Cullis, A. G.

Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials 2007

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Table of contents

1. Wide Band-Gap Nitrides

1. The Puzzle of Exciton Localisation in GaN-Based Structures: TEM, AFM and 3D APFIM Hold the Key
C J Humphreys, M J Galtrey, N van der Laak, R A Oliver, M J Kappers, J S Barnard, D M Graham, P Dawson

2. Elastic Strain Distribution in GaN/AlN Quantum Dot Structures: Theory and Experiment
A Andreev, E Sarigiannidou, E Monroy, B Daudin, J Rouvière

3. Concentration Evaluation in Nanometre-Sized In
N Islands Using Transmission Electron Microscopy
A Pretorius, K Müller, T Yamaguchi, R Kröger, D Hommel, A Rosenauer

4. Optical Properties of InGaN Quantum Dots With and Without a GaN Capping Layer
Q Wang, T Wang, P J Parbrook, J Bai, A G Cullis

5. Strain Relaxation in an AlGaN/GaN Quantum Well System
P D Cherns, C McAleese, M J Kappers, C J Humphreys

6. Characterisation of InxAl1-xN Epilayers Grown on GaN
T C Sadler, M J Kappers, M E Vickers, R A Oliver

7. Generation of Misfit Dislocations in Highly Mismatched GaN/AlN Layers
J Bai, T Wang, P J Parbrook, K B Lee, Q Wang, A G Cullis

8. InN Nanorods and Epilayers: Similarities and Differences
Z Liliental-Weber, O Kryliouk, H J Park, J Mangum, T Anderson, W Schaff

9. Residual Strain Variations in MBE-Grown InN Thin Films
A Delimitis, Ph Komninou, J Arvanitidis, M Katsikini, S-L Sahonta, E Dimakis, S Ves, E C Paloura, F Pinakidou, G Nouet, A Georgakilas, Th Karakostas

10. Growth of c-Plane GaN Films on (100) γ-LiAlO2 by Hydride Vapour Phase Epitaxy
A Mogilatenko, W Neumann, E Richter, M Weyers, B Velickov, R Uecker

11. Interaction of Stacking Faults in Wurtzite a-Plane GaN on r-Plane Sapphire
R Kröger, T Paskova, A Rosenauer

12. Composite Substrates for GaN Growth
B Pécz, L Tóth, L Dobos, P Bove, H Lahrèche, R Langer

13. GaN Layers Grown by MOCVD on Composite SiC Substrate
L Tóth, L Dobos, B Pécz, M A di Forte Poisson, R Langer

14. An Initial Exploration of GaN Grown on a Ge-(111) Substrate
Y Zhang, C McAleese, H Xiu, C J Humphreys, R R Lieten, S Degroote, G Borghs

15. Electron Microscopy Characterization of a Graded AlN/GaN Multilayer Grown by Plasma-Assisted MBE
G P Dimitrakopulos, Ph Komninou, Th Kehagias, A Delimitis, J Kioseoglou, S-L Sahonta, E Iliopoulos, A Georgakilas, Th Karakostas

16. The Effect of Silane Treatment of AlxGa1−xN Surfaces
N Ketteniss, M J Kappers, C McAleese, R A Oliver

17. Quantitative Analysis of Deformation Around a Nanoindentation in GaN by STEM Diffraction
K K McLaughlin, W J Clegg

18. Microstructure of (Ga,Fe)N Films Grown by Metal-Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition
T Li, C Simbrunner, A Navarro-Quezada, M Wegscheider, M Quast, A Bonanni

19. Nanostructures on GaN by Microsphere Lithography
W N Ng, K N Hui, X H Wang, C H Leung, P T Lai, H W Choi

20. On the Nature of Eu in Eu-Doped GaN
J S Barnard, Y S Beyer

2. General Heteroepitaxial Layers

21. Recent Studies of Heteroepitaxial Systems
David J Smith

22. Nitrogen-Enhanced Indium Segregation in (Ga,In)(N,As)/GaAs Multiple Quantum Wells
E Luna, A Trampert, E-M Pavelescu, M Pessa

