Murdock, Steve H.

Applied Demography in the 21st Century

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Table of contents

I. Data Use And Measurement Issues

1. Applied Demography at the Beginning of the 21st Century
Steve H. Murdock, David A. Swanson

2. Measuring Population Change Using the American Community Survey
Howard Hogan

3. Using the 2005 American Community Survey
Patricia C. Becker

4. Address Coverage Improvement and Evaluation Program – 2005 National Estimate of Coverage of the Master Address File
Susan Perrone

II. Population Estimates And Projections

5. Using Assessor Parcel Data to Maintain Housing Unit Counts for Small Area Population Estimates
Beth Jarosz

6. Aging and Elder Abuse: Projections for Michigan
Lori Post, Charles Salmon, Artem Prokhorov, James Oehmke, Sarah Swierenga

7. Methods for Measuring the Population after a Disaster
Gregory Stone

8. An Evaluation of Population Estimates for Counties and Places in Texas for 2000
Nazrul Hoque

9. Using Demographic Estimates and Projections to Improve Statistical Forecasting
Don R. Warren

10. Measuring Uncertainty in Population Data Generated by the Cohort-Component Method: A Report on Research in Progress
David A. Swanson

III. Applied Demography And Health

11. Tuberculosis and Perception of Risk: A Comparison of Native Born and Foreign Born Persons in the United States
Mary Bollinger

12. Causes of Fire Deaths and Injuries in Anchorage, Alaska: Policy Implications
Donna Shai

13. Dispersion of Registered Death Causes as a Function of Age in the 1999 U.S. Population
Bo G. Eriksson

IV. The Breadth Of Applied Demography

14. Comparison of Potential Demographic Influences on Church Membership of Two United Methodist Congregations in San Antonio, Texas
Michael E. Cline

15. Linking Tax-Lot and Student Record Data: Applications in School Planning
D. Richard Lycan

16. Demography and Turnover
Giuseppe Bartolo, Manuela Stranges

17. Household Consumption in China: An Examination of the Utility of Urban-Rural Segmentation
Farhat Yusuf, Gordon Brooks, Ping Zhao

18. How Chinese Children Spend Their Time
Hongwei Xu, Elisabeta Minca

V. Educating The Applied Demographer

19. Introducing Survey Methods to Professional Students in Applied Demography
David W. Smith, Stephanie L. McFall

20. The Academic Training of Applied Demographers: History, Evolution, and a Description of the First Ph.D. Program in Applied Demography
Steve H. Murdock, Mary Zey

VI. Conclusions

21. Applied Demography in the 21st Century
Steve H. Murdock, David A. Swanson


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