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Table of contents

1. A New Technique for Unequal-Spaced Channel-Allocation Problem in WDM Transmission System
A.B.M. Mozzammel Hossain, Md. Saifuddin Faruk

2. An Algorithm to Remove Noise from Audio Signal by Noise Subtraction
Abdelshakour Abuzneid, Moeen Uddin, Shaid Ali Naz, Omar Abuzaghleh

3. Support Vector Machines based Arabic Language Text Classification System: Feature Selection Comparative Study
Abdelwadood. Moh’d. Mesleh

4. Visual Attention in Foveated Images
Abulfazl Yavari, H.R. Pourreza

5. Frequency Insensitive Digital Sampler and Its Application to the Electronic Reactive Power Meter
Adalet N. Abiyev

6. Non-Linear Control Applied to an Electrochemical Process to Remove Cr(VI) from Plating Wastewater
A. Regalado-Méndez, D. Tello-Delgado, H. O. García-Arriaga

7. Semantics for the Specification of Asynchronous Communicating Systems (SACS)
A.V.S. Rajan, S. Bavan, G. Abeysinghe

8. Application Multicriteria Decision Analysis on TV Digital
Ana Karoline Araüjo de Castro, Plácido Rogério Pinheiro, Gilberto George Conrado de Souza

9. A Framework for the Development and Testing of Cryptographic Software
Andrew Burnett, Tom Dowling

10. Transferable Lessons from Biological and Supply Chain Networks to Autonomic Computing
Ani Calinescu

11. Experiences from an Empirical Study of Programs Code Coverage
Anna Derezi?ska

12. A Secure and Efficient Micropayment System
Anne Nguyen, Xiang Shao

13. An Empirical Investigation of Defect Management in Free/Open Source Software Projects
Anu Gupta, Ravinder Kumar Singla

14. A Parallel Algorithm that Enumerates all the Cliques in an Undirected Graph
A. S. Bavan

15. Agent Based Framework for Worm Detection
A.M. El-Menshawy, H.M. Faheem, T. Al-Arif, Z. Taha

16. Available Bandwidth Based Congestion Avoidance Scheme for TCP: Modeling and Simulation
A. O. Oluwatope, G. A. Aderounmu, E. R. Adagunodo, O. O. Abiona, F. J. Ogwu

17. On the modeling and control of the Cartesian Parallel Manipulator
Ayssam Y. Elkady, Sarwat N. Hanna, Galal A. Elkobrosy

18. Resource Allocation in Market-based Grids Using a History-based Pricing Mechanism
Behnaz Pourebrahimi, S. Arash Ostadzadeh, Koen Bertels

19. Epistemic Structured Representation for Legal Transcript
Tracey Hughes, Cameron Hughes, Alina Lazar

20. A Dynamic Approach to Software Bug Estimation
Chuanlei Zhang, Hemant Joshi, Srini Ramaswamy, Coskun Bayrak

21. Soft Biometrical Students Identification Method for e-Learning
Deniss Kumlander

22. Innovation in Telemedicine: an Expert Medical Information System based on SOA, Expert Systems and Mobile Computing
Denivaldo Lopes, Bruno Abreu, Wesly Batista

23. Service-Enabled Business Processes: Constructing Enterprise Applications – An Evaluation Framework
Christos K. K. Georgiadis, Elias Pimenidis

24. Image Enhancement Using Frame Extraction Through Time
Elliott Coleshill, Alex Ferworn, Deborah Stacey

25. A Comparison of Software for Architectural Simulation of Natural Light
Evangelos Christakou, Neander Silva

26. Vehicle Recognition Using Curvelet Transform and Thresholding
Farhad Mohamad Kazemi, Hamid Reza Pourreza, Reihaneh Moravejian, Ehsan Mohamad Kazemi

27. Vehicle Detection Using a Multi-agent Vision-based System
Saeed Samadi, Farhad Mohamad Kazemi, Mohamad-R. Akbarzadeh-T

28. Using Attacks Ontology in Distributed Intrusion Detection System
F. Abdoli, M. Kahani

29. Predicting Effectively the Pronunciation of Chinese Polyphones by Extracting the Lexical Information
Feng-Long Huang, Shu-Yu Ke, Qiong-Wen Fan

30. MiniDMAIC: An Approach for Causal Analysis and Resolution in Software Development Projects
Márcia G. S. Gonçalves

31. Light Vehicle Event Data Recorder Forensics
Jeremy S. Daily, Nathan Singleton, Beth Downing, Gavin W. Manes*

32. Research of Network Control Systems with Competing Access to the Transfer Channel
G. V. Abramov, A. E. Emelyanov, M. N. Ivliev

