Kirillov, Igor A.

Resilience of Cities to Terrorist and other Threats

Kirillov, Igor A. - Resilience of Cities to Terrorist and other Threats, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Nature and Effects of Possible Threat

1. Threats from Terrorist and Criminal Activity and Risk of Dangerous Accidents—Resistance and Vulnerability of the Urban Environment and Ways of Mitigation
Bo Janzon, Rickard Forsén

2. Risk Evaluation of Terrorist Attacks Against Chemical Facilities and Transport Systems in Urban Areas
Giuseppe Maschio, Maria Francesca Milazzo

3. Microbial Agents and Activities to Interfere with Groundwater Quality
Zdenek Filip, Katerina Demnerova

4. Preliminary Results of a Risk Assessment Study for Uranium Contamination in Central Portugal
Maria João Batista, Luis Plácido Martins

2. Fire and Collapse Risks of Urban Structures

5. Questions on the WTC Investigation
James G. Quintiere

6. The Pentagon Building Performance in the 9/11 Crash
Paul F. Mlakar, Donald D. Dusenberry, James R. Harris, Gerald Haynes, Long T. Phan, Mete A. Sozen

7. An Assessment of A Fire Risk for Multifuel Car Refueling Stations
Yury N. Shebeko, Vladimir L. Malkin, Denis M. Gordienko, Yury I. Deshevih, Anatoly N. Giletich, Igor M. Smolin, Vladimir A. Kolosov, Dmitry S. Kirillov

8. Quantitative Risk Assessment of Aircraft Impact on a High-Rise Building and Collapse
Vladimir A. Panteleev

3. Material Properties, Structural Design and Testing

9. Enhancing impact and Blast Resistance of Concrete with Fiber Reinforcement
Nemkumar Banthia

10. Enhancing Resilience of Urban Structures to Withstand Fire Hazard
Venkatesh K. R. Kodur

11. Concrete Structures Under Blast Loading Dynamic Response, Damage, and Residual Strength
Jakob (Jaap) Weerheijm, Ans Doormaal, Jesus Media Villa

12. Engineering Method for Prompt Assessment of Structural Resistance Against Combined Hazard Effects
Vladimir M. Roytman, Igor E. Lukashevich

4. Future Strategies

13. A Multihazard Approach to Insure Resilient Urban Structures
Teodor Krauthammer, Joseph W. Tedesco

14. The Role of Spatial Planning in Strengthening Urban Resilience
Mark Fleischhauer

5. Warning Systems

15. Risk, Reliability, Uncertainties: Role and Strategies for the Structural Health Monitoring
Alessandro Stefano, Emiliano Matta

16. Distributed Optical Fiber Systems for Structural Health Monitoring
Yurii N. Kulchin, Oleg B. Vitrik

6. Emergency Response Planning

17. How to Plan for Emergency and Disaster Response Operations in View of Structural Risk Reduction
Pieter Torn, Hans J. Pasman

18. Is It Possible to Use CFD Modeling for Emergency Preparedness and Response?
Michal Kiša, L’Udovít Jelemenský

19. Medical Countermeasures Following Terrorism CBRNE Attack in Urban Environment
Ioannis Galatas

20. Laws of Motion of Pedestrian Flow—Basics for Evacuation Modeling and Management
Valerii V. Kholshevnikov, Dmitrii A. Samoshin

21. Spatial Data Infrastructure and Geovisualization in Emergency Management
Karel Charvat, Petr Kubicek, Vaclav Talhofer, Milan Konecny, Jan Jezek

22. Using Virtual Environment Systems During the Emergency Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery Phases
Stanislav V. Klimenko, Dmitry A. Baigozin, Polina P. Danilicheva, Sergey A. Fomin, Tengiz N. Borisov, Rustam T. Islamov, Igor A. Kirillov, Igor E. Lukashevich, Yury M. Baturin, Alexey A. Romanov, Sergey A. Tsyganov

23. The Role of Simulation Exercises in the Assessment of Robustness and Resilience of Private or Public Organizations
Jean-Luc Wybo

24. Conclusions with Respect to Research Demands
Hans J. Pasman, Igor A. Kirillov

Keywords: Architecture / Design, Urbanism, Basics of Construction, Safety in Chemistry, Dangerous Goods, Materials Science, Medicine/Public Health, general, Emergency Services

Publication year
NATO Science for Peace and Security Series Series C: Environmental Security
Page amount
558 pages
Art, Art History
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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