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Learning Communities In Practice

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Table of contents

I. Learning Communities in School Settings

1. The Project for Enhancing Effective Learning (PEEL): 22 Years of Praxis
Ian Mitchell, Judie Mitchell

2. DICEP: Promoting Collaborative Inquiry in Diverse Educational Settings
Barbara Bell-Angus, Greta Davis, Zoe Donoahue, Maria Kowal, Monica McGlynn-Stewart

3. Pre-Service Teachers and Sixth Graders Explore Social Justice as a Community of Inquiry
Monica Taylor, Gennifer Otinsky

4. Lights, Camera, Action! Using Slowmation as a Common Teaching Approach to Promote a School Learning Community
Garry F. Hoban

5. Growing Our Own: A Learning Community Partnership between a University and a Public Middle School
Cristy Kessler, Caroline S. Wong

6. A Whole-School Approach to Urban Educational Renewal: Community, Collaboration, and Leadership
Clive Beck, Clare Kosnik, Yiola Cleovoulou

II. Learning Communities in University Settings

7. Fellow Travelers: New Teachers and Their Graduate School Faculty Take a Journey to the Land of Peer Discussion Groups
Barbara Stern

8. Establishing a Learning Community as a Site to Explore Our Multicultural Selves
Anne R. Freese, Amber P. Strong

9. Dissertation Support Groups: Building a Community of Practice Using Noddings' Ethic of Care
Emily J. Klein, Megan Riordan, Amanda Schwartz, Stacey Sotirhos

10. Collective Creativity: A Learning Community of Self-Study Scholars
Anastasia P. Samaras, Mary Adams-Legge, Deanna Breslin, Kavita Mittapalli, Jennifer Magaha O'Looney, Dawn Renee Wilcox

III. Learning Communities in Professional Networks

11. A Learning Community for Teacher Induction
Ellen Moir, Susan Hanson

12. Creating an International Learning Community for Teacher Education Scholars
Melissa L. Heston, Deborah L. Tidwell, Linda M. Fitzgerald

13. Role of Teacher Research Communities and Cross-Culture Collaboration in the Context of Curriculum Reform in China
Gaalen Erickson, Chanyung Kang, Ian Mitchell, Janette Ryan

14. Creating Stages for Development: A Learning Community with Many Tasks and No Goal
Lois Holzman

15. Supervisors of Teacher Interns: Building a Learning Community Through Inquiry-Based Practices
Patricia S. Tate, Marian H. Jarrett, Ann C. Lawlor, Lois M. Page, Anita S. Ramsey

16. Funny, This Does Not Look Like a Community: Working Collaboratively Across Borders and Institutions
Clare Kosnik

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