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Quality Research in Literacy and Science Education

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Table of contents

I. General Introduction

1. Education Research Meets the “Gold Standard”: Evaluation, Research Methods, and Statistics after No Child Left Behind
Mack C. Shelley, Larry D. Yore, Brian Hand

II. Setting the Agenda: Science Education and Science-based Research

2. Why “Gold Standard” Needs Another “s”: Results from the Gold Standard(s) in Science and Literacy Education Research Conference
Larry D. Yore, Pietro Boscolo

3. Research and Practice: A Complex Relationship?
Robin Millar, Jonathan Osborne

4. Moving Beyond the Gold Standard: Epistemological and Ontological Considerations of Research in Science Literacy
Donna E. Alvermann, Christine A. Mallozzi

5. Longitudinal Studies into Science Learning: Methodological Issues
Russell Tytler

6. An International Perspective of Monitoring Educational Research Quality: Commonalities and Differences
Richard K. Coll, Wen-Hua Chang, Justin Dillon, Rosária Justi, Eduardo Mortimer, Kim Chwee Daniel Tan, David F. Treagust, Webb Paul

7. Considering Research Quality and Applicability Through the Eyes of Stakeholders
Denyse V. Hayward, Linda M. Phillips

III. Curriculum and Pedagogy

8. Researching Effective Pedagogies for Developing the Literacies of Science: Some Theoretical and Practical Considerations
Vaughan Prain

9. Pedagogy, Implementation, and Professional Development for Teaching Science Literacy: How Students and Teachers Know and Learn
Lori Norton-Meier, Brian Hand, Andy Cavagnetto, Recai Akkus, Murat Gunel

10. Approaching Classroom Realities: The Use of Mixed Methods and Structural Equation Modeling in Science Education Research
Martina Nieswandt, Elizabeth H. McEneaney

11. Mixed-methodology Research in Science Education: Opportunities and Challenges in Exploring and Enhancing Thinking Dispositions
Tamar Levin, Tili Wagner

12. New Directions in Science Literacy Education
E. Wendy Saul, Brian Hand

IV. Statistics, Research Methods, and Science Literacy

13. Multilevel Modeling with HLM: Taking a Second Look at PISA
John O. Anderson, Todd Milford, Shelley P. Ross

14. Methods from Item Response Theory: Going Beyond Traditional Validity and Reliability in Standardizing Assessments
Amy G. Froelich

15. Confounding in Observational Studies using Standardized Test Data: Careful Disentanglement of Statistical Interpretations and Explanations
Mary C. Meyer

16. Predicting Group Membership using National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Mathematics Data
David A. Walker, Shereeza F. Mohammed

17. Incorporating Exploratory Methods using Dynamic Graphics into Multivariate Statistics Classes: Curriculum Development
Dianne Cook

18. Approaches to Broadening the Statistics Curricula
Deborah Nolan, Duncan Temple Lang

19. Dr. Fox Rocks: Using Data-mining Techniques to Examine Student Ratings of Instruction
Morgan C. Wang, Charles D. Dziuban, Ida J. Cook, Patsy D. Moskal

20. Process Execution of Writing and Reading: Considering Text Quality, Learner and Task Characteristics
Huub Bergh, Gert Rijlaarsdam, Tanja Janssen, Martine Braaksma, Daphne Weijen, Marion Tillema

21. Can We Make a Silk Purse from a Sow's Ear?
Daniel J. Mundfrom

V. Public Policy and “Gold Standard(s)” Research

22. Speaking Truth to Power with Powerful Results: Impacting Public Awareness and Public Policy
Mack C. Shelley

23. Funding Patterns and Priorities: An International Perspective
Hsiao-Ching She, Larry D. Yore, John O. Anderson, Sibel Erduran, Wolfgang Gräber, Alister Jones, Johannes Klumpers, Stephen Parker, Marissa Rollnick, Robert D. Sherwood, Bruce Waldrip

24. Research Ethics Boards and the Gold Standard(s) in Literacy and Science Education Research
Robert J. Anthony, Larry D. Yore, Richard K. Coll, Justin Dillon, Mei-Hung Chiu, Cynthia Fakudze, Irene Grimberg, Bing-Jyun Wang

25. Data Sharing: Disclosure, Confidentiality, and Security
David J. Dude, Michelle A. Mengeling, Catherine J. Welch

26. Stitching the Pieces Together to Reveal the Generalized Patterns: Systematic Research Reviews, Secondary Reanalyses, Case-to-case Comparisons, and Metasyntheses of Qualitative Research Studies
Gretchen B. Rossman, Larry D. Yore

27. The Gold Standard and Knowing What to Do
Stephen P. Norris, Linda M. Phillips, John S. Macnab

VI. Epilogue: New Standards, New Directions, and New Realities

28. Reflections on Beyond the Gold Standards Era and Ways of Promoting Compelling Arguments about Science Literacy for All
Larry D. Yore, Mack C. Shelley, Brian Hand

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