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Nuclear Risks in Central Asia

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Table of contents

1. National Nuclear Centre Solving Radiation Safety Problems in Kazakhstan
K. K. Kadyrzhanov

2. Radioactive Particles Released from Different Nuclear Sources: With Focus on Nuclear Weapons Tests
Brit Salbu

3. Phenomenology of Underground Nuclear Explosions in Rock Salt
Yu. V. Dubasov

4. Radiation and Hydro-Chemical Investigation and Monitoring of Transboundary Rivers of Kazakhstan
K. K. Kadyrzhanov, H. D. Passell, V. P. Solodukhin, S. Khazhekber, V. L. Poznyak, E. E. Chernykh

5. Tritium in Streams, Well Waters and Atomic Lakes at the Semi-Palatinsk Nuclear Test Site: Present Status And Future Perspectives
P. I. Mitchell, L. León Vintró, J. G. Howlett, M. Burkitbayev, N. D. Priest, Yu. G. Strilchuk

6. Safe Management of Residues from Former Uranium Mining and Milling Activities in Central Asian IAEA Regional Technical Cooperation Project
P. W. Waggitt

7. Rehabilitation of Uranium Mines in Northern Tajikistan
M. M. Yunusov, Z. A. Razikov, N. I. Bezzubov, Kh. I. Tilloboev

8. A Rational Approach to Bridging the Nuclear Technology Usage and Nuclear Education Gap
S. N. Bakhtiar

9. Strontium-90 Contamination Within the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site: Results of Semirad1 and Semirad2 Projects – Contamination Levels And Projected Doses to Local Populations
N. D. Priest, Y. Kuyanova, P. Pohl, M. Burkitbayev, P. I. Mitchell, L. León Vintró, Y. G. Strilchuk, S. N. Lukashenko

10. The Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management: An Instrument to Achieve a Global Safety
P. Risoluti

11. Reduction of Risks from Lira Underground Nuclear Facilities at Karachaganak Oil-and-Gas Complex
T. I. Ageyeva, A. Zh. Tuleushev, V. V. Podenezhko

12. The Net Effect of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant on the Environment and Population Compared to the Background From Global Radioactive Fallout
K. Pyuskyulyan, V. Atoyan, V. Arakelyan, A. Saghatelyan

13. Assessment of Risks and Possible Ecological and Economic Damages from Large-Scale Natural and Man-Induced Catastrophes in Ecology-Hazard Regions of Central Asia and the Caucasus
A. N. Valyaev, S. V. Kazakov, A. A. Shamaeva, O. V. Stepanets, H. D. Passell, V. P. Solodukhin, V. A. Petrov, G. M. Aleksanyan, D. I. Aitmatova, R. F. Mamedov, M. S. Chkhartishvili

14. Distribution of Natural and Technogenic Radioactivity in Soil Samples from Foothill and Mountain Areas in Central Tajikistan
A. A. Juraev, An. A. Dzuraev, T. Davlatshoev, H. D. Passell

15. Quantitative Assessment of the Man-Induced Uranium in the Tail Disposal of Kara-Balta Mining Plant
V. M. Alekhina, I. A. Vasiliev, S. Idrisova, S. Mamatibraimov, G. M. Tolstikhin

16. Study of the 222Rn Distribution in Air Above the Tail Disposal Site at KBMP (Kyrgyz Republic) and Its Possible Transfer to Adjacent Territories
I. A. Vasiliev, V. M. Alekhina, S. Mamatibraimov, O. I. Starodumov, S. Idrisova, D. A. Ivanenko

17. Study of Transborder Contamination of the Syr-Darya and Amu Darya Rivers and Their Inflows
B. S. Yuldashev, H. D. Passell, U. S. Salikhbaev, R. I. Radyuk, A. A. Kist, S. V. Artemov, G. A. Radyuk, E. A. Zaparov, E. A. Danilova, A. A. Zuravlev, V. S. Vasileva, E. E. Lespukh

18. The Navruz Project: Cooperative, Transboundary Monitoring, Data Sharing and Modeling of Water Resources in Central Asia
H. D. Passell, V. Solodukhin, S. Khazekhber, V. L. Pozniak, I. A. Vasiliev, V. M. Alekhina, A. Djuraev, U. S. Salikhbaev, R. I. Radyuk, D. Suozzi, D. S. Barber

19. Several Approaches to the Solution of Water Contamination Problems in Transboundary Rivers Crossing the Territory of Armenia
G. M. Aleksanyan, A. N. Valyaev, K. Pyuskyulyan

20. Study of the Ecological State of Rivers Kura, Araks and Samur on Azerbaijan Territory
R. F. Mamedov, G. Magerramov

21. Ecological Considerations Related to Uranium Exploration and Production
P. G. Kayukov

22. Joint Norwegian and Kazakh Fieldwork in Kurday Mining Site, Kazakhstan, 2006
G. StrØmman, B. O. Rosseland, J. Øvergaard, M. Burkitbayev, I. A. Shishkov, Brit Salbu

Keywords: Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Effects of Radiation/Radiation Protection, Environmental Management

Publication year
NATO Science for Peace and Security Series Series C: Environmental Security
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248 pages
Natural Sciences

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