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From Fossils to Astrobiology

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Table of contents

1. Nanosims Opens a New Window for Deciphering Organic Matter in Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Samples
Dorothy Z. Oehler, François Robert, Smail Mostefaoui, Anders Meibom, Madeleine Selo, David S. Mckay, Everett K. Gibson

2. Disentangling the Microbial Fossil Record in the Barberton Greenstone Belt: A Cautionary Tale
Maud M. Walsh, Frances Westall

3. Looking Through Windows onto the Earliest History of Life on Earth and Mars
David Wacey, Nicola Mcloughlin, Martin D. Brasier

4. Models for Silicate Fossils of Organic Materials in the Astrobiological Context
Vera M. Kolb, Patrick J. Liesch

5. Microfossil Phosphatization and Its Astrobiological Implications
Shuhai Xiao, James D. Schiffbauer

6. Proterozoic Unicellular and Multicellular Fossils from India and Their Implications
Vinod Chandra Tewari

7. Microbial Communities of Stromatolites
Burns P. Brendan, Malcolm R. Walter, Brett A. Neilan

8. Biosedimentological Processes That Produce Hot Spring Sinter Biofabrics: Examples from the Uzon Caldera, Kamchatka Russia
Jessica C. Goin, Sherry L. Cady

9. Cyanobacterial Mat Features Preserved in the Siliciclastic Sedimentary Record
Hubertus Porada, Patrick G. Eriksson

10. Deciphering Fossil Evidence for the Origin of Life and the Origin of Animals
Jonathan Antcliffe, Nicola McLoughlin

11. Microorganisms in the Ancient Terrestrial Subsurface – And in Outer Space?
Helga Stan-Lotter, Sergiu Fendrihan, Marion Dornmayr-Pfaffenhuemer, Friedrich Gerbl, Andrea Legat, Claudia Gruber, Gerhard Weidler

12. Evidence of Ancient Microbial Life in an Impact Structure and Its Implications for Astrobiology
Tomas Hode, Sherry L. Cady, Ilka Dalwigk, Per Kristiansson

13. Phylogenomic Dating and the Relative Ancestry of Prokaryotic Metabolisms
Carrine E. Blank

14. Fossil Microorganisms at Methane Seeps: An Astrobiological Perspective
Roberto Barbieri, Barbara Cavalazzi

15. Endoliths in Terrestrial Arid Environments: Implications for Astrobiology
Nunzia Stivaletta, Roberto Barbieri

16. Magnetotactic Bacteria and Their Potential for Terraformation
Ioan I. Ardelean, Cristina Moisescu, Dan Razvan Popoviciu

17. Paleontological Tests: Human-Like Intelligence Is Not a Convergent Feature of Evolution
Charles H. Lineweaver

18. Cosmic Life Forms
Attila Grandpierre

19. Astronomical and Astrobiological Imprints on the Fossil Records: A Review
Julian Chela-Flores, Giouanna Jerse, Mauro Messerotti, Claudio Tuniz

20. Do Impacts Really Cause Most Mass Extinctions?
Donald R. Prothero

21. Irradiation of Icy Cometary Analogs: Its Relevance in Reference to Chemical Evolution and the Origin of Life
María Colín-García, A. Negron-Mendóza, S. Ramos-Bernal, E. Chacón

22. The Big Bang at Time Zero
Peter R. Bahn, Steven H. Pravdo

23. Molecular Imprints of Reaction Network
Koichiro Matsuno

24. The ALH84001 Case for Life on Mars
Alfonso F. Davila, Alberto G. Fairén, Dirk Schulze-Makuch, Christopher P. McKay

25. Preservation Windows for Paleobiological Traces in the Mars Geological Record
David C. Fernández-Remolar, Olga Prieto-Ballesteros, César Menor-Salván, Marta Ruíz-Bermejo, Felipe Gómez, David Gómez-Ortiz, Ricardo Amils

26. Summary, Final Comments and Conclusions
Joseph Seckbach, Julian Chela-Flores, Aharon Oren, Francois Raulin

Keywords: SCIENCE / Physics SCI055000

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Natural Sciences

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