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Work, Learning and Sustainable Development

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Table of contents

Part I. New Thinking on Development

1. Global Trends and their Implications for Sustainable Human Resource Development through TVET
Man-Gon Park

2. Rethinking Development: As if the Planet and its People Really Mattered
John Fien, David Goldney, Tom Murphy

3. Productivism and Ecologism: Changing Dis/courses in TVET
Damon Anderson

4. Towards Sustainable Human Development
Parmanand Varma

5. Towards a Synthesis
Annette Gough

Part II. The TVET Response to the Challenges of Sustainable Development

6. Sustainable Development: The Challenges and Prospects for a Sustainability Curriculum
Elwyn Thomas

7. Technology Education and the Search for Truth, Beauty and Love
William S. Pretzer

8. TVET as Sustainable Investment
Stephen Gough

9. Technacy Education: Understanding Cross-cultural Technological Practice
Kurt W. Seemann

10. Education for All and TVET: The Creative Synergy
Phillip Hughes

11. TVET and Ecologism: Charting New Terrain
Damon Anderson

12. Basic Education for Sustainable Livelihoods: The Right Question?
John E.S. Lawrence, Sean Tate

13. Adult and Vocational Education for Social Sustainability: A New Concept for TVET for Sustainable Development
Stephen McKenzie

14. Intercultural Education: Promoting Sustainability in Education and Training
Johanna Lasonen

15. Developing Entrepreneurship for Rural Youth and Women
Tariq Mahmood

16. Sustainable Development Through a Skilled, Knowledge-Based Workforce
Man-Gon Park, Shyamal Majumdar, Suresh K. Dhameja

17. The TVET Response to the Challenges of Sustainable Development: Towards a Synthesis
Veronica Volkoff

Part III. Country Experiences in Integrating Sustainable Development into TVET

18. UK: Developing the Strategy for Sustainable Development in TVET
Stephen Martin, Maureen Martin, Judith Cohen

19. Germany: Policy-making Strategies and Project Experiences
Michael Haertel

20. Australia: The Role of Partnerships, Industry Skills Councils and Training Packages
Linda Condon, Andrew Rickard

21. Canada: Generic Sustainable Development Skills for the Workforce
France Boutin, Chris Chinien

22. South Africa: Applied Competence as the Guiding Framework for Environmental and Sustainability Education
Heila Lotz-Sisitka, Glenda Raven

23. South Africa: Strengthening Responses to Sustainable Development Policy and Legislation
Heila Lotz-Sisitka, Lausanne Olvitt

24. Azerbaijan: TVET and Sustainable Livelihoods in the Caucasus
John E.S. Lawrence

25. India: Policy Perspectives and Challenges Ahead
Jagmohan Singh Rajput

26. China: Skills for Displaced People in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area of Chongqing
Jiping Zhao, Yu Liu, Veronica Volkoff

27. Country Experiences in Integrating Sustainable Development into TVET: Towards a Synthesis
Alan Montague

Part IV. Enhancing and Supporting TVET for Sustainable Development

28. Eight Principles for Promoting Sustainable Education
William S. Pretzer

29. School Enterprises Revisited: Combining Vocational Learning with Production
Madhu Singh

30. School-based Enterprises and Environmental Sustainability
Alberto Arenas

31. Sustainability Covenants: A Case Study of a Government–College Partnership
Beth McLachlan, Greg Waddell, Frank Mitchell

32. A Framework for Developing Teaching Approaches and Resources for Education for Sustainable Development
Margarita Pavlova

33. Learning to Do: An ESD Resource for TVET
Lourdes R. Quisumbing, Maria Lourdes Q. Baybay

34. Evaluating TVET Programmes through Appreciative Inquiry
Alberto Arenas

35. Enhancing and Supporting TVET for Sustainable Development: Towards a Synthesis
Iris Bergmann

Part V. Conclusion

36. TVET and Sustainable Development: A Cautionary Note
Tom Karmel

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