23. Nanoscale Characterisation of MBE-Grown GaMnN/(001) GaAs
M W Fay, Y Han, S V Novikov, K W Edmonds, B L Gallagher, R P Campion, C R Staddon, T Foxon, P D Brown

24. Antiphase Boundaries in GaAs/Ge and GaP/Si
I Németh, B Kunert, W Stolz, K Volz

25. Investigation of the Local Ge Concentration in Si/SiGe Multi-QW Structures by CBED Analysis and FEM Calculations
E Ruh, G Mussler, E Müller, D Grützmacher

26. Crystal Lattice Defects in MBE Grown Si Layers Heavily Doped with Er
N D Zakharov, P Werner, V I Vdovin, D V Denisov, N A Sobolev, U Gösele

27. Epitaxial (001) Ge on Crystalline Oxide Grown on (001) Si
Ch Dieker, J W Seo, A Guiller, M Sousa, J-P Locquet, J Fompeyrine, Y Panayiotatos, A Sotiropoulos, K Argyropoulos, A Dimoulas

28. Analysis of Ge:Mn Magnetic Semiconductor Layers by XPS and Auger Electron Spectroscopy/Microscopy
Yu A Danilov, E S Demidov, S Yu Zubkov, V P Lesnikov, G A Maximov, D E Nikolitchev, V V Podolskii

29. Reduction of Threading Dislocations in Epitaxial ZnO Films Grown on Sapphire (0001)
Y K Sun, D Cherns, P Heard, R P Doherty, Y Sun, M N R Ashfold

3. High Resolution Microscopy and Nanoanalysis

30. Progress in Aberration-Corrected High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy of Crystalline Solids
K Tillmann, J Barthel, L Houben, C L Jia, M Lentzen, A Thust, K Urban

31. Strain Measurements in SiGe Devices by Aberration-Corrected High Resolution Electron Microscopy
F Hüe, M J Hÿtch, J-M Hartmann, Y Bogumilowicz, A Claverie

32. (S)TEM Characterisation of InAs/MgO/Co Multilayers
D A Eustace, D W McComb, L Buckle, P Buckle, T Ashley, L J Singh, Z H Barber, A M Gilbertson, W R Branford, S K Clowes, L F Cohen

33. Core Composition of Partial Dislocations in N-Doped 4H-SiC Determined by TEM Techniques, Dislocation Core Reconstruction and Image Contrast Analysis
Michaël Texier*, Maryse Lancin, Gabrielle Regula, Bernard Pichaud

34. Three-Dimensional Atom Probe Characterisation of III-Nitride Quantum Well Structures
Mark J Galtrey, Rachel A Oliver, Menno J Kappers, Colin J Humphreys, Debbie J Stokes, Peter H Clifton, Alfred Cerezo

35. Novel Method for the Measurement of STEM Specimen Thickness by HAADF Imaging
V Grillo, E Carlino

36. STEMSIM—a New Software Tool for Simulation of STEM HAADF Z-Contrast Imaging
A Rosenauer, M Schowalter

37. On the Role of Specimen Thickness in Chemistry Quantification by HAADF
V Grillo, E Carlino, G Ciasca, M De Seta, C Ferrari

38. Accurate and Fast Multislice Simulations of HAADF Image Contrast by Parallel Computing
E Carlino, V Grillo, P Palazzari

39. Z-contrast STEM 3D Information by Abel transform in Systems with Rotational Symmetry
V Grillo, E Carlino, L Felisari, L Manna, L Carbone

40. Quantifying the Top-Bottom Effect in Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy of Nanostructures Embedded in Thin Films
T Walther

41. Effect of Temperature on the 002 Electron Structure Factor and its Consequence for the Quantification of Ternary and Quaternary III–V Crystals
T J Titantah, D Lamoen, M Schowalter, A Rosenauer

42. Calculation of Debye-Waller Temperature Factors for GaAs
M Schowalter, A Rosenauer, J T Titantah, D Lamoen

43. The Use of the Geometrical Phase Analysis to Measure Strain in Nearly Periodic Images
J-L Rouviere

44. Cross Section High Resolution Imaging of Polymer-Based Materials
D Delaportas, P Aden, C Muckle, S Yeates, R Treutlein, S Haq, I Alexandrou

