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Impact of Pollution on Animal Products

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Table of contents

I. Characterization of the environmental failures in relationship with human and animal health

1. Study of Composition and Properties of Oil Pollution
Yerdos Ongarbayev, Zulkhair Mansurov

2. The Problem of Food-Products Safety in Kazakh Republic
Lucia I. Kalamkarova, Olga V. Bagryantseva

3. Analytical Measurement and Levels of Dioxins and PCBs in Biological Samples
Jean-François Focant, Gauthier Eppe, Edwin Pauw

4. Expired and Prohibited Pesticides Problem in Ukraine
Tamara Gurzhiy

5. Assessing the Hazards of Radiological and Environmental Factors for the Public Health in the Western Kazakhstan
Usen Kenesariyev, Zhamilya Bekmagambetova, Niyazaly Zhakashov, Yerzhan Sultanaliyev, Meiram Amrin

II. Relationships between soil contamination, plant contamination and animal products status

6. Organic Pollutants in Animal Products
Chris Collins

7. Dairy Livestock Exposure to Persistent Organic Pollutants and Their Transfer to Milk: A Review
Stefan Jurjanz, Guido Rychen, Cyril Feidt

8. Hydrotelluric and Industrial Fluorosis Survey in the Dromedary Camel in the South of Morocco
Emilie Diacono, Bernard Faye, Mohammed Bengoumi, Mohamed Kessabi

9. Copper, Zinc, Cadmium, and Lead in Sheep Grazing in North Jordan
Mu’taz Al-Alawi

10. Trace Elements and Heavy Metals Status in Arabian Camel
Bernard Faye, Rabiha Seboussi, Mostafa Askar

11. Plant, Water and Milk Pollution in Kazakhstan
Emilie Diacono, Bernard Faye, Aliya Meldebekova, Gaukhar Konuspayeva

12. Heavy Metals and Trace Elements Content in Camel Milk and Shubat from Kazakhstan
Aliya Meldebekova, Gaukhar Konuspayeva, Emilie Diacono, Bernard Faye

13. Variation Factors of Some Minerals in Camel Milk
Gaukhar Konuspayeva, Miramkul Narmuratova, Aliya Meldebekova, Bernard Faye, Gerard Loiseau

14. Selenium and Poultry Products: Nutritional and Safety Implications
Donata Cattaneo, Guido Invernizzi, Mariella Ferroni, Alessandro Agazzi, Raffaella Rebucci, Antonella Baldi, Vittorio Dell’orto, Giovanni Savoini

15. Effect of Excess Selenium on Dromedary Camel in the United Arab Emirates
Rabiha Seboussi, Ghaleb Al-Hadrami, Mostafa Askar, Bernard Faye

16. Contamination by Persistent Chemical Pesticides in Livestock Production Systems
Bruno Ronchi, Pier Paolo Danieli

17. Assessing the Extent of Pollutant Accumulation in the Animal Foods and Blood of Individuals Inhabiting the Azgyr Test Base Area
Usen Kenesariyev, Niyazaly Zhakashov, Ivan Snytin, Meiram Amrin, Yerzhan Sultanaliyev

18. Organochlorine Pollution of Mariculture Objects of the Crimea Coastal Area (Black Sea)
Ludmila Malakhova, Vladimir Voronov

19. Aflatoxin Contamination Risk: Bioactive Natural Compounds for Animal Health and Healthy Food
Doriana Tedesco, Chiara Barbieri, Stefano Lugano, Laura Garavaglia

20. Impact of Some Microelements on Animal Health and Performances in Azerbaijan
Elshad A. Mammadov, Isfendiyar J. Alverdiyev

21. Uranium Pollution of Meat in Tien-Shan
Rustam Tuhvatshin, Igor Hadjamberdiev, Juri Bikhovchenko

22. Synthesis and Recommendations
Bernard Faye


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