Clegg, Dennis O.

Stem Cell Research and Therapeutics

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Table of contents

1. Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells: Development In Vivo and Derivation from Human Embryonic Stem Cells In Vitro for Treatment of Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Dennis O. Clegg, David Buchholz, Sherry Hikita, Teisha Rowland, Qirui Hu, Lincoln V. Johnson

2. Progenitor Cell Transplantation for Retinal Disease
Henry J. Klassen

3. Negative Regulation of Endogenous Stem Cells in Sensory Neuroepithelia: Implications for Neurotherapeutics
Jason A. Hamilton, Crestina L. Beites, Kimberly K. Gokoffski, Piper L. W. Hollenbeck, Shimako Kawauchi, Rosaseyla Santos, Alexandre Bonnin, Hsiao-Huei Wu, Joon Kim, Anne L. Calof

4. Epigenetic Control of Neural Stem Cell Self-Renewal and Specification
GuoQiang Sun, Chunnian Zhao, Yanhong Shi

5. Neural Stem Cells and Neurogenic Niche in the Adult Brain
Xuekun Li, Basam Z. Barkho, Xinyu Zhao

6. Progressing Neural Stem Cell Lines to the Clinic
Kenneth Pollock, John D. Sinden

7. Human Neural Stem Cells for Biopharmaceutical Applications
Lilian Hook, Norma Fulton, Gregor Russell, Timothy Allsopp

8. The Analysis of MicroRNAs in Stem Cells
Loyal A. Goff, Uma Lakshmipathy, Ronald P. Hart

9. Optimized Growth of Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Matthew A. Singer, Jacqui Johnson, Paul Bello, Robert Kovelman, Michelle Greene

10. Potential of Stem Cells in Liver Regeneration
Madhava Pai, Nataša Levicar, Nagy Habib

11. Cell Transplantation Therapy for Myocardial Repair: Current Status and Future Challenges
Wangde Dai, Robert A. Kloner

12. Surgical Stem Cell Therapy for the Treatment of Heart Failure
Federico Benetti, Luis Geffner, Daniel Brusich, Agustin Fronzutti, Roberto Paganini, Juan Paganini, Amit Patel

13. Use of Combinatorial Screening to Discover Protocols That Effectively Direct the Differentiation of Stem Cells
Yen Choo

14. Adult Stem Cell Therapies for Tissue Regeneration: Ex Vivo Expansion in an Automated System
Kristin L. Goltry, Douglas M. Smith, James E. Dennis, Jon A. Rowley, Ronnda L. Bartel

15. The Hair Follicle Stem Cell as the Paradigm Multipotent Adult Stem Cell
Robert M. Hoffman


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