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Progress in Scale Modeling

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Table of contents

Part I. Fire & Explosion

1. A Reduced Scale-Modeling Study on Wind and Smoke Interaction at a Refuge Floor in a High-Rise Building
Richard K.K. Yuen, S.M. Lo, Charles C.K. Cheng

2. Flame Spread over Polymer-Insulated Wire in Sub-Atmospheric Pressure: Similarity to Microgravity Phenomena
Yuji Nakamura, Nobuko Yoshimura, Tomohiro Matsumura, Hiroyuki Ito, Osamu Fujita

3. Mechanistic Aspects of the Scaling of Fires and Explosions
Forman A. Williams

4. Modeling and Scaling Laws for Large Fires
Howard R. Baum

5. Modeling of Gas Explosion Phenomena
Toshisuke Hirano

6. Period for Spontaneous Ignition of a Refuse Derived Fuel Pile
Lijing Gao, Toshisuke Hirano

7. Pressure Scaling of Fire Dynamics
Richard C. Corlett, Anay Luketa-Hanlin

8. Scale Effects on Flame Structure in Medium-Size Pool Fires
Akihiko Ito, Tadashi Konishi, Kozo Saito

9. Scale Model Reconstruction of Fire in an Atrium
James G. Quintiere, Michael E. Dillon

10. Scale Modeling of Quasi-Steady Wood Crib Fires in Enclosures
Paul A. Croce, Yibing Xin

11. Scale Modeling of Puffing Frequencies in Pool Fires Related with Froude Number
Hiroyuki Sato, Kenji Amagai, Masataka Arai

12. Scaling Sub-Surface Layer Circulation Induced by Pulsating Flame Spread over Liquid Fuels
Kozue Takahashi, Akihiko Ito, Yuji Kudo, Tadashi Konishi, Kozo Saito

Part II. Combustion

13. Microgravity Droplet Combustion: An Inverse Scale Modeling Problem
Vedha Nayagam, Anthony J. Marchese, Kurt R. Sacksteder

14. Modeling of Combustion Phenomena
Forman A. Williams

15. Molecular Diffusion Time and Mass Consumption Rate in Flames
Tadao Takeno, K.N.C. Bray

16. Nitric-Oxide Emissions Scaling of Buoyancy-Dominated Oxygen-Enriched Methane Turbulent-Jet Diffusion Flames
L.T. Yap, M. Pourkashanian, L. Howard, A. Williams, R.A. Yetter

17. Numerical Simulations of Methane Diffusion Flame with Burner Rotation
Keng Hoo Chuah, Hiroshi Gotoda, Genichiro Kushida

18. Numerical Study of the Effect of Model Scaling on Mixing and Flame Development in a Wake Flow Field
Sadegh Tabejamaat, Takashi Niioka

19. Scale Model Flames for Determining the Heat Release Rate from Burning Polymers
Gregory T. Linteris, Ian Rafferty

20. Scale Modeling of Magnetocombustion Phenomena
John Baker, Mark Calvert, Kozo Saito

21. Scaling Analysis of Diffusion Flame Attachment and Liftoff
Indrek S. Wichman, Bassem Ramadan

22. Scaling of Gas-Jet Flame Lengths in Elevated Gravity
Peter B. Sunderland, David L. Urban, Vedha Nayagam

23. Some Partial Scaling Considerations in Microgravity Combustion Problems
James S. T’ien

24. Structure of Micro (Millimeter Size) Diffusion Flames
Yuji Nakamura, Heng Ban, Kozo Saito, Tadao Takeno

Part III. Materials Processing, Manufacturing and Environment

25. Backdraft Experiments in a Small Compartment
Hiroshi Hayasaka, Yuji Kudo, Hideyoshi Kojima, Tsutomu Hashigami, Jun Ito, Takashi Ueda

26. Development of a New Paint Over-Spray Eliminator
Y. Tanigawa, R. Alloo, N. Tanaka, M. Yamazaki, T. Ohmori, H. Yano, A. J. Salazar, K. Saito

27. Flow Visualization of Waste-Heat Boiler Using 1/20 Scale Model and Numerical Simulation
Tadashi Konishi, Susumu Akagi, Hironori Kikugawa

28. Scale Modeling for Landing of a Lunar Probe
Kazuya Yoshida, Shigehito Shimizu, Satoshi Yamaguchi, Kozo Sekimoto, Akira Miyahara, Takashi Yokoyama

29. Scale Modeling of Steel Making Processes
Junichi Nakagawa

30. Scaling Laws for Sedimentation Process in Water Flow-Driven Sedimentation Tanks
Kozo Sekimoto

31. Scaling of Molten Metal Brazing Phenomena: Prolegomena for Model Formulation
Dusan P. Sekulic

32. Sound Insulation Analysis of a Resin Composite Material Using the Homogenization Method
Kohei Yuge, Susumu Ejima

33. Toys and Scale Models
Richard I. Emori

Part IV. Medical – Conceptual, Practical, Translational into Practice

34. Characteristic Timescales for Adherent Mammalian Cells
John Kizito, Karen Barlow, Simon Ostrach

35. Developing Scaling Parameters for Estimating Carbon Monoxide Levels in Structure Fires
Brian Y. Lattimer, Uri Vandsburger, Richard J. Roby

36. Monocyte Lung Retention During Normal Conditions (Health) and During Disease States (Endotoxemia): A Medical Application of Scale Modeling
Dennis E. Doherty

37. Lipolysaccharide-Induced Monocyte Retention in the Lung
Dennis E. Doherty, Gregory P. Downey, Bill Schwab, Elliot Elson, G. Scott Worthen

38. Scale Modeling of Medical Molecular Systems
Tatsuhiko Kikkou, Shinichiro Iwabuchi, Osamu Matsumoto

39. Scaling Human Bone Properties with PMMA to Optimize Drilling Conditions During Dental Implant Surgery
Mohamed I. Hassan, Varahalaraju Kalidindi, Aaron Carner, Neal Lemmerman, Mark V. Thomas, I.S. Jawahir, Kozo Saito

Keywords: Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering, general, Civil Engineering, Power Engineering, Environment, general

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