Vymazal, Jan

Wastewater Treatment, Plant Dynamics and Management in Constructed and Natural Wetlands

Vymazal, Jan - Wastewater Treatment, Plant Dynamics and Management in Constructed and Natural Wetlands, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Reed Stand Conditions at Selected Wetlands in Slovenia and Hungary
Mária Dinka, Edit Ágoston-Szabó, Olga Urbanc-Bercic, Mateja Germ, Nina Šraj-Kržic, Alenka Gaberšcik

2. Water Quality and Macrophyte Community Changes in the Komarnik Accumulation Lake (Slovenia)
Brigita Horvat, Olga Urbanc-Bercic, Alenka Gaberšcik

3. Latitudinal Trends in Organic Carbon Accumulation in Temperate Freshwater Peatlands
Christopher Craft, Chad Washburn, Amanda Parker

4. Buffering Performance in a Papyrus-Dominated Wetland System of the Kenyan Portion of the Lake Victoria Basin
Herbert John Bavor, Michael Thomas Waters

5. Changes in Concentrations of Dissolved Solids in Precipitation and Discharged Water from Drained Pasture, Natural Wetland and Spruce Forest During 1999–2006 in Šumava Mountains, Czech Republic
Jan Procházka, Jakub Brom, Libor Pechar, Jana Štíchová, Jan Pokorný

6. Dynamics of Litterfall and Decomposition in Peatland Forests: Towards Reliable Carbon Balance Estimation?
Raija Laiho, Kari Minkkinen, Jani Anttila, Petra Vávrová, Timo Penttilä

7. Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy for Characterization of Plant Litter Quality: Towards a Simpler Way of Predicting Carbon Turnover in Peatlands?
Petra Vávrová, Bo Stenberg, Marjut Karsisto, Veikko Kitunen, Tarja Tapanila, Raija Laiho

8. Leachate Treatment in Newly Built Peat Filters: A Pilot-Scale Study
Pille Kängsepp, Margit Kõiv, Mait Kriipsalu, Ülo Mander

9. Monthly Evapotranspiration Coefficients of Large Reed Bed Habitats in the United Kingdom
Katy E. Read, Peter D. Hedges, Phil M. Fermor

10. The Hydrological Sustainability of Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment
Peter D. Hedges, Phil M. Fermor, Jirí Dušek

11. Factors Affecting Metal Accumulation, Mobility and Availability in Intertidal Wetlands of the Scheldt Estuary (Belgium)
Gijs Du Laing, Annelies Moortel, Els Lesage, Filip M. G. Tack, Marc G. Verloo

12. Reed Bed Sewage Treatment and Community Development/Participation
Sean O'Hogain

13. The Constructed Wetland Association's Database of Constructed Wetland Systems in the UK
Paul Cooper

14. Nitrogen Removal by a Combined Subsurface Vertical Down-Flow and Up-Flow Constructed Wetland System
Suwasa Kantawanichkul, Kiattisak Pingkul, Hiroyuki Araki

15. Statistical Analysis of Treatment Performance in Aerated and Nonaerated Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetlands
Scott Wallace, Jaime Nivala, Troy Meyers

16. Constructed Wetland Brehov: Three Years of Monitoring
Lenka Kröpfelová

17. Factors Affecting the Longevity of Subsurface Horizontal flow Systems Operating as Tertiary Treatment for Sewage Effluent
David Cooper, Paul Griffin, Paul Cooper

18. Investigations on Nitrogen Removal in a Two-Stage Subsurface Vertical Flow Constructed Wetland
Günter Langergraber, Christoph Prandtstetten, Alexander Pressl, Kirsten Sleytr, Klaus Leroch, Roland Rohrhofer, Raimund Haberl

19. Removal of Heavy Metals from Industrial Effluents by the Submerged Aquatic Plant Myriophyllum spicatum L.
Els Lesage, Charity Mundia, Diederik P. L. Rousseau, Annelies Moortel, Gijs Du Laing, Filip M. G. Tack, Niels Pauw, Marc G. Verloo

20. Cold Season Nitrogen Removal in a High Loaded Free Water Surface Wetland with Emergent Vegetation
Christer Svedin, Sofia Kallner Bastviken, Karin S. Tonderski

21. The Role of Vegetation in Phosphorus Removal by Cold Climate Constructed Wetland: The Effects of Aeration and Growing Season
Aleksandra Drizo, Eric Seitz, Eamon Twohig, David Weber, Simon Bird, Donald Ross

22. Performance of Reed Beds Supplied with Municipal Landfill Leachate
Ewa Wojciechowska, Hanna Obarska-Pempkowiak

23. Enhanced Denitrification by a Hybrid HF-FWS Constructed Wetland in a Large-Scale Wastewater Treatment Plant
Fabio Masi

24. Growth Dynamics of Pistia stratiotes in Temperate Climate
Silvana Perdomo, Masanori Fujita, Michihiko Ike, Masafumi Tateda

25. Fractionation, Biodegradability and Particle-Size Distribution of Organic Matter in Horizontal Subsurface-Flow Constructed Wetlands
Jaume Puigagut, Aracelly Caselles-Osorio, Nuria Vaello, Joan García

26. Wastewater-fed Aquaculture, Otelfingen, Switzerland: Influence of System Design and Operation Parameters on the Efficiency of Nutrient Incorporation into Plant Biomass
Andreas Graber, Ranka Junge-Berberovic

27. Is Concentration of Dissolved Oxygen a Good Indicator of Processes in Filtration Beds of Horizontal-Flow Constructed Wetlands?
Jan Vymazal, Lenka Kröpfelová

28. Pollutant Transformation Performance and Model Development in African Wetland Systems: Large Catchment Extrapolation
Herbert John Bavor, Michael Thomas Waters

29. Sulfur Cycling in Constructed Wetlands
Paul J. Sturman, Otto R. Stein, Jan Vymazal, Lenka Kröpfelová


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