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Recent Developments in Management of Plant Diseases

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Table of contents

1. The Challenges of Chemical Control of Plant Diseases
Andy Leadbeater, Ulrich Gisi

2. Novel Tools to Identify the Mode of Action of Fungicides as Exemplified with Fluopicolide
Valérie Toquin, François Barja, Catherine Sirven, Stéphanie Gamet, Lucile Mauprivez, Philippe Peret, Marie-Pascale Latorse, Jean-Luc Zundel, Frédéric Schmitt, Marc-Henri Lebrun, Roland Beffa

3. QoI Fungicide Resistance: Current Status and the Problems Associated with DNA-Based Monitoring
Hideo Ishii

4. Regulatory Aspects in Chemical Control of Fungal Diseases: Impact on Efficient Plant Production
Georg F. Backhaus

5. The Roles of Cyclic Lipopeptides in the Biocontrol Activity of Bacillus subtilis

Marc Ongena, Guillaume Henry, Philippe Thonart

6. Biocontrol of Plant Pathogens and Plant Growth Promotion by Bacillus

Brian B. McSpadden Gardener

7. Importance of Multitrophic Interactions for Successful Biocontrol of Plant Parasitic Nematodes with Paecilomyces lilacinus Strain 251
Sebastian Kiewnick

8. Interactions Between Clonostachys rosea f. catenulata, Fusarium oxysporum and Cucumber Roots Leading to Biological Control of Fusarium Root and Stem Rot
Syama Chatterton, Zamir K. Punja

9. Screening of Biocontrol Agents for Control of Foliar Diseases
Jürgen Köhl

10. Quorum Sensing as a Target for Novel Biocontrol Strategies Directed at Pectobacterium

Amélie Cirou, Stéphane Uroz, Emilie Chapelle, Xavier Latour, Nicole Orange, Denis Faure, Yves Dessaux

11. The Status of Biological Control of Plant Diseases in Soilless Cultivation
Joeke Postma

12. REBECA – EU-Policy Support Action to Review Regulation of Biological Control Agents
Ralf-Udo Ehlers

13. Fungal Disease Management in Organic Apple Orchards: Epidemiological Aspects and Management Approaches
Imre J. Holb

14. Exploitation of Natural Compounds in Eco-Friendly Management of Plant Pests
N. K. Dubey, Ashok Kumar, Priyanka Singh, Ravindra Shukla

15. Regulation and Functional Analysis of Bioprotective Metabolite Genes from the Grass Symbiont Epichloe festucae

Barry Scott, Ruth E. Wrenn, Kimberley J. May, Daigo Takemoto, Carolyn A. Young, Aiko Tanaka, Damien J. Fleetwood, Richard D. Johnson

16. IPM for Soilborne Disease Management for Vegetable and Strawberry Crops in SE USA
Frank J. Louws

17. Integrated Control of Soilborne Pathogens of Wheat
Timothy C. Paulitz, Patricia A. Okubara, Kurtis L. Schroeder

18. Challenges in Controlling Verticillium Wilt by the Use of Nonchemical Methods
George Lazarovits, Krishnamurthy Subbarao

19. Soil Solarization – 30 Years On: What Lessons Have Been Learned?
Jaacov Katan, Abraham Gamliel

20. Back to the Future: Total System Management (Organic, Sustainable)
Dan O. Chellemi

21. Global Phaseout of Methyl Bromide Under the Montreal Protocol: Implications for Bioprotection, Biosecurity and the Ozone Layer
Ian Porter, Jonathan Banks, Scott Mattner, Paul Fraser

22. Accelerated Degradation of Soil Fumigants: Occurrence and Agricultural Consequences
Abraham Gamliel, Shachaf Triky-Dotan

23. Recent Developments in Disease Management
William Ntow, Husein Ajwa

24. Worldwide Monitoring Systems: The Need for Public and Private Collaboration
Roger D. Magarey, William E. Dolezal, Thomas J. Moore

25. Identification of New Sources of Resistance to Soybean Rust
Shuxian Li

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Pathology, Plant Sciences, Bioinformatics, Agriculture

Publication year
Plant Pathology in the 21st Century
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14 pages
Natural Sciences

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