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Historical Seismology

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction: Jean Vogt Heritage, Learning from the Past

1. Jean Vogt 1929–2005: His Life as a Seismologist, Geologist, Geographer, and Historian
J. Fréchet, P. Albini

2. Comprendre et compléter un catalogue de séismes: le cas de Trinidad
J. Vogt

3. Descriptive Catalogues of Historical Earthquakes in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East; Revisited
N. N. Ambraseys

Part II. Reappraisal of Historical Earthquake Information

4. A Glimpse into the Seismicity of the Ionian Islands Between 1658 and 1664
P. Albini, J. Vogt

5. Investigation of pre-1700 Earthquakes Between the Adda and the Middle Adige River Basins (Southern Alps)
M. Stucchi, F. Galadini, A. Rovida, A. Moroni, P. Albini, C. Mirto, P. Migliavacca

6. Past and Future of Historical Seismicity Studies in France
J. Fréchet

7. Review of Historical Earthquakes in the Lower Middle Ages: Earthquakes of the XIV and XV Centuries in Catalonia (NE Spain)
C. Olivera, E. Redondo, J. Lambert, A. Riera-Melis, A. Roca

8. Strong Earthquakes in North-Western Africa in the Second Half of the 17th Century, AD: A Critical Reappraisal of the Historical Evidence
R. Camassi, C.H. Caracciolo, V. Castelli

Part III. Case Studies, New Data and Critical Analysis

9. The Case for Large M > 7 Earthquakes Felt in the UK in Historical Times
R.M.W. Musson

10. The 18 September 1692 Earthquake in the Belgian Ardenne and Its Aftershocks
P. Alexandre, D. Kusman, T. Petermans, T. Camelbeeck

11. The 1855 Visp (Switzerland) Earthquake: A Milestone in
Macroseismic Methodology?
M. Gisler, J. Kozák, J. Van?k

12. In Troubled Times, in a Divided Country: The 1789 Valtiberina
V. Castelli

13. Review of the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake Based on Recent Analyses
of Historical Observations
C. S. Oliveira

Part IV. Quantifying Historical Earthquakes, Effects, Intensity, Magnitude, Seismograms

14. Earthquake Effects on Nature and Macroseismic Intensity Scales
J. Vogt

15. What is the Lowest Magnitude Threshold at Which an Earthquake
can be Felt or Heard, or Objects Thrown into the Air?
F. Thouvenot, M. Bouchon

16. Attenuation of Intensity for the Zemmouri Earthquake of 21 May 2003 (Mw 6.8): Insights for the Seismic Hazard and Historical Earthquake Sources in Northern Algeria
S. Maouche, A. Harbi, M. Meghraoui

17. Large 19th Century Earthquakes in Eastern/Central North America: A Comparative Analysis
S. E. Hough

18. Magnitude of Historical Earthquakes, from Macroseismic Data to Seismic Waveform Modelling: Application to the Pyrenees and a 1905 Earthquake in the Alps
M. Cara, P.-J. Alasset, C. Sira

19. Quantitative Analysis of Early Seismograph Recordings
J. Batlló, D. Stich, R. Macià

20. Making Non-Digitally-Recorded Seismograms Accessible Online for Studying Earthquakes
W.H.K. Lee, R.B. Benson

Keywords: Geosciences, Geophysics/Geodesy, Geotechnical Engineering, Historical Geology, Geosciences, general, Physical Geography

Publication year
Modern Approaches in Solid Earth Sciences
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461 pages
Natural Sciences

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