Jaiani, George

IUTAM Symposium on Relations of Shell Plate Beam and 3D Models

Jaiani, George - IUTAM Symposium on Relations of Shell Plate Beam and 3D Models, ebook


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Table of contents

1. An Asymptotic Method for Solving Three-Dimensional Boundary Value Problems of Statics and Dynamics of Thin Bodies
Lenser A. Aghalovyan

2. Multiscale Assessment of Low-Temperature Performance of Flexible Pavements
E. Aigner, R. Lackner, M. Spiegl, M. Wistuba, R. Blab, H. Mang

3. On the Different Possibilities to Derive Plate and Shell Theories
Holm Altenbach, Johannes Meenen

4. The Determination of Linear Frequencies of Bending Vibrations of Ferromagnetic Shell by Exact Space Treatment
A.G. Bagdoev, A.V. Vardanyan, S.V. Vardanyan

5. Stability of a Rectangular Plate Capable of Transverse Shear Deformations
Vagharshak M. Belubekyan

6. On a Problem of Thermal Stresses in the Theory of Cosserat Elastic Shells with Voids
Mircea Bîrsan

7. Vibration of an Elastic Plate Under the Action of an Incompressible Fluid
Natalia Chinchaladze

8. Some Remarks on Anisotropic Singular Perturbation Problems
Michel Chipot

9. On the Variational Derivation of the Kinematics for Thin-Walled Closed Section Beams
Lorenzo Freddi, Antonino Morassi, Roberto Paroni

10. Variational Dimension Reduction in Nonlinear Elasticity: A Young Measure Approach
Lorenzo Freddi, Roberto Paroni

11. Joint Vibrations of a Rectangular Shell and Gas in It
Elena Gavrilova

12. On Physical and Mathematical Moments and the Setting of Boundary Conditions for Cusped Prismatic Shells and Beams
George Jaiani

13. Material Conservation Laws Established Within a Consistent Plate Theorie
Reinhold Kienzler, Dipak K. Bose

14. A Small-Parameter Method for I. Vekua’s Nonlinear and Nonshallow Shells
Tengiz Meunargia

15. The Extension and Application of the Hierarchical Beam Theory to Piezoelectrically Actuated Beams
DCD Oguamanam, C McLean, JS Hansen

16. Validation of Classical Beam and Plate Models by Variational Convergence
Paolo Podio-Guidugli

17. On the Simulation of Textile Reinforced Concrete Layers by a Surface-Related Shell Formulation
Rainer Schlebusch, Bernd W. Zastrau

18. The Contact Problems of the Mathematical Theory of Elasticity for Plates with an Elastic Inclusion
Nugzar Shavlakadze

19. On the Basic Systems of Equations of Continuum Mechanics and Some Mathematical Problems for Anisotropic Thin-Walled Structures
Tamaz Vashakmadze


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