Bocquet-Appel, Jean-Pierre

The Neolithic Demographic Transition and its Consequences

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Table of contents

1. Prehistoric Demography in a Time of Globalization
Jean-Pierre Bocquet-Appel, Ofer Bar-Yosef

2. The Expansions of Farming Societies and the Role of the Neolithic Demographic Transition
Peter Bellwood, Marc Oxenham

3. Explaining the Neolithic Demographic Transition
Jean-Pierre Bocquet-Appel

4. The Signal of the Neolithic Demographic Transition in the Levant
Emma Guerrero, Stephan Naji, Jean-Pierre Bocquet-Appel

5. The Nature and Timing of the Neolithic Demographic Transition in the North American Southwest
Timothy A. Kohler, Matt Glaude

6. The Neolithic Demographic Transition in Mesoamerica? Larger Implications of the Strategy of Relative Chronology
Richard G. Lesure

7. An Alternative Approach in Tracing Changes in Demographic Composition
Mehmet Özdo?an

8. Zooarchaeological Aspects of the Neolithic Diet Transition in the Near East and Europe, and Their Putative Relationships with the Neolithic Demographic Transition
Jean-Denis Vigne

9. Impacts of the Neolithic Demographic Transition on Linear Pottery Culture Settlement
Jérôme Dubouloz

10. A Roof Over One’s Head: Developments in Near Eastern Residential Architecture Across the Epipalaeolithic–Neolithic Transition
A. Nigel Goring-Morris, Anna Belfer-Cohen

11. Demography and Storage Systems During the Southern Levantine Neolithic Demographic Transition
Ian Kuijt

12. Population Processes and Their Consequences in Early Neolithic Central Europe
Stephen Shennan

13. Global Patterns of Early Village Development
Matthew Bandy

14. Centralized Communities, Population, and Social Complexity After Sedentarization
Robert D. Drennan, Christian E. Peterson

15. Charming Lives: Human and Animal Figurines in the Late Epipaleolithic and Early Neolithic Periods in the Greater Levant and~Eastern Anatolia
Gary O. Rollefson

16. Evaluating the Emergence of Early Villages in the North American Southwest in Light of the Proposed Neolithic Demographic Transition
Richard H. Wilshusen, Elizabeth M. Perry

17. Demographic, Biological and Cultural Aspects of the Neolithic Revolution: A View from the Southern Levant
Israel Hershkovitz, Avi Gopher

18. Implications of the NDT for World Wide Health and Mortality in Prehistory
Mark Nathan Cohen

19. From Health to Civilization Stress? In Search for Traces of a Health Transition During the Early Neolithic in Europe
Ursula Wittwer-Backofen, Nicolas Tomo

Keywords: Social Sciences, general, Demography, History, Archaeology, Anthropology

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