Camanho, Pedro P.

Mechanical Response of Composites

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Table of contents

1. Computational Methods for Debonding in Composites
René Borst, Joris J. C. Remmers

2. Material and Failure Models for Textile Composites
Raimund Rolfes, Gerald Ernst, Matthias Vogler, Christian Hühne

3. Practical Challenges in Formulating Virtual Tests for Structural Composites
Brian N. Cox, S. Mark Spearing, Daniel R. Mumm

4. Analytical and Numerical Investigation of the Length of the Cohesive Zone in Delaminated Composite Materials
Albert Turon, Josep Costa, Pedro P. Camanho, Pere Maimí

5. Combining Elastic Brittle Damage with Plasticity to Model the Non-linear behavior of Fiber Reinforced Laminates
Clara Schuecker, Heinz E. Pettermann

6. Study of Delamination in Composites by Using the Serial/Parallel Mixing Theory and a Damage Formulation
Xavier Martínez, Sergio Oller, Ever Barbero

7. Interaction Between Intraply and Interply Failure in Laminates
F. P. Meer, L. J. Sluys

8. A Numerical Material Model for Predicting the High Velocity Impact Behaviour of Polymer Composites
Lucio Raimondo, Lorenzo Iannucci, Paul Robinson, Silvestre T. Pinho

9. Progressive Damage Modeling of Composite Materials Under Both Tensile and Compressive Loading Regimes
N. Zobeiry, A. Forghani, C. McGregor, R. Vaziri, A. Poursartip

10. Elastoplastic Modeling of Multi-phase Metal Matrix Composite with Void Growth Using the Transformation Field Analysis and Governing Parameter Method
Ernest T. Y. Ng, Afzal Suleman

11. Prediction of Mechanical Properties of Composite Materials by Asymptotic Expansion Homogenisation
J. A. Oliveira, J. Pinho-da-Cruz, F. Teixeira-Dias

12. On Buckling Optimization of a Wind Turbine Blade
Erik Lund, Leon S. Johansen

13. Computation of Effective Stiffness Properties for Textile-Reinforced Composites Using X-FEM
M. Kästner, G. Haasemann, J. Brummund, V. Ulbricht

14. Development of Domain Superposition Technique for the Modelling of Woven Fabric Composites
Wen-Guang Jiang, Stephen R. Hallett, Michael R. Wisnom

15. Numerical Simulation of Fiber Orientation and Resulting Thermo-Elastic Behavior in Reinforced Thermo-Plastics
H. Miled, L. Silva, J. F. Agassant, T. Coupez


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Keywords: SCIENCE / Chemistry / General SCI013000

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Natural Sciences

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