integrated Modeling Of Surface And Tropospheric Ozone For Kiev City
A. V. Shavrina, M. G. Sosonkin, A. A. Veles, V. I. Nochvay, O. B. Blum

27. Model Estimations Of The Effect Of Siberian Strong Fires On Atmospheric Composition And Regional Climate During 2002–2003 Warm Periods
A. A. Kiselev, I. L. Karol

28. The Influence Of Motor-Car Exhaust On The Content Of Non-Structural Carbohydrates In Stem Apices, Floral Meristems And Apical Buds Of Tagetes Patula L. And Calendula Officinales L.

V. P. Bessonova, O. P. Priymak

29. Problems Of Environment Protection From Emissions Of Mine Methane
V. A. Boyko

30. Social, Medical And Environmental Consequences Of Mining And Metallurgical Complex Activity In The Krivorozhsky Region And Decision Making
M. Karnaukh, S. Lugovskoy

31. Air Pollution Assessment Related With Large Industrial City Activities
M. M. Kharytonov, A. A. Kroik, O. M. Vinnichenko, L. V. Shupranova

32. The Rise Of Human Genom Stability Under Conditions Of Anthropogenic Transformation Of The Environment
A. I. Gorovaya, I. I. Klimkina*, V. Yu. Gruntovaya

33. Simulation Of Emission Dispersion As The Method Of Air Quality Management
Z. Comarova, S. Mangul

34. Some Natural Chemical Antioxidants: Functions And Genetic Effects
I. B. Mosse, P. M. Marozik

35. Evaluation Of Health Status Of Populations Affected By The Chernobyl Accident
P. M. Marozik, I. B. Mosse, S. B. Melnov, C. Mothersill, C. Seymour, F. Lyng

36. Weather Forecast Management To Decrease The Pesticide Load For Ecosystems In Moldova
I. Mangul, M. Nedelkova, Z. Comarova, V. Vlasov, E. Vlasova

37. On Climate, Desertification And Water Pollution Problems For The Territory Of Georgia
T. Davitashvili, A. Khantadze

38. Air Pollution In The Republic Of Moldova: Current Status And Future Prospects
A. Cojocaru

39. Methyl Methacrylate In The Atmosphere: Oh- And Cl-Initiated Oxidation In The Gas Phase
M. B. Blanco, M. A. Teruel*, I. Bejan, I. Barnes*, P. Wiesen

40. Vacuum-Enhanced Recovery Project At The Site Of Former Military Airbase Rumbula In Riga, Latvia
O. Aleksans, I. Gavena

41. Ft-Ir Product Study On The Oh Radical Initiated Oxidation Of Dimethyl Sulfide: Temperature And O2 Partial Pressure Dependence
M. Albu, I. Barnes, K. H. Becker, I. Patroescu-Klotz, Th. Benter, R. Mocanu

42. Emissions Of Non-Methane Hydrocarbon Compounds (Nmhc) From Vehicular Traffic In Europe
M. Petrea, R. Kurtenbach*, P. Wiesen, R. Mocanu

43. Exploratory Studies On Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation In The Ozonolysis Of Alkyl Vinyl Ethers
Sh. Zhou, T. Zhu, I. Barnes *, I. Bejan, Th. Benter

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Monitoring/Analysis, Atmospheric Protection/Air Quality Control/Air Pollution, Industrial Pollution Prevention, Ecotoxicology, Soil Science & Conservation

Publication year
NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security
Page amount
565 pages
Natural Sciences

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