Huschka, Denis

Quality of Life and the Millennium Challenge

Huschka, Denis - Quality of Life and the Millennium Challenge, ebook


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Table of contents

I. Learning from the Past to Inform the Future

1. Challenges for Quality-of-Life Studies in the New Millennium
Valerie Møller, Denis Huschka

2. South Africa: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
John Kane-Berman

3. Poverty and the Quality of Life: Lessons from South African Research
Francis Wilson

4. The Importance of a Mixed Cash- and Harvest Herding Based Economy to Living in the Arctic – An Analysis on the Survey of Living Conditions in the Arctic (SLiCA)
Birger Poppel, Jack Kruse

II. Refining Concepts and Measurement to Assess Cross-Cultural Quality of Life

5. The International Scale Interval Study: Improving the Comparability of Responses to Survey Questions About Happiness
Ruut Veenhoven

6. More Than SF-36? Using Narratives to Elaborate Health and Well-Being Data in Recent Lower-Limb Amputees
Narelle Warren, Lenore Manderson, RoseAnne Misajon

7. The Spiritual Dimension of Quality of Life, with Special Reference to Education and Spirituality
Martin Valenkamp, Johannes L. Walt

III. Addressing the Role of Stability and Change in the New Millennium

8. The Impact of Instability on Subjective Well-Being: A Cross-National Study
Ming-Chang Tsai

9. Stability and Change in National and Personal Wellbeing in Algeria: A Case Study of a Developing Country in Transition
Habib Tiliouine

10. ‘All That Glitters Is Not Gold’: Johannesburg and Migrant Access to Social Services
Rodreck Mupedziswa

IV. Exploring the Role of Good Governance For a Better Quality of Life

11. Trust and Life Satisfaction in Eastern and Western Europe
Georg P. Mueller

12. Quality of Life in Cities: A Question of Mobility and Accessibility
Giampaolo Nuvolati

13. The Main Determinants for Subjective Well-Being: A Quest for the Holy Grail?
Dries Verlet, Carl Devos

V. Health Care – A Major Challenge in the New Millennium

14. The Vicious Circularity of Mental Health Effects of HIV/AIDS: Symptom and Cause of Poor Responses to the Epidemic
Kevin Kelly, Melvyn Freeman, Nkululeko Nkomo, Pumla Ntlabati

15. Universal Coverage but Unequal Access?
Laura Camfield

16. Prospects for Community-Based Rehabilitation in the New Millennium
Harry Finkenflügel

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