33. Service-Oriented Context-Awareness and Context-Aware Services
H. Gümü?kaya, M. V. Nural

34. Autonomous Classification via Self-Formation of Collections in AuInSys
Hanh H. Pham

35. Grid Computing Implementation in Ad Hoc Networks
Aksenti Grnarov, Bekim Cilku, Igor Miskovski, Sonja Filiposka, Dimitar Trajanov

36. One-Channel Audio Source Separation of Convolutive Mixture
Jalal Taghia, Jalil Taghia

37. Extension of Aho-Corasick Algorithm to Detect Injection Attacks
Jalel Rejeb, Mahalakshmi Srinivasan

38. Use of Computer Vision during the process of Quality Control in the classification of grain
Rosas Salazar Juan Manuel, Guzmán Ruiz Mariana, Valdes Marrero Manuel Alejandro

39. Theoretical Perspectives for E-Services Acceptance Model
Kamaljeet Sandhu

40. E-Services Acceptance Model (E-SAM)
Kamaljeet Sandhu

41. Factors for E-Services System Acceptance: A Multivariate Analysis
Kamaljeet Sandhu

42. A Qualitative Approach to E-Services System Development
Kamaljeet Sandhu

43. Construction of Group Rules for VLSI Application
Byung-Heon Kang, Dong-Ho Lee, Chun-Pyo Hong

44. Implementation of an Automated Single Camera Object
Tracking System Using Frame Differencing and Dynamic Template
Karan Gupta, Anjali V. Kulkarni

45. A Model for Prevention of Software Piracy through Secure Distribution
Vaddadi P. Chandu, Karandeep Singh, Ravi Baskaran

46. Performance Enhancement of CAST-128 Algorithm by modifying its function
Krishnamurthy G.N, Ramaswamy V, Leela G.H, Ashalatha M.E

47. A Concatenative Synthesis Based Speech Synthesiser for Hindi
Kshitij Gupta

48. Legibility on a Podcast: Color and typefaces
Lennart Strand

49. The sensing mechanism and the response simulation of the MIS hydrogen sensor
Linfeng Zhang, Erik McCullen, Lajos Rimai, K. Y. Simon Ng, Ratna Naik, Gregory Auner

50. Visual Extrapolation of Linear and Nonlinear Trends:
Does the Knowledge of Underlying Trend Type Affect Accuracy and Response Bias?
Lisa A. Best

51. Resource Discovery and Selection for Large Scale Query Optimization in a Grid Environment
Mahmoud El Samad, Abdelkader Hameurlain, Franck Morvan

52. Protecting Medical Images with Biometric Information
Marcelo Fornazin, Danilo B.S. Netto, Marcos Antonio Cavenaghi, Aparecido N. Marana

53. Power Efficiency Profile Evaluation for Wireless Communication Applications
Marius Marcu, Dacian Tudor, Sebastian Fuicu

54. Closing the Gap between Enterprise Models and Service-oriented Architectures
Martin Juhrisch, Werner Esswein

55. Object Normalization as Contribution to the area of Formal Methods of Object-Oriented Database Design
Vojt?ch Merunka, Martin Molhanec

56. A Novel Security Schema for Distributed File Systems
Bager Zarei, Mehdi Asadi, Saeed Nourizadeh, Shapour Jodi Begdillo

57. A Fingerprint Method for Scientific Data Verification
Micah Altman

58. Mobile Technologies in Requirements Engineering
Gunnar Kurtz, Michael Geisser, Tobias Hildenbrand, Thomas Kude

59. Unsupervised Color Textured Image Segmentation Using Cluster Ensembles and MRF Model
Mofakharul Islam, John Yearwood, Peter Vamplew

60. An Efficient Storage and Retrieval Technique for Documents Using Symantec Document Segmentation (SDS) Approach
Mohammad A. ALGhalayini, ELQasem ALNemah

61. A New Persian/Arabic Text Steganography Using “La” Word
Mohammad Shirali-Shahreza

62. GTRSSN: Gaussian Trust and Reputation System for Sensor Networks
Mohammad Momani, Subhash Challa

63. Fuzzy Round Robin CPU Scheduling (FRRCS) Algorithm
M.H. Zahedi, M. Ghazizadeh, M. Naghibzadeh

64. Fuzzy Expert System In Determining Hadith1 Validity
M. Ghazizadeh, M.H. Zahedi, M. Kahani, B. Minaei Bidgoli

65. An Investigation into the Performance of General Sorting on Graphics Processing Units
Nick Pilkington, Barry Irwin

66. An Analysis of Effort Variance in Software Maintenance Projects
Nita Sarang, Mukund A Sanglikar

67. Design of Adaptive Neural Network Frequency Controller for Performance Improvement of an Isolated Thermal Power System
Ognjen Kuljaca, Jyotirmay Gadewadikar, Kwabena Agyepong

