Eckmann, Reiner

European Large Lakes Ecosystem changes and their ecological and socioeconomic impacts

Eckmann, Reiner - European Large Lakes Ecosystem changes and their ecological and socioeconomic impacts, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Nutrients and phytoplankton in Lake Peipsi during two periods that differed in water level and temperature
Marina Haldna, Anu Milius, Reet Laugaste, Külli Kangur

2. Pollen, diatom and plant macrofossil assemblages indicate a low water level phase of Lake Peipsi at the beginning of the Holocene
Tiit Hang, Volli Kalm, Kersti Kihno, Martynas Milkevicius

3. Water level changes in a large shallow lake as reflected by the plankton:periphyton-ratio of sedimentary diatoms
Atko Heinsalu, Helen Luup, Tiiu Alliksaar, Peeter Nõges, Tiina Nõges

4. Changes in spatial distribution of phosphorus and nitrogen in the large north-temperate lowland Lake Peipsi (Estonia/Russia)
Külli Kangur, Tõnu Möls

5. Recent trends in Lake Ladoga ice cover
Sergey G. Karetnikov, Mikhail A. Naumenko

6. History of anthropogenically mediated eutrophication of Lake Peipsi as revealed by the stratigraphy of fossil pigments and molecular size fractions of pore-water dissolved organic matter
Aina Leeben, Ilmar Toñnno, Rene Freiberg, Viia Lepane, Nicolas Bonningues, Natalja Makarõtševa, Atko Heinsalu, Tiiu Alliksaar

7. Seasonality and trends in the Secchi disk transparency of Lake Ladoga
Mikhail A. Naumenko

8. Silicon load and the development of diatoms in three river-lake systems in countries surrounding the Baltic Sea
Peeter Nõges, Tiina Nõges, Rita Adrian, Gesa A. Weyhenmeyer

9. Critical N:P ratio for cyanobacteria and N2-fixing species in the large shallow temperate lakes Peipsi and Võrtsjärv, North-East Europe
Tiina Nõges, Reet Laugaste, Peeter Nõges, Ilmar Tõnno

10. Phytoplankton nitrogen demand and the significance of internal and external nitrogen sources in a large shallow lake (Lake Balaton, Hungary)
Mátyás Présing, Péter Sprober, Attila W. Kovács, Lajos Vörös, Gyöngyi Kenesi, Tom Preston, Anikó Takátsy, István Kóbor

11. Changes in the water level of Lake Peipsi and their reflection in a sediment core
Jaan-Mati Punning, Galina Kapanen, Mihkel Kangur, Tiit Hang, Natalia Davydova

12. Rates of change in physical and chemical lake variables — are they comparable between large and small lakes?
Gesa A. Weyhenmeyer

13. Increasingly ice-free winters and their effects on water quality in Sweden’s largest lakes
Gesa A. Weyhenmeyer, Anna-Karin Westöö, Eva Willén

14. Phosphorus fractions and alkaline phosphatase activity in sediments of a large eutrophic Chinese lake (Lake Taihu)
Yiyong Zhou, Chunlei Song, Xiuyun Cao, Jianqiu Li, Guoyuan Chen, Zhuoying Xia, Pinghong Jiang

15. The impact of the invasive Ponto-Caspian amphipod Pontogammarus robustoides on littoral communities in Lithuanian lakes
Simona Gumuliauskaite, Kestutis Arbaciauskas

16. Spatiotemporal and long-term variation in phytoplankton communities in the oligotrophic Lake Pyhäjärvi on the Finnish-Russian border
Anna-Liisa Holopainen, Liisa Lepistö, Riitta Niinioja, Anita Rämö

17. Plant-associated invertebrates and hydrological balance in the large volcanic Lake Bracciano (Central Italy) during two years with different water levels
Luciana Mastrantuono, Angelo G. Solimini, Peeter Nõges, Marcello Bazzanti

18. A comparison of zooplankton densities and biomass in Lakes Peipsi and Võrtsjärv (Estonia): rotifers and crustaceans versus ciliates
Priit Zingel, Juta Haberman

19. Validation of the MERIS products on large European lakes: Peipsi, Vänern and Vättern
Krista Alikas, Anu Reinart

20. Relations of phytoplankton in situ primary production, chlorophyll concentration and underwater irradiance in turbid lakes
Helgi Arst, Tiina Nõges, Peeter Nõges, Birgot Paavel

21. Models as tools for understanding past, recent and future changes in large lakes
Thorsten Blenckner

22. The ice cover on small and large lakes: scaling analysis and mathematical modelling
Matti Leppäranta, Keguang Wang

23. Effects of warmer world scenarios on hydrologic inputs to Lake Mälaren, Sweden and implications for nutrient loads
Karen Moore, Donald Pierson, Kurt Pettersson, Elliot Schneiderman, Patrick Samuelsson

24. Variability of bio-optical parameters in two North-European large lakes
Birgot Paavel, Helgi Arst, Anu Reinart

25. Contributions of DOC from surface and groundflow into Lake Võrtsjärv (Estonia)
Toomas Tamm, Tiina Nõges, Arvo Järvet, Faycal Bouraoui

26. Implications of flexibility in European Community environmental law: exemptions from environmental objectives in the Water Framework Directive
Elisabeth Grönlund, Tapio Määttä

27. Analysis of long-term ecological status of Lake Balaton based on the ALMOBAL phytoplankton database
Éva Hajnal, Judit Padisák

28. Towards ecological goals for the heavily modified lakes in the IJsselmeer area, The Netherlands
Eddy Lammens, Francien Luijn, Yolanda Wessels, Harry Bouwhuis, Ruurd Noordhuis, Rob Portielje, Diederik Molen

29. Environmental awareness of the permanent inhabitants of towns and villages on the shores of Lake Balaton with special reference to issues related to global climate change
Anna Várkuti, Kata Kovács, Csilla Stenger-Kovács, Judit Padisák

30. Highlights of large lake research and management in Europe
Peeter Nõges, Külli Kangur, Tiina Nõges, Anu Reinart, Simola Heikki, Viljanen Markku

Keywords: SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Biology / General SCI008000

Publication year
Developments in Hydrobiology
Natural Sciences

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