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Oxidants in Biology

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Table of contents

I. Old Players

1. Hydrogen Peroxide: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Henry Jay Forman

2. Peroxynitrite: A Key Molecule in Skin Tissue Response to Different Types of Stress
Meital Portugal, Ron Kohen

3. Cellular and Environmental Electrophiles: Balancing Redox Signaling, Inflammation, and Cell Death Pathways
Albert Vliet, Milena Hristova, Sean McCarthy, David Kasahara

4. The Role of Reactive Nitrogen Species (RNS) in the Activation of Nuclear Factor Kappa B (NFkB) and Its Implications for Biological Systems: The Question of Balance
Predrag S. Ljubuncic, Marina Bar-Shai, Abraham Z. Reznick

5. Neutrophil-Derived Oxidants as Modulators of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Metabolism
Lukáš Kubala, Antonín Lojek

6. Fatty Acids in the Modulation of Reactive Oxygen Species Balance in Cancer
Jirina Hofmanová, Karel Soucek, Alena Vaculová, Alois Kozubík

7. The Question of Balance: The Interaction Between Blood and Ozone
Velio Bocci

8. Iron and Erythrocytes: Physiological and Pathophysiological Aspects
Lucia Ciccoli, Silvia Leoncini, Cinzia Signorini, Mario Comporti

9. The Adventures of Superoxide Dismutase in Health and Disease: Superoxide in the Balance
Kristy M. Powers, Larry W. Oberley, Frederick E. Domann

10. Glutathione Metabolism: Favorable Versus Unfavorable Effects
Francesco Cimino, Antonella Saija

11. Dual Roles of Oxidative Stress in the Lungs
Tzipora Goldkorn, Elaine M. Khan

12. Antioxidants: How They Work
Elisabetta Damiani, Paola Astolfi, Patricia Carloni, Pierluigi Stipa, Lucedio Greci

II. New Players

13. The Role of DUOX Isozymes in the Respiratory Tract Epithelium
Richard Harper

14. Hypertension, Diabetes, Oxidative Stress, and Cardiovascular Remodeling: Making the Connection with p66shc
Elisa Pagnin, Angelo Avogaro, Lorenzo A. Calò

15. A Role of BRCA1-Associated Protein BARD1 in Oxidative Stress Response and Signaling and Proliferation Control
Irmgard Irminger-Finger, Shazib Pervais

16. Postprandial Events as a Trigger for Redox Unbalance: Role of Dietary Lipid Hydroperoxides and Antioxidants
Fausta Natella, Arianna Ramberti, Cristina Scaccini

17. F2-Isoprostanes: Markers and Mediators of an Imbalanced Redox Status in the Liver
Concetta Gardi, Beatrice Arezzini, Cinzia Signorini, Daniela Vecchio, Barbara Monaco, Mario Comporti


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