4. Self-Organised and Quantum Domain Structures

45. Direct Observation of Carbon Nanotube Growth by Environmental Transmission Electron Microscopy
H Yoshida, T Uchiyama, S Takeda

46. Band-Gap Modification Induced in HgTe by Dimensional Constraint in Carbon Nanotubes: Effect of Nanotube Diameter on Microstructure
J Sloan, R Carter, A Vlandas, R R Meyer, Z Liu, K Suenaga, P J D Lindan, G Lin, J Harding, E Flahaut, C Giusca, S R P Silva, J L Hutchison, A I Kirkland

47. Gold Catalyzed Silicon Nanowires: Defects in the Wires and Gold on the Wires
M I den Hertog, J L Rouviere, F Dhalluin, P Gentile, P Ferret, C Ternon, T Baron

48. Electron Microscopy Analysis of AlGaN/GaN Nanowires Grown by Catalyst-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy
L Lari, R T Murray, M Gass, T J Bullough, P R Chalker, C Chèze, L Geelhaar, H Riechert

49. Epitaxial Growth of Single Crystalline GaN Nanowires on (0001) Al2O3

Th Kehagias, Ph Komninou, G P Dimitrakopulos, S-L Sahonta, C Chèze, L Geelhaar, H Riechert, Th Karakostas

50. Structural Characterisation of GaP <111>B Nanowires by HRTEM
L S Karlsson, J Johansson, C P T Svensson, T Mårtensson, B A Wacaser, J-O Malm, K Deppert, W Seifert, L Samuelson, L R Wallenberg

51. Structural and Chemical Properties of ZnTe Nanowires Grown on GaAs
H Kirmse, W Neumann, S Kret, P Dluzewski, E Janik, G Karczewski, T Wojtowicz

52. TEM Characterization of ZnO Nanorods
R Divakar, J Basu, C B Carter

53. TEM Characterization of ZnO Nanorods
L Lazzarini, G Salviati, M Zha, D Calestani

54. TEM Characterization of ZnO Nanorods
T Walther

55. Transmission Electron Microscopy Study of Sb-Based Quantum Dots
B Satpati, V Tasco, N Deguffroy, A N Baranov, E Tournié, A Trampert

56. TEM Characterization of Self-Organized (In,Ga)N Quantum Dots
H Kirmse, I Häusler, W Neumann, A Strittmatter, L Reißmann, D Bimberg

57. Investigating the Capping of InAs Quantum Dots by InGaAs
S L Liew, T Walther, S Irsen, M Hopkinson, M S Skolnick, A G Cullis

58. Comparing InGaAs and GaAsSb Metamorphic Buffer Layers on GaAs Substrates for InAs Quantum Dots Emitting at 1.55μm
Y Qiu, T Walther, H Y Liu, C Y Jin, M Hopkinson, A G Cullis

59. Structural and Compositional Properties of Strain-Symmetrized SiGe/Si Heterostructures
I M Ross, M Gass, T Walther, A Bleloch, A G Cullis, L Lever, Z Ikonic, M Califano, R W Kelsall, J Zhang, D J Paul

60. EELS and STEM Assessment of Composition Modulation in InAlAs Tensile Buffer Layers of InGaAs /InAlAs /(100)InP Structures
S Estradé, J Arbiol, F Peiró

61. In situ Observation of the Growth of Tungsten Oxide Nanostructures
D C Cox, V Stolojan, G Chen, S R Silva

62. Gas Sensing Properties of Vapour-Deposited Tungsten Oxide Nanostructures
Y Tison, V Stolojan, P C P Watts, D C Cox, G Y Chen, S R P Silva

63. Morphology of Semiconductor Nanoparticles
J Deneen Nowak, C Barry Carter

5. Processed Silicon and Other Device Materials

64. Light Emission from Si Nanostructures
F Priolo, G Franzò, A Irrera, F Iacona, S Boninelli, M Miritello, A Canino, C Bongiorno, C Spinella, D Sanfilippo, G Di Stefano, A Piana, G Fallica

