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Acoustical Imaging

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Table of contents

1. Use of Radiation Force to Measure Arterial Properties
J.F. Greenleaf, X. Zhang, C. Pislaru

2. Microscopic Measurement of Three-Dimensional Distribution of Tissue Viscoelasticity
T. Shiina, M. Yoshida, M. Yamakawa, N. Nitta

3. Strain Imaging for Arterial Wall with Translational Motion Compensation and Center Frequency Estimation
H. Hasegawa, H. Kanai

4. Near-Real-Time 3D Ultrasonic Strain Imaging
G. Treece, J. Lindop, A. Gee, R. Prager

5. Dynamic Resolution Selection in Strain Imaging
J. Lindop, G. Treece, A. Gee, R. Prager

6. A New Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Method for Measurements of Longitudinal Length Alteration of the Arterial Wall–First in vivo trial
M. Cinthio, Å. R. Ahlgren, H.W. Persson, K. Lindström

7. Evaluation of Tissue Motion Vector Measurement System Utilizing Synthetic-Aperture Array Signal Processing for Real-Time Elastography
S. Yagi, A. Sanuga, K. Tamura, M. Sato

8. Ultrasonic Imaging of Hemodynamic Force in Carotid Blood Flow
N. Nitta, K. Homma

9. Increasing Accuracy of Tissue Shear Modulus Reconstruction Using Ultrasonic Strain Tensor Measurement
C. Sumi

10. Pre-Clinical Experience with Full-Wave Inverse-Scattering for Breast Imaging
M.P. André, C.H. Barker, N. Sekhon, J. Wiskin, D. Borup, K. Callahan

11. High-frequency Pulse-compression Ultrasound Imaging with an Annular Array
J. Mamou, J.A. Ketterling, R.H. Silverman

12. Blood Flow Imaging in Maternal and Fetal Arteries and Veins
S. Ricci, G. Urban, P. Vergani, M. J. Paidas, P. Tortoli

13. Carotid Plaque Tissue Differentiation Based on Radiofrequency Echographic Signal Local Spectral Content (RULES: Radiofrequency Ultrasonic Local Estimators)
E. Biagi, S. Granchi, A. Luddi, L. Breschi, R. Facchini, A. Ricci, L. Masotti

14. Cross–Sampling Measurement of Vocal-Fold Vibration Using Ultrasound
O. Oshiro, S. Kamei, Y. Masuda, Y. Kuroda, T. Kuroda

15. Pressure-Dependent Attenuation of Ultrasound Contrast Agents
N. Kudo, N. Hirao, K. Okada, K. Yamamoto

16. 3-D Acoustic Imaging System with a Reflector And A Small Array
H. Taki, T. Sato

17. New Method for Ultrasound Contrast Imaging Using Frequency-Modulated Transmission
H. Ohuchi, N. Kamiyama, T. Kawagishi, T. Imamura, T. Asanuma, H. Ishikura, S. Beppu

18. Ultrasonic Detection and Imaging of Brachytherapy Seeds Based on Singular Spectrum Analysis
J. Mamou, E. J. Feleppa

19. Evaluation of Post Wall Filter for Doppler Ultrasound Systems
T. Baba

20. Combining Ultrasonic and Magnetic-Resonance Spectral Methods for Imaging Prostate Cancer
E. Feleppa, S. Dasgupta, S. Ramachandran, J. Ketterling, A. Kalisz, C. Porter, M. Lacrampe, C. Isacson, S. Haker, C. Tempany

21. Radio Frequency Signal Analysis for Tissue Characterization of Coronary Artery: In Vivo Intravascular Ultrasound Study
T. Iwamoto, Y. Saijo, A. Tanaka, E. S. Filho, S. Li, M. Yoshizawa

22. Tissue Thermal Property Reconstruction by Stopping Heating And Perfusion
C. Sumi, T. Uchida, T. Ooba, K. Inoue

23. New Generation of High Resolution Ultrasonic Imaging Technique for Advanced Material Characterization: Review
R.Gr. Maev

