Gönenç, İ. Ethem

Sustainable Use and Development of Watersheds

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Table of contents

1. Introduction

1. Introduction
I. Ethem Gönenç, Biymyrza Toktoraliev, John P. Wolflin

2. Watershed Management in Various Countries

2. Watershed and Water Management System in Algeria
Mekki Messahel

3. Advances in Managing Austria’s Water Resources
Monika Schönerklee

4. Problems and Prospects of Water Resources Management in the Azerbaijan Republic
Amir S. Aliev

5. Water Resources Management System of Kyrgyzstan
Mars Amanaliev

6. Watershed Management Practices in the Philippines: The Tigum-Aganan Watershed Case
Jessica C. Salas

7. Watershed Management System in Poland and Its Implications for Environmental Conditions of the Baltic Sea: An Example of the Vistula River Watershed
Eugeniusz Andrulewicz

8. Watersheds Management in Romania: Challenges and Opportunities
Angheluta Vadineanu, Elena Preda

9. Watershed Management in the Russian Federation and Transboundary Issues by Example of Kaliningrad Oblast (Russia)
Boris Chubarenko

10. Overview of Water Management in Turkey: Issues, Constraints, Achievements, Prospect
Selmin Burak

11. Watershed Management in the United States
Rosemarie C. Russo, Brenda Rashleigh, Robert B. Ambrose

3. Decision Support Tools, Models and Case Studies

12. Multilevel Participatory Model for Decision Making on Regional Hydro-System Basis: Serbian Case Study
Bojan Srdjevic, Zorica Srdjevic

13. Supporting Tools for Decisional Process within Water Framework Directive: From EU Context to Modelkey Perspective
Stefania Gottardo, Elena Semenzin, Paola Agostini, Andrea Critto, Antonio Marcomini

14. Application of Water Quality Modelling as a Decision Support System Tool for Planned Buyuk Melen Reservoir and Its Watershed
Ali Erturk, Alpaslan Ekdal, Melike Gurel, Yigit Zorlutuna, Cigdem Tavsan, Dursun Zafer Seker, Aysegul Tanik, Izzet Ozturk

15. The Use of Numerical Modeling in Italian Watershed Management
Georg Umgiesser, Giorgio Mattassi, Isabella Scroccaro, Marco Ostoich, Marina Vazzoler

16. Sustainable Development of Watersheds: Using Sturgeon Species as an Indicator in Integrated Transboundary Water Management in the Ural River Basin
Viktor Lagutov

17. Lagoon Ecosystem Study Trough Two Cases: Oualidia (Atlantic) and Nador (Mediterranean) – Morocco
Abdellatif Orbi, Karim Hilmi, Jaouad Lakhdar Idrissi, Soukaina Zizah

18. Coastal Lagoons in the Context of Water Management in Spain and Europe
Angel Pérez-Ruzafa, Concepción Marcos

19. Water Framework Directive: Defining the Ecological Quality Status in Transitional and Coastal Waters
Sofia Gamito

20. The Role of Ecological Endpoints in Watershed Management
Brenda Rashleigh

21. Bioidentification of Xenobiotics as a Basis of Water Management
Valerii Tonkopii, Anatoly Zagrebin, Irina Iofina

22. GIS Analysis of Sustainable Development Indicators for Coastal Watersheds in the South-East Baltic
Boris Chubarenko, Dmitrii Domnin

23. Combined Use of Watershed Models to Assess the Apportionment of Point and Non Point Load Sources to Surface Waters
Arianna Azzellino, Roberta Salvetti, Renato Vismara

24. Development of National Action Plan to Address Pollution from Land Based Activities in Turkey
Gülsen Avaz, Selda Murat, Elif Atasoy, Özgür Dog?an, Leyla Tolun, Fatma Telli Karakoç, Selma Ayaz, Kemal Günes

25. Reduction of the Land-Based Discharges to the Curonian Lagoon in a View of a Climate Change Perspective
Arturas Razinkovas, Inga Dailidiene, Renata Pilkaityte

26. The Study of Hydro-Mineralogical and Ecological Regime of Kara-Bogaz-Gol Lagoon, Turkmenistan
Otuzbay Geldiyew

27. Comparative Analysis of Water Management Practices in Mediterranean Countries
Selmin Burak

28. Chesapeake Bay Program – A Watershed Approach to Management
John P. Wolflin

4. Conclusions and Recommondations

29. Decision Support Systems and Tools
Ramiro Neves, Ali Ertürk, Irina Chubarenko, Arianna Azzellino, Bojan Srdjevic, Boris Chubarenko, Ercan Zengin, Eric Masson, Georg Umgiesser, Karim Hilmi, Pedro Galvão, Stefania Gottardo

30. Land-Based Sources, Water Quality and Management
Angheluta Vadineanu, Brenda Rashleigh, Melike Gürel, Alpaslan Ekdal, Amir Aliyev, Angel Pérez Ruzafa, Çig?dem Tavsan, Elena Preda, Eric Masson, Eugeniusz Andrulewicz, Mars Amanaliev, Nur Findik Hecan, Otuzbay Geldiyew, Sofia Gamito

31. Decision Making, Policy And Financing
John P. Wolflin, Rosemarie C. Russo, Selmin Burak, Nusret Karakaya, Abdellatif Orbi, Arturas Razinkovas, Biimyrza Toktoraliev, Guven Uzun, Jessica Salas, Mars Amanaliev, Mekki Messahel, Mihriban Haci, Viktor Lagutov, Yasin Torun


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