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IUTAM Symposium on Fluid-Structure Interaction in Ocean Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Non-linearities and Coupling Effects on Floating Breakwaters Eigenvalues
Jean Bougis

2. Hydrodynamic Loads during Water Entry of a Flat Plate
Ulderico Bulgarelli, Alessandro Iafrati, Alexander Korobkin

3. Large amplitude rolling and strongly nonlinear behaviour of multihull ships in moderate beam waves
Gabriele Bulian, Alberto Francescutto

4. A New Solution Method for Unsteady Flows Around Oscillating Bluff Bodies
Earl H. Dowell, Kenneth C. Hall, Jeffrey P. Thomas, Robert E. Kielb, Meredith A. Spiker, Charles M. Denegri

5. Nonlinear Dynamics of Offshore Systems in Random Seas
Katrin Ellermann

6. Experimental and numerical results on VIV and WIO
Benoît Gaurier, Grégory Germain, Marc Le Boulluec, Eric Giry, Emmanuel Fontaine

7. Viscous Damping of Large Floating Structures
J. Graham Michael, Timothy E. Kendon

8. Nonlinear Surface Waves interacting with a Vertical Cylinder. The first few Steps of a General Method
John Grue

9. Hydrodynamics of Damping Plates at Small KC Numbers
Haiping He, Armin W. Troesch, Marc Perlin

10. Modelling and Adaptive Control of an Underwater Vehicle System: A Multibody System Approach
Nguyen Quang Hoang, Edwin Kreuzer

11. Effects of Heave Excitation on Rotations of a Pendulum for Wave Energy Extraction
Bryan W. Horton, Marian Wiercigroch

12. A CFD Approach for Extremely Nonlinear Wave-Body Interactions: Development and Validation
Changhong Hu, Masashi Kashiwagi

13. Estimation of Parametric Roll in a Stochastic Seaway
J. Juncher Jensen, P. Terndrup Pedersen, Jelena Vidic-Perunovic

14. A Reduced Order Model for Vortex–Induced Vibration of a Vertical Offshore Riser in Lock–in
Marko Keber, Marian Wiercigroch

15. Non-Classical Boundary Conditions in Water-Impact Problems
Alexander Korobkin

16. A Method for the Model Reduction of a Wave-excited Floating Body
Edwin Kreuzer, Marian Markiewicz, Marc-André Pick

17. Fluid-Structure Interaction of Propellers
Jens Neugebauer, Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud, Manfred Braun

18. On the lift forces acting on an accelerated/decelerated cylinder beneath a free surface
Raphael Rajaona, Luc Rakotondrajaona, Eddy Rasolomanana

19. Asymptotic analysis of linear/nonlinear vibrations of suspended cables under heavy fluid loading
Giuseppe Rega, Sergey Sorokin

20. Thickness and cavitation effects Cavitation effects on vibrations of hydrofoils Hydrofoils at large angle of attack
Christophe Sarraf, Henda Djeridi, Jean-Yves Billard

21. Nonlinear Interaction of Shallow Water Waves in Polar Coordinates
Alexander Shermenev

22. Seakeeping Performance Analysis by Nonlinear 2D+t Slender-Ship Theory
Wolfgang Sichermann

23. Nonlinear Dynamics of Ship Steering Behaviour Under Environmental Excitations
Kostas J. Spyrou, Ioannis G. Tigkas

24. Dimension Reduction of Fluid Conveying Tubes: A Nontrivial Problem
Alois Steindl, Hans Troger

25. Asymmetric Water Entry of a Bow-Flare Ship Section with Roll Angle
Hui Sun, Odd Magnus Faltinsen

26. Melnikov’s Method for Ship Motions without the Constraint of Small Linear Damping
Wan Wu*, Leigh McCue†

27. A Non–linear Hydroelasticity Theory of Ships and its Application
You-Sheng Wu, Chao Tian

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Offshore Engineering, Structural Mechanics, Fluids, Numerical Analysis

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Iutam Bookseries
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352 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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