24. Visualization of Acoustic Waves Propagating within a Single Anisotropic Crystalline Plate with a Hybrid Acoustic Imaging Technique
C. Miyasaka, K.L. Telschow, J.T. Sadler, R.Gr. Maev

25. Ultrasonic Nano-Imaging System for Medicine and Biology
Y. Saijo, N. Hozumi, K. Kobayashi, N. Okada, Y. Hagiwara, H. Sasaki, E.d. S. Filho, T. Yambe

26. Elastic Changes of Capsule in a Rat Knee Contracture Model Assessed by Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
Y. Hagiwara, E. Chimoto, A. Ando, Y. Saijo, E. Itoi

27. A Study of the Potential to Detect Caries Lesions at the White-Spot Stage Using V(Z) Technique
E. Y. Bakulin, L. A. Denisova, R. Gr. Maev

28. Investigation of Human Nail Microstructure with Ultrasound
A.R. Maeva, E.Y. Bakulin, L.A. Denisova, R.Gr. Maev

29. Ultrasonic Atomic Force Microscopy of Subsurface Defects
K. Yamanaka, K. Kobari, S. Ide, T. Tsuji

30. Quantitative Material Characterization and Imaging at Nanoscale Using a New AFM Probe
F.L. Degertekin, M. Balantekin, A.G. Onaran

31. Non-Destructive Testing of Die-Casting Components of Non-Ferrous Metals for Surface-Near Porosity by High-Frequency Ulrasound
S. Hirsekorn, U. Rabe, D. Bruche, N. Grov, T. Kinzler, W. Arnold

32. Detection of Harmonic Components Generated from Crept Metal Rod Using a Double-Layered Piezoelectric Transducer System
M. Fukuda, M. Nishihira, K. Imano

33. Observation of Two-Dimensional Spatial Distribution of Plane Crack Tips With Low-Power Pulsed Laser
H. Fujii, T. Miyake, M. Matsukawa

34. Reconstruction of the Ultrasonic Image by the Combination of Genetic Programming and Constructive Solid Geometry
M. Yamagiwa, F. Sugimoto, M. Yoneyama

35. Source Localization by Simulation of Time Reversal Wave and Its Resolution Improvement with Deconvolution Technique
N. Wakatsuki, K. Mizutani

36. Nonlinear Multibeam Ultrasonic Imaging
I. Akiyama, N. Yoshizumi, A. Ohya, S. Saito

37. Dynamic-Receive Focusing with High-Frequency Annular Arrays
J.A. Ketterling, J. Mamou, R.H. Silverman

38. Fully Fiber Optic Ultrasonic Probes for Virtual Biopsy
E. Biagi, S. Cerbai, P. Gambacciani, L. Masotti

39. High Resolution Ultrasonic Method for 3D Fingerprint Representation in Biometrics
R.Gr. Maev, E.Y. Bakulin, E.Y. Maeva, F.M. Severin

40. Optoacoustic imaging
M. Frenz, M. Jaeger, A. Gertsch, M. Kitz, D. Schweizer

41. New Imaging Method by Using Ultrasound Velocity Change Caused by Optical Absorption
H. Horinaka, T. Matsunaka, N. Nakamura, T. Mukaiyama, S. Kawakami, M. Kawasaki, K. Wada

42. Range Measurement Using Ultrasound FMCW Wave
M. Kunita, T. Miki, I. Arai

43. Direct Visualization of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasonic Field Using Light-Emitting Diodes and Piezoelectric Elements
K. Nakamura, H. Ogura, T. Sugimoto

44. Sensor Signal Processing for Ultrasonic Sensors Using Delta–Sigma Modulated Single-Bit Digital Signal
S. Hirata, M.K. Kurosawa, T. Katagiri

45. A Method of Indoor Target Detection Using M-Sequence Acoustic Signal
T. Yamaguchi, K. Nishihara, H. Matsuo, Y. Wang, M. Hashimoto, H. Hachiya

