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Geography and Drug Addiction

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Table of contents

1. Placing Substance Abuse
Sara McLafferty

2. Integrating Geography and Social Epidemiology in Drug Abuse Research
Yonette Thomas, Douglas Richardson, Ivan Cheung

3. Integrating GIS into the Study of Contextual Factors Affecting Injection Drug Use Along the Mexico/US Border
Kimberly C. Brouwer, John R. Weeks, Remedios Lozada, Steffanie A. Strathdee

4. The Spatial Context of Adolescent Alcohol Use*
Karen A. Snedker, Jerald R. Herting

5. Migration Patterns and Substance Use among Young Homeless Travelers
Stephen E. Lankenau, Bill Sanders, Jennifer Jackson Bloom, Dodi Hathazi, Erica Alarcon, Stephanie Tortu, Michael C. Clatts

6. Residential Mobility and Drug Use Among Parolees in San Diego, California and Implications for Policy
Meagan Cahill, Nancy Vigne

7. Social Disorganization, Alcohol, and Drug Markets and Violence*
Aniruddha Banerjee, Elizabeth LaScala, Paul J. Gruenewald, Bridget Freisthler, Andrew Treno, Lillian G. Remer

8. Integrated Assessment of Addiction Epidemiology in Hong Kong, 1996–2005
Shui Shan Lee, Phoebe TT Pang

9. Residential Segregation and the Prevalence of Injection Drug Use among Black Adult Residents of US Metropolitan Areas
Hannah L.F Cooper, Samuel R. Friedman, Barbara Tempalski, Risa Friedman

10. The Relationship of Ecological Containment and Heroin Practices
Avelardo Valdez, Alice Cepeda

11. Comparing Unintentional Opioid Poisoning Mortality in Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan Counties, United States, 1999–2003
Nabarun Dasgupta, Michele Jönsson Funk, John S. Brownstein

12. Spatial Patterns of Clandestine Methamphetamine Labs in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Max Lu, Jessica Burnum

13. A Therapeutic Landscape? Contextualizing Methamphetamine in North Dakota
Kevin Romig, Alex Feidler

14. Are Spatial Variables Important? The Case of Markets for Multiple Drugs in British Bengal
Siddharth Chandra, Aaron Swoboda

15. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection Rates and Heroin Trafficking: Fearful Symmetries
Chris Beyrer

16. Metropolitan Area Characteristics, Injection Drug Use and HIV Among Injectors
Samuel R. Friedman, Barbara Tempalski, Hannah Cooper, Spencer Lieb, Joanne Brady, Peter L. Flom, Risa Friedman, Karla Gostnell, Don C Des Jarlais

17. Factors Influencing Drug Use and HIV Risk in Two Nicaraguan Cities
Michele G. Shedlin, Rita Arauz, Pascual Ortells, Mariana Aburto, Danilo Norori

18. Drug Use and HIV/AIDS: Risk Environments in Post-Soviet Russia
Dominique Moran

19. Substance Abuse and HIV in China
Xiushi Yang

20. Placing the Dynamics of Syringe Exchange Programs in the United States
Barbara Tempalski

21. The effect of individual, program, and neighborhood variables on continuity of treatment among dually diagnosed individuals
Gerald J. Stahler, Silvana Mazzella, Jeremy Mennis, Sanjoy Chakravorty, George Rengert, Ralph Spiga

22. Exploring the Reciprocal Effects of Substance Abuse Treatment Provision and Area Substance Abuse
Matthew E. Archibald

23. Using a GIS Framework to Assess Hurricane Recovery Needs of Substance Abuse Center Clients in Katrina- and Rita-Affected Areas
Traci Craig Green, Cynthia Pope

24. Using GIS to Identify Drug Markets and Reduce Drug-Related Violence
Eleazer D. Hunt, Marty Sumner, Thomas J. Scholten, James M. Frabutt

25. Modeling the Spatial Patterns of Substance and Drug Abuse in the US
Sucharita Gopal, Matt Adams, Mark Vanelli

26. Reconceptualizing Sociogeographic Context for the Study of Drug Use, Abuse, and Addiction
Mei-Po Kwan, Ruth D. Peterson, Christopher R. Browning, Lori A. Burrington, Catherine A. Calder, Lauren J. Krivo

27. Spatial Analytic Approaches to Explaining the Trends and Patterns of Drug Overdose Deaths
Charlie DiMaggio, Angela Bucciarelli, Kenneth J. Tardiff, David Vlahov, Sandro Galea

Keywords: Geography, Geography (general), Epidemiology, Human Geography, Sociology, Social Sciences, general

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