Fridman, Alexander

Plasma Assisted Decontamination of Biological and Chemical Agents

Fridman, Alexander - Plasma Assisted Decontamination of Biological and Chemical Agents, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Plasma for Bio-Decontamination

1. Biological Decontamination Using an Atmospheric Pressure Resistive Barrier Plasma Discharge
I. Alexeff, A. Balasundaram, E. P. Pradeep, N. Karnam, N. R. Pulasani

2. Plasma for Air and Water Sterilization
A. Gutsol, N. D. Vaze, K. P. Arjunan, M. J. Gallagher, Y. Yang, J. Zhu, V. N. Vasilets, A. Fridman

3. Pulsed Submerged Arc Plasma Disinfection of Water: Bacteriological Results and an Exploration of Possible Mechanisms
R. L. Boxman, N. Parkansky, H. Mamane, M. Meirovitz, Y. Orkabi, T. Halperin, D. Cohen, N. Orr, E. Gidalevich, B. Alterkop, S. Cheskis

4. Antimicrobial Treatment of Heat Sensitive Products by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Sources
R. Brandenburg, U. Krohmann, M. Stieber, K. -D. Weltmann, T. V. Woedtke, J. Ehlbeck

5. Cold Plasma – A Powerful Agent for Biological Applications
V. A. Gostev, V. S. Ignakhin, E. K. Popova, O. A. Ostashkov

6. Preliminary Evaluation of Low Power Pulsed Corona Discharge for Characterization of Liquids
D. Staack, A. Gutsol, G. Friedman, A. Fridman

7. Concurrent Treatment of Chemical and Biological Contaminants in Water by a Pulsed Arc Electrohydraulic Discharge
J. S. Chang, K. Urashima

2. Plasma for Chemical Decontamination

8. Multi-Pollutant Gas Removal Characteristics of Corona Discharge Radical Shower-Catalyst Hybrid System for Treatment of Jet Engine Test Cell Flue Gases
K. Urashima, J. S. Chang

9. Pulsed Corona Plasma Pilot Plant for VOC Abatement in Industrial Streams
A. Fridman, A. Gutsol

10. Degradation of Organics Compounds and Production of Activated Species in Dielectric Barrier Discharges and Glidarc Reactors
J. M. Cormier, O. Aubry, A. Khacef

11. Mechanisms of Conversion of Heavy Hydrocarbons in Biogas Initiated by Pulsed Corona Discharges
V. A. Bityurin, E. A. Filimonova, G. V. Naidis

12. Plasma Methods for Toxic Wastes Processing
S. A. Zhdanok, A. L. Mosse

13. Environmental Control Plasma Educational Laboratory
V. Genis, A. Fridman, A. Gutsol

3. Plasma Decontamination in Medicine

14. Cold Plasma Treatment of In Vitro Dental Plaque
S. K. Filoche, C. H. Sissons, R. E. J. Sladek, E. Stoffels

15. Applications of Non Thermal Atmospheric Pressure Plasma in Medicine
S. Kalghatgi, D. Dobrynin, G. Fridman, M. Cooper, G. Nagaraj, L. Peddinghaus, M. Balasubramanian, K. Barbee, A. Brooks, V. Vasilets, A. Gutsol, A. Fridman, G. Friedman

16. Penetration of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Treatment into Fluid for Biomedical Applications
G. Fridman, A. Shereshevsky, A. D. Brooks, A. Fridman, A. Gutsol, G. Friedman

17. Plasma Surface Modification of Three Dimensional Poly (e-Caprolactone) Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Application
E. D. Yildirim, M. Gandhi, A. Fridman, S. Güçeri, W. Sun

18. Plasma Assisted Surface Modification Processes for Biomedical Materials and Devices
P. Favia, E. Sardella, L. C. Lopez, S. Laera, A. Milella, B. Pistillo, F. Intranuovo, M. Nardulli, R. Gristina, R. D’Agostino

4. Electric Discharges for Plasma Decontamination

19. Nano-Second Dielectric Barrier Discharge for Direct Medical Applications
H. Ayan, G. Fridman, A. F. Gutsol, A. A. Fridman, G. Friedman

20. Uniform and Filamentary Nature of Continuous-Wave and Pulsed Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma
M. Cooper, Y. Yang, G. Fridman, H. Ayan, V. N. Vasilets, A. Gutsol, G. Friedman, A. Fridman

21. Continuous and Pulse Power Supplies for Different Plasma Applications
N. Medvedeva, D. Medvedev

22. Plasma and Gas Discharge Methods of Air and Gas Purification
D. Medvedev, M. Deminsky, V. Jivotov, A. Knijnik, S. Korobtsev, B. Potapkin, G. Konovalov, M. Krotov, R. Smirnov

23. Model for Development of Electric Breakdown in Liquids and Stability Analysis
Y. Yang, J. Zhu, Y. Cho, A. Gutsol, A. Fridman

24. Simulation of Atmospheric Pressure Non-Thermal Plasma Discharges for Surface Decontamination Applications
T. Farouk, B. Farouk, A. Gutsol, A. Fridman

25. Detection of Solar Plasma Influence on the Satellite Channel of Communication
K. A. Karimov, R. D. Gainutdinova

26. “Simple” Diagnostics of the Low Pressure Plasmas in Chemically-Active Media
D. K. Otorbaev


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