Dascal, Marcelo

Leibniz: What Kind of Rationalist?

Dascal, Marcelo - Leibniz: What Kind of Rationalist?, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Marcelo Dascal

Part I. Reinterpreting Leibniz’s Rationalism?

2. Leibniz’s Rationalism: A Plea Against Equating Soft and Strong Rationality
Heinrich Schepers

3. Leibniz’s Two-Pronged Dialectic
Marcelo Dascal

4. Leibniz’s Rationality: Divine Intelligibility and Human Intelligibility
Ohad Nachtomy

Part II. Natural Sciences and Mathematics

5. De Abstracto et Concreto: Rationalism and Empirical Science in Leibniz
Philip Beeley

6. Leibniz Against the Unreasonable Newtonian Physics
Laurence Bouquiaux

7. Some Hermetic Aspects of Leibniz’s Mathematical Rationalism
Bernardino Orio de Miguel

8. Symbolic Inventiveness and “Irrationalist” Practices in Leibniz’s Mathematics
Michel Serfati

9. The Art of Mathematical Rationality
Herbert Breger

Part III. Epistemology

10. Ramus and Leibniz on Analysis
Andreas Blank

11. Locke, Leibniz, and Hume on Form and Experience
Emily Rolfe Grosholz

12. Leibniz’s Conception of Natural Explanation
Marta de Mendonça

13. The Role of Metaphor in Leibniz's Epistemology
Cristina Marras

14. What Is the Foundation of Knowledge? Leibniz and the Amphibology of Intuition
Marine Picon

Part IV. Law

15. Leibniz: What Kind of Legal Rationalism?
Pol Boucher

16. On Two Argumentative Uses of the Notion of Uncertainty in Law in Leibniz’s Juridical Dissertations about Conditions
Alexandre Thiercelin

17. Contingent Propositions and Leibniz’s Analysis of Juridical Dispositions
Evelyn Vargas

18. Leibniz on Natural Law in the Nouveaux essais
Patrick Riley

Part V. Ethics

19. Authenticity or Autonomy? Leibniz and Kant on Practical Rationality
Carl J. Posy

20. The Place of the Other in Leibniz’s Rationalism
Noa Naaman Zauderer

21. Morality and Feeling: Genesis and Determination of the Will in Leibniz
Adelino Dias Cardoso

22. Leibniz and Moral Rationality
Martine de Gaudemar

Part VI. Decision Making

23. Leibniz’s Models of Rational Decision
Markku Roinila

24. The Specimen Demonstrationum Politicarum Pro Eligendo Rege Polonorum: From the Concatenation of Demonstrations to a Decision Appraisal Procedure
Jérémie Griard

25. Declarative vs. Procedural Rules for Religious Controversy: Leibniz’s Rational Approach to~Heresy
Frédéric Nef

26. Apology for a Credo Maximum: On Three Basic Rules in Leibniz’s Method of Religious Controversy
Mogens Laerke

Part VII. Religion and Theology

27. Convergence or Genealogy? Leibniz and the Spectre of Pagan Rationality
Justin E.H. Smith

28. “Paroles Entièrement Destituées de Sens”. Pathic Reason in the Théodicée
Giovanni Scarafile

29. The Authority of the Bible and the Authority of Reason in Leibniz's Ecumenical Argument
Hartmut Rudolph

30. Leibniz on Creation: A Contribution to His Philosophical Theology
Daniel J. Cook

Part VIII. The Metaphysics of Rationality

31. For a History of Leibniz’s Principle of Sufficient Reason. First Formulations and Their Historical Background
Francesco Piro

32. Innate Ideas as the Cornerstone of Rationalism: The Problem of Moral Principles in Leibniz’s Nouveaux Essais
Hans Poser

33. Causa Sive Ratio. Univocity of Reason and Plurality of Causes in Leibniz
Stefano Di Bella


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