Elleithy, Khaled

Innovations and Advanced Techniques in Systems, Computing Sciences and Software Engineering

Elleithy, Khaled - Innovations and Advanced Techniques in Systems, Computing Sciences and Software Engineering, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Bluetooth: A Case Study for Industrial Applications
D.M. Akbar Hussain, A.A. Tabassam, M. Zafarullah Khan, Shaiq A. Haq, Zaki Ahmed

2. An Enhanced Retinal Vessel Detection Algorithm
Hamed Rezazadegan Tavakolli, Hamid Reza Pourreza

3. A New Simulation Approach to Investigate Avalanche Behavior
I. Pawel, R. Siemieniec

4. Qualitative Choice and Logit Models Applied to Price Optimization
Luciano Correa

5. Distributed Recursive Algorithm for Auto Calibration in Drift Aware Wireless Sensor Networks
Maen Takruri, Khalid Aboura, Subhash Challa

6. A Multi-Camera Active-Vision System for Dynamic Form Recognition
Matthew Mackay, Beno Benhabib

7. Satellite Image Enhancement by Controlled Statistical Differentiation
Remus Brad

8. Optimization of a Hexapod Micro Parallel Robot Using Genetic Algorithms
Sergiu-Dan Stan, Vistrian Maties, Radu Balan, Ciprian Lapusan

9. A Method of Real-time Moving Vehicle Detection for Bad Environments Using Infrared Thermal Images
Yoichiro Iwasaki

10. Computational Simulation on An Energy Saving Regenerative Refrigerating System
Zheng Jeremy Li

11. Iterated Local Search Approaches to Maximin Latin Hypercube Designs
A. Grosso, A. R. M. J. U. Jamali, M. Locatelli

12. Fragmentation in distributed databases
Adrian Runceanu

13. Accessibility to the Disabled: A Service Oriented Architecture Approach
Ahmed El-Deeb

14. TMSE Optimization of Bandwidth of Tuned Electronic Circuits
Alexander Kalashnikov

15. A Fuzzy Scheduling Algorithm Based on Highest Response Ratio Next Algorithm
Ali Moallemi, Mohsen Asgharilarimi

16. Analysis and Design of a Family Reunion Information System
Harold Loving, Ali Abu El Humos, Tisha Brown, Tesfa Haile

17. Modified Ternary Optical Logic Gates and their Applications in Optical Computation
Amal K. Ghosh, Pabitra Pal Choudhury, Amitabha Basuray

18. Globalization and Parallelization of Nelder-Mead and Powell Optimization Methods
A. Koscianski, M.A. Luersen

19. Software Development Methodology of the Book Retrieval Robot
Aneesh. N. Chand, Godfrey C. Onwubolu

20. An Approach to Cadastre Map Quality Evaluation
A. Jansone

21. XBRL in Public Administration as a Way to Evince and Scale the Use of Information
Cézar Volnei Mauss, Claudecir Bleil, Antonio José Balloni, Adolfo Alberto Vanti

22. Information Security In S&M Brazilian Companies
Emerson José Beneton, Antonio José Balloni, Miguel Juan Bacic

23. Collaborative e-Business and Software Agents
Augusto Bernuy, Luis Joyanes

24. A Compression Algorithm Based on The Polarity of The Speech Signal
Buket D. Barkana, Tamer Barkana

25. Building Teaching Timetables Using Random Variables: Algorithms and Techniques
C. T. Panagiotakopoulos

26. Effects of Computer Skill on Mouse Move and Drag & Drop Performance
C. Panagiotakopoulos, M. Sarris

27. Morphological Enhancement and Triangular Matching for Fingerprint Recognition
V. Conti, G. Milici, S. Vitabile, F. Sorbello

28. About Sign Function and Some Extensions
Dan Ciulin

29. Ambiguity and Contradiction From a Morpho-Syntactic Prototype Perspective
M.D. López Luise

30. A Metric for Automatic Word categorization
M.D. López Luise

31. Non-Technological Aspects on Web Searching Success
M.D. López De Luise, J. M. Ale

32. A Novel Technique to Avoid Similarity Criterion Calculations in a Multi-Processor Environment
D.M. Akbar Hussain, Zhenyu Yang, Shaiq A Haq, Zaki Ahmed, M Zafar Ullah Khan

33. Modelibra Software Family
Dzenan Ridjanovic

34. SOA Design Pattern for Distributing the Object Model in n-tier Applications
Syed Fahad Allam Shah

35. CLS and CLS Close: The Scalable Method for Mining the Semi Structured Data Set
Ford Lumban Gaol, Belawati H. Widjaja

36. Goal Functions from Minimax to Maximin in Multicriteria Choice and Optimization
G.I. Ankoudinov, I.G. Ankoudinov, A.I. Strizhachenko

