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Challenges to Marine Ecosystems

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Table of contents

1. Mixed stock analysis and the power of different classes of molecular markers in discriminating coastal and oceanic Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) on the Lofoten spawning grounds, Northern Norway
Vidar Wennevik, Knut Eirik Jørstad, Geir Dahle, Svein-Erik Fevolden

2. Contrasting levels of genetic differentiation among putative neutral microsatellite loci in Atlantic herring Clupea harengus populations and the implications for assessing stock structure
Phillip C. Watts, David O’Leary, Mary C. Cross, Jamie Coughlan, Eileen Dillane, Suzanne M. Kay, Suzanne Wylde, René Stet, Richard D. M. Nash, Emma M. C. Hatfield, Thomas F. Cross

3. Marine reserves: the need for systems
W. J. Ballantine, T. J. Langlois

4. The challenge of assessing whether the OSPAR network of marine protected areas is ecologically coherent
Jeff A. Ardron

5. Individual-based movement behaviour in a simple marine reserve—Fishery system: why predictive models should be handled with care
Edward A. Codling

6. Effect of marine reserve protection on spiny lobster (Palinurus elephas Fabr., 1787) in a central western Mediterranean area
Maria Cristina Follesa, Danila Cuccu, Rita Cannas, Serenella Cabiddu, Matteo Murenu, Andrea Sabatini, Angelo Cau

7. Incorporating ecological functioning into the designation and management of marine protected areas
C. L. J. Frid, O. A. L. Paramor, S. Brockington, J. Bremner

8. Go with the flow: tidal import and export of larvae from semi-enclosed bays
M. J. Jessopp, R. J. McAllen

9. Seabed mapping in the southern Irish Sea: predicting benthic biological communities based on sediment characteristics
Fionnuala McBreen, James G. Wilson, Andrew S. Y. Mackie, Caltríona Nic Aonghusa

10. Alien species in the Mediterranean Sea—which, when, where, why?
B. S. Galil

11. The effect of high flow events on mussels (Mytilus edulis) in the Conwy estuary, North Wales, UK
Lucie R. Oliver, Raymond Seed, Brian Reynolds

12. Mobility of metals in salt marsh sediments colonised by Spartina maritima (Tagus estuary, Portugal)
Rosa Reboreda, Isabel Caçador, Sílvia Pedro, Pedro Raposo Almeida

13. Ecological hindcasting of biogeographic responses to climate change in the European intertidal zone
David S. Wethey, Sarah A. Woodin

14. Long-term changes in the status of Sevastopol Bay and the Crimean coast: anthropogenic and climatic influences
J. G. Wilson, T. S. Osadehaya, S. V. Alyomov

15. The sea ahead: challenges to marine biology from seafood sustainability
Tony J. Pitcher

16. Effects of fishing methods on deep water shark species caught as by-catch off southern Portugal
Rui Coelho, Karim Erzini

17. Catch me in winter! Seasonal variation in air temperature severely enhances physiological stress and mortality of species subjected to sorting operations and discarded during annual fishing activities
Folco Giomi, Saša Raicevich, Otello Giovanardi, Fabio Pranovi, Paolo Muro, Mariano Beltramini

18. Grazing and assimilation rate estimates of hydromedusae from a temperate tidal creek system
Daniel Marshalonis, James L. Pinckney

Keywords: SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Biology / General SCI008000

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Developments in Hydrobiology
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5 pages
Natural Sciences

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