Carmona, Ramón

Biology, Conservation and Sustainable Development of Sturgeons

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Table of contents

I. Taxonomy and Biogeography

1. The Regression of Sturgeons in Southern Europe
J. A. Hernando, A. Domezain, C. Zabala, R. Cabrera, J. Domezain, M. C. Soriguer

2. Analysis of Mitochondrial and Nuclear DNA Markers in Old Museum Sturgeons Yield Insights About the Species Existing in Western Europe: A. sturio, A. naccarii and A. oxyrinchus

Manuel A. Garrido-Ramos, Francisca Robles, Roberto Herrán, Esther Martínez-Espín, José A. Lorente, Carmelo Ruiz-Rejón, Manuel Ruiz-Rejón

3. Morphological and Morphometric Characters in Sturgeon Taxonomy and Phylogeny
Ekaterina D. Vasil’eva

4. Molecular Markers and the Study of Phylogeny and Genetic Diversity in North American Sturgeons and Paddlefish
Jeannette Krieger, Paul A. Fuerst

5. Forensic Strategies Used for DNA Extraction of Ancient and Degraded Museum Sturgeon Specimens
E. Martinez-Espin, L. J. Martinez-Gonzalez, J. C. Alvarez, R. K. Roby, J. A. Lorente

6. Mechanisms of Polyploid Evolution in Fish: Polyploidy in Sturgeons
Victor P. Vasil’ev

II. Biology and Aquaculture

7. Histological, Histochemical and Ultrastructural Changes in the Digestive Tract of Sturgeon Acipenser naccarii During Early Ontogeny
M. V. Ostos-Garrido, J. I. Llorente, S. Camacho, M. García-Gallego, A. Sanz, A. Domezain, R. Carmona

8. The Developmental Anatomy of the Heart of the Sturgeon Acipenser naccarii

J. M. Icardo, A. Guerrero, A. C. Durán, E. Colvee, A. Domezain, V. Sans-Coma

9. Observations on the Brain Development of the Sturgeon Acipenser naccarii

A. Gómez, E. Durán, F. M. Ocaña, F. Jiménez-Moya, C. Broglio, A. Domezain, C. Salas, F. Rodríguez

10. Hormonal Induction of Ovulation In Vitro in Sturgeon Fishes
B. F. Goncharov, M. N. Skoblina, O. B. Trubnikova, S. G. Vassetzky

11. Dispermic Androgenesis as a Method for Recovery of Endangered Sturgeon Species
Anna S. Grunina, Alexander V. Recoubratsky, Vladimir A. Barmintsev, Ekaterina D. Vasil’eva, Mikhail S. Chebanov

12. Influence of Temperature on the Sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus L.) Ovarian Follicles State
B. F. Goncharov, M. N. Skoblina, O. B. Trubnikova, M. S. Chebanov

13. On Nutrition and Feeding Studies as the Basis for the Culture of Different Sturgeon Species
M. García-Gallego, A. Domezain, M. Higuera, M. C. Hidalgo, M. Furné, A. E. Morales, A. Sanz

III. Recovery and Conservation

14. Restoration of Adriatic Sturgeon (Acipenser naccarii) in Italy: Situation and Perspectives
Giovanni Arlati, Lidia Poliakova

Acipenser sturio Recovery Research Actions in France
P. Williot, E. Rochard, T. Rouault, F. Kirschbaum

16. Conservation of the Sturgeon Fish in Lower Volga
S. A. Maltsev

17. Experience of Conservation of Acipenser naccarii in the Ticino River Park (Northern Italy)
Cesare M. Puzzi, Adriano Bellani, Stefania Trasforini, Alessandra Ippoliti

18. Identification of Sturgeon Caviar Using DNA Markers
Manuel Ruiz Rejón, Francisca Robles, Roberto Herrán, Manuel Garrido-Ramos, Carmelo Ruiz Rejón

19. International Trade in Caviar and Business Perspectives in Russia
A. I. Nikolaev, D. P. Andrianov, I. A. Burtsev, L. R. Kopylenko, B. N. Kotenev, A. S. Safronov

20. The Ecological Problems of Introduction and Reintroduction of Sturgeons
V. A. Pegasov

21. Hydrological and Production Characteristics of the Main Basins for Reproduction and Fattening of Sturgeons
B. N. Kotenev

22. Towards the Definition of Optimal Size-Weight Standards of Hatchery-Reared Sturgeon Fry for Restoration
I. A. Burtsev

23. Acceptability and Prerequisites for the Successful Introduction of Sturgeon Species
P. Williot, E. Rochard, F. Kirschbaum

24. Prerequisites for the Restoration of the European Atlantic Sturgeon, Acipenser sturio and the Baltic Sturgeon (A. oxyrinchus × A. sturio) in Germany
Frank Kirschbaum, Sven Wuertz, Patrick Williot, Ralph Tiedemann, Arndt Gerd-Michael, Eckardt Anders, Angela Krüger, Ryszard Bartel, Jörn Gessner

25. Sturgeon Recovery Plan in the Rhône River (France): Preliminary Results on Species Determination and Habitat Suitability
Laurent Brosse, Patrick Berrebi, Nathalie Desse-Berset, Mario Lepage

26. Main Steps and Proposals for a Recovery Plan of Sturgeon in the Guadalquivir River (Spain)
Alberto Domezain

Keywords: SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Biology / General SCI008000

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Natural Sciences

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