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Women in Biotechnology

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Table of contents

I. Women Scientists in Biotechnological Research

1. Introduction
Francesca Molfino, Flavia Zucco

2. Heading Blithely Down the Garden Path? Some Entry Points into Current Debates on Women and Biotechnologies
Wendy Harcourt

3. Seeking A Seat at the Policy Table: Engaging Women in Biotechnology Research and in Decision Making
Nancy Hawkins, Elettra Ronchi

4. Perception and Attitudes Towards Biotechnology in Hungary
Judit Acsády, Zoltán Ferencz

5. Contribution of Bulgarian Women to Plant Biotechnology: Institute of Genetics Case
Georgina Kosturkova

II. Bodies, Cultures and Scientific Metaphors

6. Embryo Transfer: A View from the United Kingdom
Sarah Franklin

7. Dividual Systems & Ultraneoteny
Elena Gagliasso Luoni

8. ‘Pop-Genes’: The Symbolic Effects of the Release of ‘Genes’ into Ordinary Speech
Barbara Duden, Silja Samerski

9. The Organizational Construction of the Body in Assisted Reproductive Technologies
Manuela Perrotta

10. What’s in a Name? The Importance of Nomenclature in Biotechnology
Katherine Harrison

11. Egg Donation in the UK: Tracing Emergent Networks of Feminist Engagement in Relation to HFEA Policy Shifts in 2006
Alexandra Plows

III. Environmental Effects of Biotechnology

12. Seeking the New Biotechnological Fix? Public Health Genetics and Environmental Justice Policy in the United States
Giovanna Chiro

13. Technological Challenges: Asbestos Past Experiences, Nanoparticles Future Developments
Qamar Rahman

14. Affective Implications of GM Food on Social and Individual Integrity: An Ethical Approach
Susanne Uusitalo

15. Women’s Perceptions of Biotechnologies: The Case of Genetically Modified Foods in Switzerland
Fabienne Crettaz Roten, Elvita Alvarez

16. A Transdisciplinary Approach to Face the Plant Gene Transfer Technique: From Laboratory to Society
Lucia Martinelli, Floriana Marin

IV. Facing Impact: Society and Biotechnology

17. Gender and Justice in the Gene Age: The Challenges Presented by Reproductive and Genetic Biotechnologies
Marsha J. Tyson Darling

18. Health Risks and Benefits from Biotechnology
Amalia Bosìa

19. Biodiversity of Romania Stressed by Transgenic Cultures?
Katalin Bartók

20. The Social and Economic Impact of GM Crops: The Case of the Herbicide Tolerance Trait
Suman Sahai


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