37. Modular Neural Network Learning Using Fuzzy Temporal Database
Hazra Imran, Shadab Alam Siddiqui

38. TSD: A Proposed Algorithm for Solving Tags Ambiguity
Hend S. Al-Khalifa

39. Proposal and Field Experiment of Road Facility Management Support System by RFID and GIS
Hidemi Fukada, Nobuyuki Maita, Akihiro Abe

40. Fusion of Remote Sensing Images Using Contourlet Transform
Aboubaker M. ALEjaily, Ibrahim A. El Rube, Mohab A. Mangoud

41. Modeling and Simulation of dynamic Processes with the help of Program Package BLADIS+
O. Repetskiy, I. Ryjikov

42. A Real-Time Specific Weed Recognition System by Measuring Weeds Density through Mask Operation
Imran Ahmed, Zaheer Ahmad, Muhammad Islam, Awais Adnan

43. Towards a Better Robustness-Imperceptibility Tradeoff in Digital Watermarking
Imran Usman, Asifullah Khan, Rafiullah Chamlawi, Abdul Majid

44. Conflict Expansion in an Information Rich Society: Feasibility of Corrective Actions
Jaak Tepandi

45. Ontology-based Shot Indexing for Video Surveillance System
Jeongkyu Lee, Munther H. Abualkibash, Padmini K. Ramalingam

46. A Adaptive Signal Processing Based on Wavelet Transforms
Jianbo Fan, Shanwen Zhang, Yongping Zhang

47. A Practical Approach for the Operational Level Monitoring of Executable Business Process Implemented by BPEL
Jing Li, Tiejun Ou, Wei Sun, Changjie Guo

48. Fuzzy SOFM and its application to the classification of plant communities in the Taihang Mountains of China
Jin-tun Zhang, Suqing Li

49. Dimension Reduction in Image Databases using the Logical Combinatorial Approach
Jorge Ochoa Somuano, Manuel Alejandro Valdés Marrero, Isidro Moctezuma Cantorán, Christian Ayala Esquivel

50. Sensitivity Analysis of a Genetic Algorithm for a Competitive Facility Location Problem
José Maria A Pangilinan, Gerrit K. Janssens, An Caris

51. Automatic Collision Avoidance and Navigation
Santiago Álvarez Toledo, José M. Barreiro, Josél L. Fuertes, Álngel L. González, Juan A. Lara

52. Training Documentation Teams - A Research Plan
Teri L. Catanio, Joseph T. Catanio

53. Design Viewpoint on Public eServices
J. Naarmala

54. Surveillance in cyberspace
J. Naarmala, O. Mäkinen

55. Ranking Projects Using Multivariate Statistics
Karlson B. Oliveira, Josyleuda Melo Moreira Oliveira, Raimir Holanda Filho

56. Modeling of Head-Related Transfer Functions Through Parallel Adaptive Filters
Kenneth John Faller, Armando Barreto, Naphtali Rishe

57. A Simple Way for Preparing to a CMMI Appraisal
H.L.M.M Quintella, L.A. Barros

58. The Application of Rough Set Theory in Worsted Roving Procedure
Gui Liu, Wei-dong YU

59. Adaptive Image Fusion Scheme Based on Contourlet Transform, Kernel PCA and Support Vector Machine
Madiha Hussain Malik, S.A.M. Gilani, Anwaar-ul Haq

60. Classification of Web Pages by Automatically Generated Categories
Madjid Khalilian, Kyumars Sheykh Esmaili, Hassan Abolhassani

61. Classification of Arrhythmia Using Rough Sets
Manish Narwaria, K.A. Narayanankutty

62. Cooperative Trust Model for a Decentralised Peer-to-Peer E-Market
Martin Swinburn, Ashoka Jayawardena

63. Development of Quality Expectations in Mobile Information Systems
Matti Koivisto

64. A New Heuristic Algorithm for the 3D Bin Packing Problem
Wissam F. Maarouf, Aziz M. Barbar, Michel J. Owayjan

65. Dynamics of Large Rings of Coupled Van der Pol Oscillators
M.A. Barron, M. Sen, E. Corona

66. The Mobile Message Receiver System
M. Popa, C. Moica, I. Silea, H. Ciocarlie

67. Fast Editing of Images and Video on the Fractal Compressed Domain
I. Bayaz, M. Avigal

68. An Optimal Job Selection Method in Load Balancing Algorithms of Economical Grids
Mohsen Amini Salehi, Hamid Tabatabaee Yazdi, Mohammad Reza Akbarzade Toutoonchi

69. Weed Classification Using Erosion and Watershed Segmentation Algorithm
Muhammad Hameed Siddiqi, Waqar Ahmad, Irshad Ahmad

