Chen, Jiquan

Patterns and Processes in Forest Landscapes

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Table of contents

Part I. Underlying Concepts and Applicative Approaches

1. Ecology and Management of Forest Landscapes
Jiquan Chen, Kimberley D. Brosofske, Raffaele Lafortezza

2. Cultural Determinants of Spatial Heterogeneity in Forest Landscapes
Raffaele Lafortezza, Robert C. Corry, Giovanni Sanesi, Robert D. Brown

3. Managing Forest Landscapes for Climate Change
Thomas R. Crow

Part II. Consequences of Management across Regions and Scales

4. The Great Siberian Forest: Challenges and Opportunities of Scale
Igor M. Danilin, Thomas R. Crow

5. Fragmentation of Forest Landscapes in Central Africa: Causes, Consequences and Management
Jan Bogaert, Issouf Bamba, Kouao J. Koffi, Serge Sibomana, Jean-Pierre Kabulu Djibu, Dominique Champluvier, Elmar Robbrecht, Charles De Cannière, Marjolein N. Visser

6. Human-Induced Alterations in Native Forests of Patagonia, Argentina
Francisco Carabelli, Roberto Scoz

7. Landscape-Scale Factors Influencing Forest Dynamics in Northern Australia
Daniel S. Banfai, David M.J.S. Bowman

8. Spatial Patterns and Ecology of Shifting Forest Landscapes in Garo Hills, India
Ashish Kumar, Bruce G. Marcot, P.S. Roy

9. Synthesis
Raffaele Lafortezza, Giovanni Sanesi

Part III. Landscape-Scale Indicators and Projection Models

10. Tools for Understanding Landscapes: Combining Large-Scale Surveys to Characterize Change
W. Keith Moser, Janine Bolliger, Don C. Bragg, Mark H. Hansen, Mark A. Hatfield, Timothy A. Nigh, Lisa A. Schulte

11. Shape Irregularity as an Indicator of Forest Biodiversity and Guidelines for Metric Selection
Santiago Saura, Olga Torras, Assu Gil-Tena, Lucía Pascual-Hortal

12. Land Suitability for Short Rotation Coppices Assessed through Fuzzy Membership Functions
Piermaria Corona, Riccardo Salvati, Anna Barbati, Gherardo Chirici

13. Assessing Human Impacts on Australian Forests through Integration of Remote Sensing Data
Richard Lucas, Arnon Accad, Lucy Randall, Peter Bunting, John Armston

14. Habitat Quality Assessment and Modelling for Forest Biodiversity and Sustainability
Sandra Luque, Nina Vainikainen

15. Synthesis
Jiquan Chen

Part IV. Long-Term Sustainable Plans and Management Actions

16. The Role of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative in Forest Landscape Changes in Texas, USA
João C. Azevedo, X. Ben Wu, Michael G. Messina, Jimmy R. Williams, Richard F. Fisher

17. Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods in Tropical Forest Landscapes
Jean-Laurent Pfund, Piia Koponen, Trudy O’Connor, Jean-Marc Boffa, Meine Noordwijk, Jean-Pierre Sorg

18. Forest Management and Carbon Sink Dynamics: a Study in Boreal and Sub-Alpine Forest Regions
Chao Li, Shirong Liu, Yuandong Zhang, Jianwei Liu, Chuanwen Luo

19. Emulating Natural Disturbance Regimes: an Emerging Approach for Sustainable Forest Management
Malcolm P. North, William S. Keeton

20. Conserving Forest Biodiversity: Recent Approaches in UK Forest Planning and Management
Kevin Watts, Christopher P. Quine, Amy E. Eycott, Darren Moseley, Jonathan W. Humphrey, Duncan Ray

21. Synthesis
Thomas R. Crow

22. Appendix A
Santiago Saura

Keywords: Life Sciences, Landscape Ecology, Forestry Management, Biodiversity, Nature Conservation, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry

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