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Table of contents

1. Virtual Reality Technology

1. Virtual Reality Research in Europe: Towards Structuring the European Research Area
Angelos Amditis, Ioannis Karaseitanidis, Irene Mantzouranis

2. Virtual Reality Technology - An Overview
Roland Blach

3. A Concept for a Multipurpose, Multi-Modal Interface for Product Engineering Applications
Doru Talabă

4. Single Chart Parameterization of Triangle Meshes
Fabio Rossi, Massimo Bergamasco

5. A Novel Acoustic Tracking System for Virtual Reality Systems
Ioannis Karaseitanidis, A. Amditis

6. Virtual Reality-Based Environments for Learning and Training
Dorin Mircea Popovici, Ana-Maria Marhan

2. Haptic Systems

7. Advanced Haptic Systems for Virtual Reality
Antonio Frisoli, Massimo Bergamasco, Emanuele Ruffaldi

8. Fully-Isotropic Parallel Mechanisms - An Innovative Concept for Haptic Devices
Grigore Gogu

9. Collision Detection as a Fundamental Technology in VR Based Product Engineering
Gabriel Zachmann

10. The Feel of Virtual Mechanisms
Daniela Constantinescu

11. A Wired Haptic System for Multimodal VR Interaction
Tiberiu Butnaru, Csaba Antonya, Doru Talaba

12. Haptic Feedback Generation for a Direction Indicator Switch
Hunor Erdelyi, Csaba Antonya, Doru Talaba

3. Virtual Reality Aided Design

13. Virtual Reality Aided Design. A survey of the use of VR in automotive industry
Peter Zimmermann

14. Concept, Framework and Resources of a Proactive Reality Environment. Combining artificial cognition with Interactive Instruments
Imre Horváth

15. Virtual Reality: which Contribution for Machine Design
Pascal Ray, Christophe Bascoul

16. VR Interaction for CAD Basic Tasks Using Rumble Feedback Input: Experimental Study
Michele Fiorentino, Antonio E. Uva, Giuseppe Monno

17. Investigation of the Scope of Support Provided by Holographic Displays in Conceptual Design
Eliab Opiyo, Imre Horváth, Zoltan Rusák

18. Using Hand Motions in Conceptual Shape Design: Theories, Methods and Tools
Edit Varga

19. Software Module for Data Exchange Between AutoCAD and a Virtual Reality System
Gheorghe Oancea, Florin Girbacia, Anisor Nedelcu

4. Virtual Testing and Prototyping

20. Breakthrough Technologies for Virtual Prototyping of Automotive and Aerospace Structures
Herman Auweraer, Stijn Donders, Peter Mas, Karl Janssens

21. Examples for Modelling, Simulation and Visualization with the Discrete Element Method in Mechanical Engineering
Florian Fleissner, Peter Eberhard

22. Virtual Prototypes for Uncertainty and Variability-Based Product Engineering
Roberto d'Ippolito, Stijn Donders, Herman Auweraer

23. Virtual and Real Testing of Products
Sebastian Sisca, Gheorghe Mogan, Kevin Subrin

24. Manipulation of Mechanisms in Virtual Environment
Csaba Antonya, Tiberiu Butnaru, Doru Talaba

25. CAD-CAE Models Library for Pre-Surgery Planning
Mircea Dreucean

5. Virtual Manufacturing

26. Automated Design Analysis, Assembly Planning and Motion Study Analysis Using Immersive Virtual Reality
James M. Ritchie, Raymond C. W. Sung, Graham Robinson, Philip N. Day, Richard G. Dewar, Jonathan R. Corney, John E. L. Simmons

27. The Analysis of Design and Manufacturing Tasks Using Haptic and Immersive VR - Some Case Studies'
James M. Ritchie, Theodore Lim, R. S. Sung, Jonathan. R. Corney, H. Rea

28. Implementing Real Time Grasping Simulation Based on Anthropometric Data: A work in progress report
Zoltan Rusák, Csaba Antonya, Wilfred Vegte, Imre Horváth

29. Developing Grasping Pre-Shaping in Virtual Environment based on Real Object Shape Analysis
Alexandru Itu, Andreea Beraru, Ionel Staretu

30. Programming of Robots using Virtual Reality Technologies
Ciprian Aron, Ionescu Marius, Cosmin Cojanu, Gheorghe Mogan

Keywords: Engineering, Automation and Robotics, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Design

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