68. Comparing PMBOK and Agile Project Management software development processes
P. Fitsilis

69. An Expert System for Diagnosing Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine faults
Peter Nabende, Tom Wanyama

70. Interactive Visualization of Data-Oriented XML Documents
Petr Chmelar, Radim Hernych, Daniel Kubicek

71. Issues in Simulation for Valuing Long-Term Forwards
Phillip G. Bradford, Alina Olteanu

72. A Model for Mobile Television Applications Based on Verbal Decision Analysis
Isabelle Tamanini, Thais C. Sampaio Machado, Marília Soares Mendes, Ana Lisse Carvalho, Maria Elizabeth S. Furtado, Plácido R. Pinheiro

73. Gene Selection for Predicting Survival Outcomes of Cancer Patients in Microarray Studies
Q Tan, M Thomassen, KM Jochumsen, O Mogensen, K Christensen, TA Kruse

74. Securing XML Web Services by using a Proxy Web Service Model
Quratul-ain Mahesar, Prof. Dr. Asadullah Shah

75. O-Chord: A Method for Locating Relational Data Sources in a P2P Environment
Raddad Al King, Abdelkader Hameurlain, Franck Morvan

76. Intuitive Interface for the Exploration of Volumetric Datasets
Rahul Sarkar, Chrishnika de Almeida, Noureen Syed, Sheliza Jamal, Jeff Orchard

77. New Trends in Cryptography by Quantum Concepts
SGK Murthy, M.V.Ramana Murthy, P.Ram Kumar

78. On Use of Operation Semantics for Parallel iSCSI Protocol
Ranjana Singh, Rekha Singhal

79. BlueCard: Mobile Device-Based Authentication and Profile Exchange
Riddhiman Ghosh, Mohamed Dekhil

80. Component Based Face Recognition System
Pavan Kandepet, Roman W. Swiniarski

81. An MDA-Based Generic Framework to Address Various Aspects of Enterprise Architecture
S. Shervin Ostadzadeh, Fereidoon Shams Aliee, S. Arash Ostadzadeh

82. Simulating VHDL in PSpice Software
Saeid Moslehpour, Chandrasekhar Puliroju, Christopher L Spivey

83. VLSI Implementation of Discrete Wavelet Transform using Systolic Array Architecture
S.Sankar Sumanth, K.A.Narayanan Kutty

84. Introducing MARF: a Modular Audio Recognition Framework and its Applications for Scientific and Software Engineering Research
Serguei A. Mokhov

85. TCP/IP Over Bluetooth
Umar F. Khan, Shafqat Hameed, Tim Macintyre

86. Measurement-Based Admission Control for Non-Real-Time Services in Wireless Data Networks
Show-Shiow Tzeng, Hsin-Yi Lu

87. A Cooperation Mechanism in Agent Organization
W. Alshabi, S. Ramaswamy, M. Itmi, H. Abdulrab

88. A Test Taxonomy Applied to the Mechanics of Java Refactorings
Steve Counsell, Stephen Swift, Rob M. Hierons

89. Classification Techniques with Cooperative Routing for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
Sudhir G. Akojwar, Rajendra M. Patrikar

90. Biometric Approaches of 2D-3D Ear and Face: A Survey
S. M. S. Islam, M. Bennamoun, R. Owens, R. Davies

91. Performance Model for a Reconfigurable Coprocessor
Syed S. Rizvi, Syed N. Hyder, Aasia Riasat

92. RFID: A New Software Based Solution to Avoid Interference
Syed S. Rizvi, Eslam M. Gebriel, Aasia Riasat

93. A Software Component Architecture for Adaptive and Predictive Rate Control of Video Streaming
Taner Arsan, Tuncay Saydam

94. Routing Table Instability in Real-World Ad-Hoc Network Testbed
Tirthankar Ghosh, Benjamin Pratt

95. Quality Attributes for Embedded Systems
Trudy Sherman

96. A Mesoscale Simulation of the Morphology of the PEDT/PSS Complex in the Water Dispersion and Thin Film: the Use of the MesoDyn Simulation Code
T. Kaevand, A. Öpik, Ü. Lille

97. Developing Ontology-Based Framework Using Semantic Grid
P. Venkata Krishna, Ratika Khetrapal

98. A Tree Based Buyer-Seller Watermarking Protocol
Vinu V Das

99. A Spatiotemporal Parallel Image Processing on FPGA for Augmented Vision System
W. Atabany, P. Degenaar

100. Biometrics of Cut Tree Faces
W. A. Barrett

101. A Survey of Hands-on Assignments and Projects in Undergraduate Computer Architecture Courses
Xuejun Liang

102. Predicting the Demand for Spectrum Allocation Through Auctions
Y. B. Reddy

103. Component-Based Project Estimation Issues for Recursive Development
Yusuf Altunel, Mehmet R. Tolun

Keywords: Computer Science, Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks

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