Ache, Peter

Cities between Competitiveness and Cohesion

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Table of contents

Part I. Discourses and Conceptualizations of Competitiveness and Cohesion

1. Cities Between Competitiveness and Cohesion: Discourses, Realities and Implementation – Introduction
Peter Ache, Hans Thor Andersen

2. Competitiveness and Cohesion: A Janus Head? Some Conceptual Clarifications
Jan Vranken

Part II. Analyzing the Competitiveness of Cities and Regions

3. Are Entrepreneurial Cities More Successful? Empirical Evidence from 50 German Cities
Stefano Panebianco

4. Competitiveness and Cohesion in the Spanish Provinces: A Territorial Approach
Asunción López, José M. Mella-Márquez, Federico Steinberg

5. Globalizing Urban Economies and Social Inequality: An Empirical Assessment. The Case of Amsterdam and Rotterdam
Jack Burgers, Jeroen van der Waal

6. The Conditional Nature of Relations Between Competitiveness,Social Cohesion and Spatial Inequalities: The Evidence from Istanbul
Ayda Eraydin

Part III. Detecting Social Cohesion in Cities and Regions

7. Immigration and the Spatial (Dis)Equilibrium of Competitiveness – Cohesion in Athens
George Kandylis, Vassilis Arapoglou, Thomas Maloutas

8. Labour Migration and Social Cohesion – Some Empirical Evidence from Vienna
Ursula Reeger, Axel Borsdorf

9. From Survival to Competition? The Socio-Spatial Evolution of Turkish Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Antwerp
Tuna Tasan-Kok, Jan Vranken

10. Maribor – Housing Strategies in a Slovenian City Linking Competitiveness with Social Cohesion
Metka Sitar

Part IV. Practice of the Competitiveness and Cohesion Discourse in Urban and Regional Development

11. Sustainable Urban Regeneration in a Global City – The Regeneration of Paddington Basin
Mike Raco, Steven Henderson, Sophie Bowlby

12. Finnish Urban Districts – New Actors in Multi-Level Governance
Harri O. Andersson

13. Reconciling Competitiveness and Social Cohesion in Urban Regions – The Role of Transport Policy
Walter Schenkel, Dominik Oetterli

14. Positioning Bratislava in an Emerging Cross-Border Metropolitan Area
Daneš Brzica

Part V. Reconciling Competitiveness and Cohesion – Conclusions

15. Conclusions – Competitiveness and Cohesion: One Discourse, Multiple Realities and New Challenges for Policy and Research
Thomas Maloutas, Mike Raco, Tuna Tasan-Kok


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