Sui, Daniel Z.

Geospatial Technologies and Homeland Security

Sui, Daniel Z. - Geospatial Technologies and Homeland Security, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Geospatial Technologies and Homeland Security: An Overview
Daniel Z. Sui

2. Remote Sensing and GIS as Counterterrorism Tools for Homeland Security: The case of Afghanistan
John Jack Shroder

3. Economic Impacts of Terrorist Attacks and Natural Disasters: Case Studies of Los Angeles and Houston
Qisheng Pan, Peter Gordon, James E. Moore, Harry W. Richardson

4. From Crime Analysis to Homeland Security: A Role for Neighborhood Profiling?
David I. Ashby, Spencer Chainey, Paul A. Longley

5. Measuring and Mapping Conflict-Related Deaths and Segregation: Lessons from the Belfast ‘Troubles’
Victor Mesev, Joni Downs, Aaron Binns, Richard S. Courtney, Peter Shirlow

6. Internal Security for Communities: A Spatial Analysis of the Effectiveness of Sex Offender Laws
Douglas F. Wunneburger, Miriam Olivares, Praveen Maghelal

7. Remote Sensing-Based Damage Assessment for Homeland Security
Anthony M. Filippi

8. Estimating Flood Damage in Texas Using GIS: Predictors, Consequences, and Policy Implications
Samuel D. Brody, Sammy Zahran

9. Agent-Based Modeling and Evacuation Planning
F. Benjamin Zhan, Xuwei Chen

10. Building Evacuation in Emergencies: A Review and Interpretation of Software for Simulating Pedestrian Egress
Christian J. E. Castle, Paul A. Longley

11. High-Resolution Coastal Elevation Data: The Key to Planning for Storm Surge and Sea Level Rise
Mark Monmonier

12. Remote Sensing and GIS Applications for Precision Area-Wide Pest Management: Implications for Homeland Security
Yanbo Huang, Yubin Lan, John K. Westbrook, Wesley C. Hoffmann

13. Spatial Epidemiology: Where Have We Come in 150 Years?
Michael Ward

14. The Role of Geosurveillance and Security in the Politics of Fear
Jeremy W. Crampton

15. Mapping the Under-Scrutinized: The West German Census Boycott Movement of 1987 and the Dangers of Information-Based Security
Matthew Hannah

16. The Importance of Spatial Thinking in an Uncertain World
Robert S. Bednarz, Sarah W. Bednarz

17. GIS and Homeland Security Education: Creating a Better Tomorrow in our Classrooms Today
David H. McIntyre, Andrew G. Klein

18. Geospatial Technologies and Homeland Security: Challenges and Opportunities
Michael F. Goodchild


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