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Mini-Micro Fuel Cells

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Table of contents

1. Some Introductory Technical Remarks: The NATO School on Micro-Fuel Cells
Shimshon Gottesfeld

2. Fuel Cell Basic Chemistry, Electrochemistry and Thermodynamics
Frano Barbir

3. Fuel Cell Stack Design Principles with Some Design Concepts of Micro-Mini Fuel Cells
Frano Barbir

4. Performance Analysis of Microstructured Fuel Cells for Portable Applications
S. Litster, N. Djilali

5. Engineering Durability of Micro-Miniature Fuel Cells
K. Reifsnider, X. Huang

6. Portable Fuel Cells – Fundamentals, Technologies and Applications
C. O. Colpan, I. Dincer, F. Hamdullahpur

7. Autonomous Test Units For Mini Membrane Electrode Assemblies
Evgeni Budevski, Ivan Radev, Evelina Slavcheva

8. Heat Pipes in Fuel Cell Technology
L. Vasiliev, L. Vasiliev

9. Heat Transfer Enhancement in Confined Spaces of Mini-Micro Fuel Cells
L. Vasiliev, L. Vasiliev

10. Performance Characteristics of Membrane Electrode Assemblies Using the Easytest Cell
Evgeni Budevski, Ivan Radev, Evelina Slavcheva

11. Water Transport Dynamics in Fuel Cell Micro-Channels
G. Minor, X. Zhu, P. Oshkai, P. C. Sui, N. Djilali

12. Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Systems for Special Applications
U. Pasaogullari

13. Sorption and Diffusion Selectivity of Methanol/Water Mixtures in NAFION
Daniel T. Hallinan, Yossef A. Elabd

14. Kinetics and Kinetically Limited Performance in PEMFCs and DMFCs with State-of-the-Art Catalysts
H. A. Gasteiger, Y. Liu, D. Baker, W. Gu

15. Catalyst Degradation Mechanisms in PEM and Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
H. A. Gasteiger, W. Gu, B. Litteer, R. Makharia, B. Brady, M. Budinski, E. Thompson, F. T. Wagner, S. G. Yan, P. T. Yu

16. Principles of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells for Portable and Micro Power
Chao-Yang Wang

17. Computational Modeling of Two-Phase Transport in Portable and Micro Fuel Cells
Chao-Yang Wang

18. Optimization of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Systems and Their Mode of Operation
Shimshon Gottesfeld, Costas Minas

19. Development of A 5-W Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Stack for DMB Phone
Young-Chul Park, Dong-Hyun Peck, Sang-Kyung Kim, Doo-Hwan Jung

20. Dynamic Characteristics of DMFC/Battery System for Notebook PC
Young-Rae Cho, Min-Soo Hyun, Doo-Hwan Jung

21. A Review on Miniaturization of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Power Sources-I: State-of-The-Art Systems
X. Y. Zhou, A. Pramuanjaroenkij, S. Kakaç

22. A Review on Miniaturization of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Power Sources-II: From System to Material
X. Y. Zhou, A. Pramuanjaroenkij, S. Kakaç

23. Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: From Materials to Systems
Yasunobu Mizutani

24. Mathematical Analysis of Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
A. Pramuanjaroenkij, S. Kakaç, X. Y. Zhou

25. The Properties and Performance of Micro-Tubular (Less Than 1 mm OD) Anode Supported SOFC for APU-Applications
Nigel Sammes, Alevtina Smirnova, Alidad Mohammadi, Fazil Serincan, Zhang Xiaoyu, Masanobu Awano, Toshio Suzuki, Toshiaki Yamaguchi, Yoshinobu Fujishiro, Yoshihiro Funahashi

26. Current State of R&D on Micro Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cells in Japan
Yasunobu Mizutani


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