65. Hydrogenated Nanocrystalline Silicon Investigated by Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy
A Cavallini, D Cavalcoli, M Rossi, A Tomasi, B Pichaud, M Texier, A Le Donne, S Pizzini, D Chrastina, G Isella

66. Structural Characterization of Nanocrystalline Silicon Layers Grown by LEPECVD for Optoelectronic Applications
M Texier, M Acciarri, S Binetti, D Cavalcoli, A Cavallini, D Chrastina, G Isella, M Lancin, A Le Donne, A Tomasi, B Pichaud, S Pizzini, M Rossi

67. Electron Tomography of Mesoporous Silica for Gas Sensor Applications
E Rossinyol, F Bohils, F Cardoso, H Montón, M Roldán, M Rosado, A Sánchez-Chardi, O Castell, M D Baró

68. Electron Energy-Loss Spectrum Imaging of an HfSiO High-k Dielectric Stack with a TaN Metal Gate
M MacKenzie, A J Craven, D W McComb, C M McGilvery, S McFadzean, S De Gendt

69. Elemental Profiling of III-V MOSFET High-kDielectric Gate Stacks Using EELS Spectrum Imaging
P Longo, A J Craven, J Scott, M Holland, I Thayne

70. Low-Energy Ion-Beam-Synthesis of Semiconductor Nanocrystals in Very Thin High-k Layers for Memory Applications
C Bonafos, S Schamm, A Mouti, P Dimitrakis, V Ioannou-Sougleridis, G Ben Assayag, B Schmidt, J Becker, P Normand

71. Nucleation, Crystallisation and Phase Segregation in HfO2 and HfSiO
C M McGilvery, S McFadzean, M MacKenzie, F T Docherty, A J Craven, D W McComb, S De Gendt

72. High Accuracy and Resolution for the Separation of Nickel Silicide Polymorphs by Improved Analyses of EELS Spectra
K Asayama, N Hashikawa, M Kawakami, H Mori

73. TEM Study of Ytterbium Silicide Thin Films
J Deneen Nowak, S H Song, S A Campbell, C B Carter

74. TEM Study of the Silicidation Process in Pt/Si and Ir/Si Structures
A Łaszcz, J Ratajczak, A Czerwinski, J Katcki, N Breil, G Larrieu, E Dubois

75. The Dielectric Properties of Co-Implanted SiO2 Investigated Using Spatially-Resolved EELS
V Stolojan, W Tsang, S R P Silva

76. Removing Relativistic Effects in EELS for the Determination of Optical Properties
M Stöger-Pollach, A Laister, P Schattschneider, P Potapov, H J Engelmann

77. Analytical STEM Comparative Study of the Incorporation of Covalent (Ge) or Heterovalent (As) Atoms in Silicon Crystal
R Pantel, L Clement, L Rubaldo, G Borot, D Dutartre

78. Lattice Location Determination of Ge in SiC by ALCHEMI
T Kups, M Voelskow, W Skorupa, M Soueidan, G Ferro, J Pezoldt

6. Device and Doping Studies

79. Moore's Law and its Effect on Microscopy in the Semiconductor Industry
John Mardinly

80. Tomographic Analysis of a FinFET Structure
O Richard, A Kalio, H Bender, E Sourty

81. 3—D Characterisation of the Electrostatic Potential in an Electrically Biased Silicon Device
A C Twitchett-Harrison, R E Dunin-Borkowski, P A Midgley

82. Three-Dimensional Field Models for Reverse Biased P-N Junctions
F Ubaldi, G Pozzi, P F Fazzini, M Beleggia

83. Automated Quantification of Dimensions on Tomographic Reconstructions of Semiconductor Devices
A Kalio, O Richard, E Sourty, H Bender

84. Dopant Profiling in the TEM: Progress Towards Quantitative Electron Holography
D Cooper, A C Twitchett, P A Midgley, R E Dunin-Borkowski

