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The Salton Sea Centennial Symposium

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Table of contents

1. Response in the water quality of the Salton Sea, California, to changes in phosphorus loading: an empirical modeling approach
Dale M. Robertson, S. Geoffrey Schladow

2. Long-term changes in the phosphorus loading to and trophic state of the Salton Sea, California
Dale M. Robertson, S. Geoffrey Schladow, G. Chris Holdren

3. Reducing dissolved phosphorus loading to the Salton Sea with aluminum sulfate
I. R. Rodriguez, C. Amrhein, M. A. Anderson

4. Laboratory studies on the coprecipitation of phosphate with calcium carbonate in the Salton Sea, California
I. R. Rodriguez, C. Amrhein, M. A. Anderson

5. A linked hydrodynamic and water quality model for the Salton Sea
Eu Gene Chung, S. Geoffrey Schladow, Joaquim Perez-Losada, Dale M. Robertson

6. Barnacle growth rate on artificial substrate in the Salton Sea, California
J. B. Geraci, C. Amrhein, C. C. Goodson

7. Relating fish kills to upwellings and wind patterns in the Salton Sea
B. Marti-Cardona, T. E. Steissberg, S. G. Schladow, S. J. Hook

8. Properties and distribution of sediment in the Salton Sea, California: an assessment of predictive models
M. A. Anderson, L. Whiteaker, E. Wakefield, C. Amrhein

9. Geochemistry of iron in the Salton Sea, California
Jason P. Koff, Michael A. Anderson, Christopher Amrhein

10. Transport and distribution of trace elements and other selected inorganic constituents by suspended particulates in the Salton Sea Basin, California, 2001
Lawrence A. LeBlanc, Roy A. Schroeder

11. Organochlorine pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls, metals, and trace elements in waterbird eggs, Salton Sea, California, 2004
Charles J. Henny, Thomas W. Anderson, John J. Crayon

12. Occurrence, distribution and transport of pesticides into the Salton Sea Basin, California, 2001–2002
Lawrence A. LeBlanc, Kathryn M. Kuivila

13. Evaluation of potential impacts of perchlorate in the Colorado River on the Salton Sea, California
G. Chris Holdren, Kevin Kelly, Paul Weghorst

14. Fundamentals of estimating the net benefits of ecosystem preservation: the case of the Salton Sea
Kurt A. Schwabe, Peter W. Schuhmann, Kenneth A. Baerenklau, Nermin Nergis

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Developments in Hydrobiology
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