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Beyond Knowledge: The Legacy of Competence

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Table of contents

1. Beyond knowledge
Joerg Zumbach, Neil Schwartz, Tina Seufert, Liesbeth Kester

Part I-I. Collaborative Learning with ICT and Knowledge Sharing

2. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Cognitive Load Research as a Key to Tackle Challenges of Contemporary Education
Fred Paas, Tamara Gog, Femke Kirschner, Nadine Marcus, Paul Ayres, John Sweller

3. Interpersonal Knowledge in Virtual Seminars
Oliver Diekamp, Brigitta Kopp, Heinz Mandl

4. Individual Versus Group Learning as a Function of Task Complexity: An Exploration into the Measurement of Group Cognitive Load
Femke Kirschner, Fred Paas, Paul A. Kirschner

5. Mentored Innovation in Teacher Training Using Two Virtual Collaborative Learning Environments
Andrea Kárpáti, Helga Dorner

6. Instructor Scaffolding in Support of Students’ Metacognition Through an Online Course
Rikki Rimor, Roni Reingold, Tali Heiman

Part I-II. Research Notes on Collaborative Learning with ICT and Knowledge Sharing

7. Fostering collaborators’ ability to draw inferences from distributed information: a training approach
Anne Meier, Hans Spada

8. Collaborative Problem Solving with Cases in a Virtual Professional Training
Melanie Hasenbein, Birgitta Kopp, Heinz Mandl

9. Students’ Perceptions of a Competency Assessment Program in an Online Course
Luis Tinoca, Isolina Oliveira, Alda Pereira

Part II-I. E-Learning and Mobile Learning

10. Mobile Phones to Enhance Reflection Upon Collaborative Problem-Solving
M. Beatrice Ligorio

11. The Use of iPods in Education: The Case of Multi-Tasking
Geraldine Clarebout, Joke Coens, Jan Elen

12. Which Design Principles Influence Acceptance and Motivation in Professional E-Learning?
Birgitta Kopp, Elvira Schulze, Heinz Mandl

13. Preparing Pre-Service Teachers for Professional Education Within a Metacognitive Computer-Based Learning Environment
Bracha Kramarski, Tova Michalsky

14. Designing a Well-Formed Activity System for an ICTs-Supported Classroom
Jonghwi Park, Robert Bracewell

Part II-II. Research Notes on E-Learning and Mobile Learning

15. A Comparison of Group and Individualized Motivational Messages Sent by SMS and E-mail to Improve Student Achievement
Damith Wickramanayake, Charles Schlosser, Markus Deimann

16. Computer Assisted Learning And its Impact on Educational Programs Within The Past Decade: A Bibliometric Overview of Research
Gabriel Schui, Günter Krampen

17. Fostering the Translation Between External Representations: Does it Enhance Learning with an Intelligent Tutoring Program?
Rolf Schwonke, Anna Ertelt, Alexander Renkl

18. Oversold – Underused Revisited: Factors Influencing Computer Use in Swiss Classrooms
Dominik Petko

Part III-I. Competence-Based Instruction in Mathematics and Science

19. Analyzing Computer-Based Fraction Tasks on the Basis of a Two-Dimensional View of Mathematics Competences
Anja Eichelmann, Susanne Narciss, Arndt Faulhaber, Erica Melis

20. How does it Swim?
Halszka Jarodzka, Katharina Scheiter, Peter Gerjets

21. Accuracy of Self-Evaluation of Competence: How is it Affected Through Feedback in a Computer-Based Arithmetic Training?
Susanne Narciss, Hermann Körndle, Markus Dresel

22. Inquiry Web-Based Learning to Enhance Information Problem Solving Competence in Science
Manoli Pifarré, Esther Argelagós

23. Virtual vs. Physical Materials in Early Science Instruction: Transitioning to an Autonomous Tutor for Experimental Design
David Klahr, Lara Triona, Mari Strand-Cary, Stephanie Siler

24. A Design-Based Approach to Professional Development: The Need to See Teachers as Learners to Achieve Excellence in Inquiry-Based Science Education
Eleni A. Kyza, Constantinos P. Constantinou

25. The Effect of Intervening Tests on Text Retention
Liesbeth Kester, Huib Tabbers

26. Guiding Students’ Attention During Example Study by Showing the Model’s Eye Movements
Tamara Gog, Halszka Jarodzka, Katharina Scheiter, Peter Gerjets, Fred Paas

Part III-II. Research Notes on Competence-Based Instruction in Mathematics and Science

27. What Makes a Problem Complex?
Samuel Greiff, Joachim Funke

28. Activation of Learning Strategies When Writing Learning Protocols: The Specificity of Prompts Matters
Inga Glogger, Rolf Schwonke, Lars Holzäpfel, Matthias Nückles, Alexander Renkl

Part IV-I. Multimedia Learning

29. One More Expertise Reversal Effect in an Instructional Design to Foster Coherence Formation
Babette Koch, Tina Seufert, Roland Brünken

30. The Influence of Spatial Text Information on the Multimedia Effect
Florian Schmidt-Weigand, Katharina Scheiter

31. Arguing a Position from Text: The Influence of Graphic Themes on Schema Activation
Neil H. Schwartz, Charles Collins

32. The Role of Attribution, Modality, and Supplantation in Multimedia Learning
Joerg Zumbach, Birgit Reisenhofer, Stefan Czermak, Peter Emberger, Claudio Landerer, Gerhard Schrangl

Part V-I. Tool Support

33. To Embed or Not to Embed, That’s the Question
Geraldine Clarebout, Holger Horz, Wolfgang Schnotz, Jan Elen

34. Learner Variables, Tool-Usage Behaviour and Performance in an Open Learning Environment
Lai Jiang, Jan Elen, Geraldine Clarebout

35. Fostering Hypermedia Learning with Different Argumentation Tools: The Role of Argument Visualisation
Joerg Zumbach, Martina Ramsauer, Neil H. Schwartz, Sabine C. Koch

36. Supporting Prewriting Activities in Academic Writing by Computer-Based Scaffolds
Antje Proske, Susanne Narciss

Part V-II. Research Notes on Tool Support

37. Presentation Manager And Web2.0: Understanding Online Presentations
Gisella Paoletti, Sara Rigutti, Anna Guglielmelli

38. Hypertext Didactics and its Incidence in the Quality Of Academic Literacy During the Initial Training of Primary School Teachers
Beatriz Figueroa, L. Domínguez, L. Ajagán, V. Y´ñez, M. Aillon

39. Learner-Controlled Use of Interactive Videos in the Context of Classroom Education: Learning strategies and Knowledge Acquisition
Sonja Weigand, Stephan Schwan


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