85. Observation of Dopant Distribution in Compound Semiconductors Using Off-axis Electron Holography
H Sasaki, S Ootomo, T Matsuda, K Yamamoto, T Hirayama

86. Dopant Profiling of Silicon Calibration Specimens by Off-Axis Electron Holography
D Cooper, R Truche, F Laugier, F Bertin, A Chabli

87. Novel Approach for Visualizing Implants in Deep Submicron Microelectronic Devices Using Dopant Selective Etching and Low keV SEM
Y Chakk, I Vidoshinsky, R Razilov

88. Quantitative Dopant Profiling in the SEM Including Surface States
K W A Chee, C Rodenburg, C J Humphreys

89. On the Asymmetric Splitting of CBED HOLZ Lines under the Gate of Recessed SiGe Source/Drain Transistors
A Benedetti, H Bender

90. CBED and FE Study of Thin Foil Relaxation in Cross-Section Samples of Si /Si1-xGex and Si /Si1-xGex /Si Heterostructures
L Alexandre, G Jurczak, C Alfonso, W Saikly, C Grosjean, A Charai, J Thibault

91. Stress and Strain Measurement in Stressed Silicon Lines
A Béché, J L Rouvière, J C Barbé, F. Andrieu, D Rouchon, J Eymery, M Mermoux

92. Measuring Strain in Semiconductor Nanostructures by Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction
L Clément, J-L Rouviere, F Cacho, R Pantel

7. FIB, SEM and SPM Advances

93. Nano-FIB from Research to Applications — a European Scalpel for Nanosciences
J Gierak, A Madouri, A L Biance, E Bourhis, G Patriarche, C Ulysse, X Lafosse, L Auvray, L Bruchhaus, R Jede, Peter Hawkes

94. Advanced Focused Ion Beam Specimen Preparation for Examination by Off-Axis Electron Holography
D Cooper, R Truche, P A Midgley, R E Dunin-Borkowski

95. Critical Thickness for Semiconductor Specimens Prepared using Focused Ion Beam Milling
A C Twitchett-Harrison, R E Dunin-Borkowski, P A Midgley

96. Organic-Based Micropillar Structure Fabrication by Advanced Focused Ion Beam Milling Techniques
Wen-Chang Hung, Ali M Adawi, Ashley Cadby, Liam G Connolly, Richard Deanl, Abbes Tahraoui, A M Fox, David G Lidzey, A G Cullis

97. Controlled Band Gap Modulation of Hydrogenated Dilute Nitrides by SEM-Cathodoluminescence
G Salviati, L Lazzarini, N Armani, M Felici, A Polimeni, M Capizzi, F Martelli, S Rubini, A Franciosi

98. Interdiffusion as the First Step of GaN Quantum Dot Degradation Demonstrated by Cathodoluminescence Experiments
B Sieber

99. Calibration and Applications of Scanning Capacitance Microscopy: n-Type GaN
J Sumner, R A Oliver, M J Kappers, C J Humphreys

100. The Factors Influencing the Stability of Scanning Capacitance Spectroscopy
Mao-Nan Chang, Tung-Huan Chou, Che-Yu Yang, Jeng-Hung Liang

101. Growth and in vivo STM of III-V Compound Semiconductors
F Bastiman, A G Cullis, M Hopkinson, M Green

102. Mapping Defects in Dielectrics with Dynamic Secondary Electron Contrast in the low Vacuum SEM
Brad Thiel

103. EBIC Characterization of Light Emitting Structures Containing InGaN/GaN MQW
E B Yakimov

104. EBIC Characterisation of Diffusion and Recombination of Minority Carriers in GaN-Based LEDs
G Moldovan*, V K S Ong, O Kurniawan, P Kazemian, P R Edwards, CJ Humphreys

105. A Parametric Study of a Diode-Resistor Contrast Model for SEM-REBIC of Electroceramics
A G Wojcik, L E Wojcik

Keywords: Material Science, Materials Science, general, Solid State Physics and Spectroscopy, Measurement Science, Instrumentation, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation

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