70. Leakage Power Mitigation in Static Cache Memories Using Threshold Voltage Modulation
N. Mohamed, Y. Wang, N. Botros

71. A Multi-Agent System for Optimization of Object Selection in Relational Database
Tudor Nicoleta Liviana

72. Shape Indexing and Retrieval: A Hybrid Approach Using Ontological Descriptions
O. Starostenko, J. Rodríguez-Asomoza, S.E. Sénchez-López, J.A. Chévez-Aragón

73. A Block-Diagonal Dynamic Fuzzy Filter for Adaptive Noise Cancellation
Paris A. Mastorocostas, Constantinos S. Hilas

74. GRASP: A Greedy Reconfigurable Approach for Shortest Path
Prasad G. R., K. C. Shet, Narasimha B. Bhat

75. NATR: A New Algorithm for Tracing Routes
Prasad G. R., K. C. Shet, Narasimha B. Bhat

76. Basic Concepts and Advantages of the On-line Voting Solution
Radek Silhavy, Petr Silhavy

77. Towards a Generic Autonomic Architecture for Legacy Resource Management
Radu Calinescu

78. Constrained Linear Spectral Unmixing Technique for Regional Land Cover Mapping Using MODIS Data
Uttam Kumar, Norman Kerle, T.V Ramachandra

79. Extending GridNexus to Support the Visual Assembly of Web Services
Eric Harris, Ron Vetter, Jeff Brown

80. Controlling Electrical Appliances Using an Open Source Technology
Mohammad Noor Ibrahim, Saipunidzam Mahamad, Khairul Shafee Khalid, Eliza Mazmee Mazlan, Redza Shafique Md. Ridzuan

81. Optimal Allocation of Load Using Optimization Technique
S. Chakravorty, M. Thukral

82. Object-Oriented Analysis Using Event Patterns
Sandeep K.Singh, Sangeeta Sabharwal, J.P. Gupta

83. Unit tests construction based on business rules
Š. Packevi?ius, A. Ušaniov, E. Bareiša

84. Global Positioning System – Working and its Applications
Ahmad Raza, Shafqat Hameed, Tim Macintyre

85. Building Anti-Virus Email and File Storing Service Based on Grid Computing
Tan Dang Cao, Tam Vo, Tai Duc Son, Son Ngoc Le, Phuong Duy Pham, Tuan Anh Dao, Son Tuan Pham, Tri Minh Vu, Tuan Minh Dang

86. Mathematical Model and Simulation of a Plate Heat Exchanger Operating as Steam Generator
S. Silva, R. J. Romero

87. Architecture for Belief Revision in Multi-Agent Intelligent Systems
Stanislav Ustymenko, Daniel G. Schwartz

88. Feature Selection Based on Semantics
Stephanie Chua, Narayanan Kulathuramaiyer

89. Using HPC and PGAs to Optimize Noisy Computational Models of Cognition
Sue E. Kase, Frank E. Ritter, Michael Schoelles

90. Personalized Web Search Using Information Scent
Suruchi Chawla, Punam Bedi

91. Stabilization of a Numerical Model Through the Boundary Conditions for the Real-Time Simulation of Fuel Cells
I. Faragó, G. Inzelt, M. Kornyik, Á. Kriston, T. Szabó

92. Model Driven Development of AJAX-Based User Interfaces
Tobias Haubold, Georg Beier, Wolfgang Golubski

93. Exploration and Management of Web Based Multimedia Information Resources
U. Rashid, M.A. Bhatti

94. Gammamapper - a Prototype Gamma Spectrometer-Data Logger
V. Sinivee

95. Extending the Consensus Problem
V. M. Ancusa

96. A Probabilistic Logics for RS Latch in Nanoscale
Jianping Li, Xiaojun Lu, Xiaoyu Song

97. An Intelligent Based Model for Urban Demand-Responsive Passenger Transportation
Xu Jin, Mhamed Itmi, Habib Abdulrab

98. Database Management System for Protein Structure Data
Yanchao Wang, Rajshekhar Sunderraman

99. Ubiquitous-Healthcare based on Medical Device Communication Framework and PLC
Yung Bok Kim, Jae-Jo Lee

100. A Performance Analysis of Integrated Social-Sensor Networking Service with USN
Yung Bok Kim, Jae Gak Hwang, Dong Hwan Park

101. Principles of Concurrent Processes Synchronization at Discrete Systems’ Nonprocedural Simulative Models
Yu.A. Semishy, O.V. Litvinova, A.Yu. Levchenko

102. An Adaptive Train Traffic Controller
Zair Abdelouahab, Reginaldo Isaias Braga

103. Resource Allocation and Cost Reduction by Means of Alternative Solutions
Zs. T. Kosztyán, Z. Perjés, Andrea Bencsik

Keywords: Computer Science, Software Engineering/Programming and Operating Systems, Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks, Communications Engineering, Networks

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