46. Comparison of Some Aspherical Curved Surfaces of A Single Biconcave Acoustic Lens System for Ambient Noise Imaging
K. Mori, H. Ogasawara, T. Nakamura

47. Underground Imaging Using Shear Waves
H. Kawasaki, T. Sugimoto

48. High-Speed Vortex Wind Velocity Imaging by Acoustic Tomography
H. Li, T. Ueki, K. Hayashi, A. Yamada

49. Optical Observation of Two Collapsing Bubbles Adhering to A Quartz Wall
K. Yoshida, S. Nakatani, Y. Watanabe

50. Optical Observation Of A Collapsing Bubble Adhering To A Piezoelectric Transducer Surface Under Ultrasound Field
K. Yoshida, S. Nakatani, Y. Watanabe

51. Visco-Elastic Models for Soft Tissues
S. Leeman, J. Jones

52. Eigenvalue Imaging of A0-Mode Lamb Wave Field Based on Spatio-Temporal Gradient Analysis
K. Teramoto, A. Uekihara

53. Vector Theory of Ultrasonic Imaging
W. S. Gan

54. Gauge Invariance Approach to Acoustic Fields
W. S. Gan

55. Reproducibility of Image Analysis for Breast Ultrasound Computer-Aided Diagnosis
M. Galperin, M.P. Andre, C.H. Barker, L.K. Olson, M. O’Boyle, K. Richman, L. Mantrawadi

56. Wavelet Restoration of Three-Dimensional Medical Pulse-Echo Ultrasound Datasets in an EM Framework
J. Ng, H. Gomersall, R. Prager, N. Kingsbury, G. Treece, A. Gee

57. Synthetic Aperture Focusing of Echographic Images by Means of Pulse Compression
E. Biagi, L. Masotti, L. Pampaloni, M. Scabia

58. Ml Estimation for Acoustical Image Deblurring
A. Palladini, N. Testoni, L. Marchi, N. Speciale

59. Three-Dimensional Imaging by Using Singularity-Spreading Phase Unwrapping Method
T. Nishino, R. Yamaki, A. Hirose

60. Indication of Probe-Axis Angle by Extracting Wall Motion of Heart to Assist in Obtaining Long- and Short-Axis Views on Echocardiography
K. Masuda, H. Matsuura, R. Takahashi

61. Detection of Right Atrium Movement in Thrombi Flow Measurement
M. Aoki, T. Yamaguchi, H. Hachiya

62. Study of Probe Navigation Algorithm for Echocardiography to Acquire Standard Cross Section
T. Imai, H. Inoue, T. Sakai, K. Masuda

63. Development of Cad System for Diffuse Disease Based on Ultrasound Elasticity Images
M. Yamazaki, T. Shiina, M. Yamakawa, H. Takizawa, A. Tonomura, T. Mitake

64. Fdtd Calculation of Linear Acoustic Phenomena and Its Application to Architectural Acoustics and Environmental Noise Prediction
S. Sakamoto

65. Quantitative Assessment Of Tubes And Rods: Comparison Of Empirical And Computational Results
J.J. Kaufman, G.M. Luo, B. Blazy, R.S. Siffert

66. Heated Temperature Imaging By Absorption Of Ultrasound
C. Yamaya, H. Inoue

67. Time Domain Analysis Of Sound Propagation In Shallow Water With Transitional Layer
T. Tsuchiya, S. Matsumoto, N. Endoh

68. Visualization of Temperature Distribution In Cylindrical Cavity Using Sounds Reflected from Internal Surface
A. Minamide, K. Mizutani, N. Wakatsuki

69. Real Time Sound Field Simulator Using Field Programmable Gate Array Device
T. Tsuchiya, E. Sugawara, Y. Inoguchi

70. Two-Dimensional Numerical Analysis Of Acoustic Field Using The Constrained Interpolation Profile Method
S. Oh, K. Okubo, T. Tsuchiya, N. Takeuchi

Keywords: Physics, Acoustics, Imaging / Radiology, Ultrasound

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Acoustical Imaging
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