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Remote Sensing from Space

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Table of contents

I. Security, Crises and the Role of Earth Observation

1. Definitions, Concepts and Geospatial Dimensions of Security
Clementine Burnley, Nathalie Stephenne, Dirk Buda, Daniele Ehrlich

2. European Security Policy and Earth Observation
Anthony Cragg, Dirk Buda, Albert Nieuwenhuijs

3. Satellite Based Information to Support European Crisis Response
Stefan Voigt, Jiri Trnka, Thomas Kemper, Torsten Riedlinger, André Husson

II. The Contribution of GMOSS in the Context of GMES and Security

4. The Security Dimension of GMES
Delilah Al-Khudhairy, Stefan Schneiderbauer, Hans-Joachim Lotz-Iwen

5. A Novel Approach to Capacity Building for Security Applications
Peter Zeil

6. Games and Scenarios in the Context of GMOSS
Adrijana Car, Ola Dahlman, Bengt Andersson, Peter Zeil

7. GMOSS: Infrastructure and Standards
Donna Kodz, Joseph Jobbings

III. Image Processing Tools for Security Applications

8. Feature Recognition Techniques
Andreas Wimmer, Iris Lingenfelder, Charles Beumier, Jordi Inglada, Simon J. Caseley

9. Change Detection Tools
Rob Dekker, Claudia Kuenzer, Manfred Lehner, Peter Reinartz, Irmgard Niemeyer, Sven Nussbaum, Viciane Lacroix, Vito Sequeira, Elena Stringa, Elisabeth Schöpfer

10. Data Integration and Visualization for Crisis Applications
Robert Meisner, Stefan Lang, Erland Jungert, Alexander Almer, Dirk Tiede, Nils Sparwasser, Karin Mertens, Richard Göbel, Thomas Blaschke, Antonio de la Cruz, Harald Stelzl, Karin Silvervarg

11. UNOSAT Grid
Einar Bjorgo, Alain Retiere

IV. Security Applications

12. Treaty Monitoring
Mort Canty, Bhupendra Jasani, Iris Lingenfelder, Allan A. Nielsen, Irmgard Niemeyer, Sven Nussbaum, Jörg Schlittenhardt, Michal Shimoni, Henning Skriver

13. Early Warnings and Alerts
Bhupendra Jasani, Valerio Tramutoli, Nicola Pergola, Carolina Filizzola, Daniele Casciello, Teodosio Lacava

14. Can Earth Observation Help to Improve Information on Population?
Daniele Ehrlich, Stefan Lang, Giovanni Laneve, Sarah Mubareka, Stefan Schneiderbauer, Dirk Tiede

15. From Real Time Border Monitoring to a Permeability Model
Nathalie Stephenne, Raphaële Magoni, Giovanni Laneve

16. Rapid Mapping and Damage Assessment
Bert van den Broek, Ralph Kiefl, Torsten Riedlinger, Klaas Scholte, Klaus Granica, Karlheinz Gutjahr, Nathalie Stephenne, Renaud Binet, Antonio de la Cruz

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography

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349 pages
Natural Sciences

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