Kiselev, Mikhail F.

Challenges in Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Regulation of the Nuclear Legacy

Kiselev, Mikhail F. - Challenges in Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Regulation of the Nuclear Legacy, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction, Summary and Conclusions of the NATO Workshop

2. International Cooperation of FMBA RF Aimed at Radiation Safety Assurance in Northwest Russia When Solving Nuclear Legacy Challenges
M. F. Kiselev

3. Welcome of Federal Atomic Energy Agency
A. P. Panfilov

4. NATO Support to Non-military, Civil Science for Peace and Security
B. Salbu

5. Introduction – Norwegian Perspective on Nuclear Legacy
P. Strand

6. Issues in Decommissioning and Remediation of Nuclear Legacy Sites
C. Deregel, J. M. Peres, B. Cessac, P. Francois

7. Unified State System of Management Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste. Conceptual Approaches and Generation Principles
I. V. Gusakov-Stanyukovich

8. Nuclear Legacy Problems and Their Solutions Within the Federal Target Program «Nuclear and Radiation Safety Assurance for 2008 and for the Period Till 2015»
I. I. Linge

9. Strategy for Russian-Norwegian Regulatory Cooperation
M. K. Sneve

10. Scientific Support for Cooperation Between Regulators and Operator (2006 and First Half of 2007)
B. G. Gordon

11. Strategy for the Environmental Regulation of Remediation and Decommissioning at Sellafield
A. Mayall

12. State Supervision of Nuclear and Radiation Safety During Dismantlement of Decommissed Nuclear Powered Ships and Remediation of Former Shore Technical Bases of the Northern Fleet
S. Testov

13. Philosophy of the Occupational and Public Radiological Protection in the Regulation of the Nuclear Legacy
J. Valentin

14. Regulation at Hanford – A Case Study
A. R. Hawkins

15. Features of Solving the Problems of Remediation of “Sevrao” Facilities: Strategic Planning of Ecological Remediation of the Facility for Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radiation Waste Temporary Storage in Gremikha
B. K. Bylkin, Yu. E. Gorlinsky, V. A. Kutkov, O. A. Nikolsky, V. I. Pavlenko, Yu. V. Sivintsev, B. S. Stepennov, N. K. Shandala

16. Transport-Technological Scheme of High-Level SRW Management from the Reactor Facilities in the Northwest Russia
V. A. Mazokin

17. The Techa Reservoir Cascade: Safety and Regulation Problems
Yu. G. Mokrov, Yu. V. Glagolenko, E. G. Drozhko, S. I. Rovny

18. Restoration Principles and Criteria: Superfund Program Policy for Cleanup at Radiation Contaminated Sites
S. Walker

19. Challenges in Radiation Safety Regulation with Respect to Supervision of FSUE “SevRAO” Facilities
V. R. Alekseeva

20. Regulative Provision of Waste Management Regulatory Supervision at SevRAO Facility
O. A. Kochetkov, S. G. Monastyrskaya, B. E. Serebryakov, N. P. Sajapin, V. G. Barchukov, M. K. Sneve

21. Regulatory Case Studies and Western Experience Concerning Nuclear Legacy
C. Deregel, F. Gauthier

22. About Activity of the Federal Medical Biological Agency in the Field of the State Safety Regulation at Atomic Energy Use
V. V. Romanov

23. Radiation Protection of the Public and Environment Near Location of SevRAO Facilities
N. K. Shandala, A. V. Titov, N. Ya Novikova, V. A. Seregin, M. K. Sneve, G. M. Smith

24. Special Features of the Personnel Radiation Protection Assurance During SNF and RW Management at SevRAO Facilities
A. V. Simakov, O. A. Kochetkov, Yu. V. Abramov, M. K. Sneve, A. V. Grigoriev

25. Regulatory Control of Radioactive Waste in Sweden
H. Zika


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